Okay lets just say I totally suck, this I do know! I really do want to finish this not for only for the sake of the readers because I really want to finish it for myself. I love these characters so much, I have just been so absorbed with other things that I let this go to the backburner which was SO unfair to you guys! But I come back a good 2 years later more mature and more confident in my writing, which I hope pays off as I continue to write this. I am graduating this year and couldn't be happier! Therefore classes are done and I have lots more time to write, which I tend to do so please bear with me if you are still around! I love this story, this show, this fic and I love you guys! Esp Unbriddled and BlindLoveFree who probably want to MURDER me! Thanks for everything and hope to have a new chapter up soon!