Chapter 39: I Could Drink a Case of You

I sat him down on the bench in the bathroom facing the frosted glass French doors.

"I know how concerned you are about the conservation of finite resources, so I want you to take a shower with me," I said simply.

I waited for the explosion of protests. He surprised me again. He just sat there silently looking at me as if I had grown another head.

"Good; you're speechless. That's going to save us a lot of time arguing."

"Bella…" he said softly.

Crap. He found his voice again. I was in for it now.

"What are you up to?" He genuinely sounded curious.

Oh, good... a gentle line of questioning rather than a flat refusal. I might just win this one. At least I had a chance.

"I just thought we could have some good, clean fun. The outdoor shower is really nice and… well, you've already seen my body…" I trailed off hopefully, knowing I was blushing. I thought he would have fewer qualms about showering with me since he wasn't really going to get any big surprises about the way I looked without clothing. Our wedding was just a few weeks away and I planned on spending a lot of time with him au natural, and I was ready to get a jumpstart on that activity. I knew anyone with a pair of X chromosomes would back me up on this.

I was also hoping this would lead to a repeat performance of last night, and perhaps a bit more. He only had his shirt off then. With luck I would get him and myself out of all of our clothes.

"Bella, the image of your perfect body is burned into my brain, but your body under a spray of hot water would be like torture. Are you trying to make me suffer?"

I blushed at the idea of my body being burned into his brain. Forget the shower; I needed to be hosed down right now--but I had to maintain a modicum of self-control.

"No. Why would you be suffering?" I was confused; I thought he would enjoy taking a shower with me. I knew I would enjoy taking a shower with him.

"Because I would want to join you in the shower in more ways than one, and I can't."

"Oh." Having a moral vampire for a soul mate sometimes presented more of a challenge than this very human teenage girl wanted to deal with. I decided I would accept defeat gracefully for a change. It was a good thing he was sitting down because the shock might have knocked him off his feet.

"Well, it was just a thought," I said in a light tone. I hoped he appreciated the effort I was making to be good.

I placed my hands on his shoulders and leaned in to give him a kiss before I stepped outside. As soon as my fingertips made contact with his skin, they began to tingle and when our lips touched a spark shot straight to my swiftly beating heart.

I straightened up and we stared at each other. His eyes were locked on mine with the intensity of a laser beam. I felt my legs begin to weaken. I wanted to throw myself into his lap and stay there all day. I didn't want to remove my hands from his shoulders, but I knew I had to. Would that wedding day ever come? Maybe we should just run off to Vegas and secretly get married and then we could always have the wedding in Forks as scheduled. Couldn't we? We needed to discuss this. Soon.

Edward reached out and put his hands on my waist. As soon as I felt his firm grip, my whole body started to hum with a feverish excitement. He must have been affected by that kiss as much as I was.

The anticipation of what he would do next was sending tremors through my veins; I could barely hold still. When he spoke his voice was low and husky.

"Alice packed swimsuits."

It took me a minute to realize what he meant. "We can take a shower together if we wear swimsuits?" I almost squealed with anticipation.

He started laughing and pulled me into his lap. "It takes so little to make you happy," he chuckled, folding his arms around me.

If you only knew, my big, handsome man… all it took was one of your smiles to make me happy. I snaked my arms around his waist and snuggled against his cool, hard chest. "Of course I'm happy. I want to spend every minute with you."

"Whenever I think I couldn't love you anymore than I already do, you say something and my adoration of you increases exponentially."

He always said the sweetest things. This seemed like a good time to see if I could dazzle him the way he so easily did me. I leaned back and tilted my head so I could gaze at him from under my eyelashes.

His smile widened and he brought his face closer to mine. "Isabella, are you trying to seduce me?"

"That thought hadn't crossed my mind more than fifty or sixty times in the last two days," I replied truthfully.

"If you continue to look at me like that I might be arrested for the thoughts I am harboring about you. The bad news for you is that you will surely be hauled in for contributing to the delinquency of a minor," Edward said smoothly.

I had to laugh; it was so ridiculous to think of him as a minor, although at this moment he looked like nothing more than the most gorgeous young man in the world. I wanted to get his glorious body under some hot running water before he changed his mind.

"Where are the swimsuits?" I asked impatiently.

"In the closet. I'll go get them," he said as he set me on the heated slate floor and glided into the bedroom. He returned almost immediately and handed me a tiny bundle of fabric. I unfolded it to find a dark blue two-piece swimsuit. I eyed it carefully, but it wasn't as bad as I feared. Alice was going to own me when we got back to Forks; I would never be out of her debt.

"You can change in here and call me when you are ready," Edward replied before he drifted off into the bedroom, closing the door behind him.

I quickly divested myself of my pajamas and examined the bikini. Alice had removed the label but I suspected it had been made by some famous designer, judging by the silky material and skinny shoulder straps. I slipped into it and looked at myself in the mirror.

It fit perfectly and even I had to admit it was flattering, although it looked like it was made up of a little more than a couple of pieces of wide ribbon and some elastic. The bikini bottom just barely covered the essential areas. I couldn't imagine anyone else but Edward seeing me in this. Just the idea started filling my stomach with butterflies.

Wrapping a large bath towel around me, I opened the French doors and walked out to the shower area. It was overcast but bright, warm now, and almost tropically humid outside. I looked forward to the shower, especially since he was being so agreeable.

I took a deep breath and exhaled slowly. "Edward," I called softly, knowing he would hear me. I wondered what his swimwear would look like. I was picturing some formfitting, snug swimming trunks, something like boxer briefs, maybe. More like anticipating than picturing. Hoping, even. I crossed my fingers behind my back, knowing I would need all the luck I could get.

Edward came outside carrying the small wooden bench from the bathroom. He had a large bath towel draped casually over his shoulder and he was wearing baggy black board shorts that came down to just above his knees. I couldn't believe it.

"Board shorts, Edward?" I was sure my tone conveyed my annoyance.

He smiled broadly. "Do you have a problem with my bathing costume?" he asked, setting the bench down and hanging his towel over a hook on the wall.

The words barely registered in my lust-fogged brain. I couldn't stop staring at him. His broad chest and taut abdominal muscles made him look like a statue come to life. I greedily ran my eyes down his strong arms to his large hands and artistic fingertips, shivering as I remembered those hands all over my body just a few hours ago.

His long, powerful, alabaster legs tapered into slim hips, covered by the board shorts. From knee to ankle he was perfectly proportioned and his strong calf muscles held my eyes for a moment. I kept reminding myself that he belonged to me, as unbelievable as it seemed.

"Bathing costume? Do you know what Alice has me wearing? A few pieces of ribbon; very few. Meanwhile, you're fully clothed," I complained, happy that I could at least see his fantastic chest. Knowing his penchant for modesty, I supposed I should be grateful he wasn't wearing a tee shirt.

"I may have to buy Alice a Lamborghini," he said, smirking. "I would like to see those aforementioned pieces of ribbon, please."

"I'll bet you would," I retorted, keeping the towel securely wrapped around me. "I just don't think it's fair; you have on real clothing. Can't you just wear… maybe… your underwear?" I finally managed to spit out, feeling the blush start to spread across my cheeks, but not sorry for what I was asking.

"What makes you think I wear underwear?" he asked as nonchalantly as if he were asking me for the time.

I think I stopped breathing for a moment and I was sure my eyes were as big as saucers as I regarded him. "Edward," I gasped, somewhat shocked. "I might have expected that from Emmett, but you?"

"All the Cullen men, actually," he acknowledged without any trace of embarrassment.

I, however, was bright red by this time. I decided I would have to accept the board shorts, since he really didn't have an alternative. I was going to have some strong words for Alice when we got home, although I suspected Edward had more to say about his choice of wardrobe than I did mine.

He began to slowly saunter toward me now, and I watched him, mesmerized by his masculine, sensuous movement. When he got close enough his hand reached out and grasped the towel where I had tucked it in on my right side. He gently pulled it loose, taking the towel and holding it for a moment.

Edward just stood there, his eyes slowly raking over me from my head to my feet. "That color is lovely against your skin," he said, sounding a bit awe struck. He took my hand, raising it to his lips and pressing a kiss against the back of my hand. "You will behave yourself, Bella." His eyes never left mine.

"Yes, Edward, I'll be good." Even if my every instinct tells me to be exactly the opposite.

The sound of the warm breeze gently blowing through the forest canopy and a twittering of birds high in the treetops made this setting even more romantic and I thought that this outdoor bathing business could be a lot of fun after we were married. Edward turned on the shower and let the water run until it got warm while he hung up my towel on the hook next to his.

"Do you want to check the temperature, Bella?"

I stuck my hand under the running water and then stepped under the huge showerhead that seemed like a waterfall, getting drenched at once. I looked down and saw that the now wet silky material had molded to me like a second skin, leaving nothing to the imagination. Not a single thing. I didn't know whether to thank Alice or kill her. Just then I heard Edward gasp. I was going to go with thanking her.

I turned my eyes to him and he was gazing at my body with an expression I didn't see nearly often enough: pure lust. Finally.

"Are you going to join me, Edward?" I asked sweetly, extending my hand toward him and stepping out from under the spray of warm water.

He closed his eyes for a moment and then opened them and said, "I am not sure those tiny pieces of fabric qualify as a swimsuit. I would never allow you on a public beach wearing that." The way he advanced toward me reminded me of a mountain lion stalking its prey.

I suppressed a shiver; this was going to be good. "Why ever not?" I asked innocently, although I knew exactly what he meant. I would never willingly go to a public beach wearing this flimsy excuse for clothing. It seemed to be having the hoped for effect on Edward, though.

He stood beside me, letting the warm water cascade over his magnificent body and carefully took my hand, his velvet voice saying, "Because I am the only one who should ever see you looking so utterly desirable."

I felt the pink flush staining my cheeks and knew he would only find that even more attractive. I fought my instincts and remained still, sensing that he would have to make the first move if anything was going to happen.

Edward leaned down and in one fluid movement, wrapped his arms around my hips and lifted me above his head, holding me tight against him. The sudden motion startled me and I reached down to get a grip on his shoulders. The coolness of his body against my warmth was invigorating and I could feel my blood pumping at double time.

He took a few steps away from the running water, placing his lips against my stomach. I felt his icy tongue dart out and swirl around my belly button. I bucked and shivered and he started to slowly lower me, his nose skimming against my skin the whole time. Yeah, I was the one who was supposed to behave. Good luck with that, mister, with the things you're doing to me.

When he reached the top of my bikini he stopped and kissed the spot where my heart was beating wildly. I slowly slid my hands up until they rested on either side of his neck. He planted kisses all over my chest and up my neck until we were face to face.

With one arm he reached down and hitched my leg up over his hip and around his back. I raised the other one and locked my ankles behind him.

Edward's eyes were smoldering and hypnotic. "I will never love anyone the way I love you, Bella," he said as he closed the distance between our lips with a kiss so filled with longing and desire that I felt myself begin to quiver. I had no more lingering doubts about his love or commitment to me and as that kiss washed over me I felt his desperate need for me.

His lips left mine long enough for him to whisper in my ear, "Take a breath, Bella."

As I drew oxygen into my lungs I clung to him limply, grateful he was still holding me tight against him. I wasn't sure I would be able to stand on my own. He ran his hand back and forth on my thigh, leaving a trail of sparks in his wake.

His cold lips were pressed against the side of my neck and I ran my hand through his bronze hair until he brought his face up to mine again.

"You are so lovely, you frequently take my breath away," he murmured.

"You make me feel things I never even imagined, Edward. I didn't know it was possible to have feelings like this."

His lips met mine in a slow, sweet kiss. "You constantly thrill me, Bella. When you touch me, it's like nothing I've ever felt before; it makes me happier than I have a right to be. I can hardly think. You often make me feel like I am losing my mind." His voice was raw with emotion.

It excited me to think that just touching him could make him so happy, and I began kissing him passionately. What I felt for him was so intense I thought I would explode. I had to stop the meshing of our lips to catch my breath and I was overcome with need.

"Edward, I want to make you happy. Please let me," I whispered against his neck.

"You are my goddess, Bella, I am happy to be your slave. You will get your turn, we have an eternity to look forward to."

"I don't know if I can wait 'til then, Edward. You're already my Greek god… maybe I want to be your slave girl."

He groaned. "Just the thought of that is too much to contemplate; you still have no idea what you do to me, do you?" he asked playfully, pulling me tight against him and burying his head in my neck.

"I know what I'd like to do to you," I murmured just loud enough for him to hear, my hot breath caressing his ear.

Edward had been nuzzling my neck but when my words registered in his mind he started pressing his lips to my flesh rather roughly, kissing and licking his way across the swell of my breasts. "Your flavor is outrageous, Bella. You are definitely an illegal substance."

I was beginning to get lightheaded and unable to form a response; I closed my eyes and leaned against Edward. I felt him start walking and then all of a sudden we were under the shower and although the water was still warm it came as an unexpected shock and I drew away from him, gasping.

Laughing, he loosened my legs from around his waist, setting me on the slate floor. "Remember why we are out here, Bella… good, clean fun?"

How could he have the nerve to say something like that after getting me all worked up? He might have vampire strength self-control, but I sure as heck didn't. Not yet, anyway. It wasn't my fault Edward took the term 'drop dead gorgeous' to new levels.

I positively ached for him and refused to let go. My arms were still clasped around him and I stepped closer, sliding one hand down his back and under the waistband of his swimming trunks. Then I drew back to look up into his face.

"You're wearing underwear under those board shorts, Edward Cullen," I exclaimed. "You're a big cheater."

He knew he had been caught and looked properly abashed. "I did not expect you to find out like this, Bella. I am only trying to--"

"I know what you're trying to do," I interrupted, resting my forehead against his chest. I didn't need to hear him say he was trying to protect my virtue, or his virtue. Wearing underwear under baggy board shorts should have sent a clear signal to even the most dense female, which was evidently the category I fell into. I couldn't even get mad at him for tricking me; he was doing it for my own good, as usual. Oh, for the day I was as unbreakable as he was.

He was rubbing his hands up and down my arms in what he probably thought was a calming gesture, but I was anything but calm. Even the barest touch of his hands on me set my skin on fire and considering that he was at least half naked and I was almost naked, calm was a state I was not even within hollering distance of. He kissed the top of my head. I took a deep breath and tore myself away from him.

"Did you say something about good, clean fun?" I asked brightly, willing to play along with his game for now.

He looked relieved and smiled as he said, "Wait just a moment." He turned and quickly went over to where he had left the little wooden bench and brought it back, setting it just to the side of the shower spray. "Be seated, please," he said, pointing at the bench.

Puzzled, I sat down and he picked up a bottle of shampoo out of the basket on the wall. "You don't have to wash my hair, Edward," I said, thinking of how bored I was when I washed it.

"I want to, Bella," his voice sounded eager, and maybe a bit excited. I looked at his face and he was smiling my favorite crooked smile.

"Okay. My hair can get kind of tangled, though," I said, thinking he deserved to be warned.

"I will be careful. Tell me if I press too hard," he cautioned me.

I sighed, thinking he would probably use such a light touch I wouldn't be able to feel what he was doing at all. He had placed the bench so that the water from the shower was hitting my legs and combined with the mist, it was keeping my whole body warm. My hair was already soaking wet, and I felt him gently begin to massage the shampoo into my scalp.

Edward was very thorough but his touch was firm and relaxing. He was using his cool fingertips in a circular motion, starting at my temples and working his way down to the base of my neck. From there he worked his way back up to the top of my head. My scalp was tingling and any tension I had been carrying was gone. I was almost sleepy when he stood me up and put his arms around me, leaning me under the running water.

I let the warm water flow over me and felt completely relaxed in Edward's sure grasp. When the last of the shampoo was rinsed away he sat me back on the bench and reached for conditioner. He seemed to be having a good time doing this, so I didn't object.

He used the same technique to apply the conditioner, gently massaging it in with his fingertips. I struggled to stay awake. "I'm going to get to wash your hair, too, you know," I murmured, "it's only fair."

"If you'd like," he replied, holding the length of my hair in his hands, smoothing the conditioner to the very ends, "although I do not quite understand this obsession you have with fairness."

I laughed. Of course he wouldn't understand why I was concerned with being equal. He had a lot to learn about that, and I was just the person to teach him. Although he had said we could be equal partners in marriage, so he did have some kind of a concept.

Picking me up again, this time Edward scooped me up with an arm around my back and the other under my knees, and walked us under the water. I slid my arms around his neck as he held me so I could rinse the conditioner out. I closed my eyes and tilted my head back, letting the water run over me until I felt his lips on the hollow at the center of my throat. The sensation of his cold lips on my skin, and the warm water flowing over us was almost more than I could handle.

"Edward," I moaned.

He swiftly deposited me back on the bench, facing away from the shower, but I kept my arms locked around his neck. He knelt down next to me and said, "We've have had some of the fun part, but we still need to attend to the clean part of the shower, Bella."

"Okay, I get to shampoo your hair now," I said weakly, still recovering from the special attention he had just paid to my throat.

"Oh, I'm not finished with you. Stay where you are," he said as he gently loosened my grip on him and returned my arms to my sides. He rose and plucked the shower gel from the basket on the wall and squeezed some into his hand.

"There's a sea sponge in the bathroom," I offered helpfully.

"Why would I want to use a sponge when I could use my hands?" Edward asked, as if the answer were obvious.

My heart stopped for a moment and then picked up double time. Those fantastic hands… on my body. That was all I could think about as he stood before me. I guess it was obvious, but a crucial part of my brain must have stopped functioning a few minutes ago. The shower spray was just barely hitting my back, providing a bit of warmth and I began to relax and try to regain control of my senses.

Edward rubbed his palms together and worked up a small lather and then got down on his knees before me. Picking up my right leg, he started to gently massage the soap from my ankle to my knee. His hands were cool, but all I could feel was his smooth skin touching mine, making my insides leap and twist. He scooped some of the lather up and began to massage my foot, carefully separating each toe, and I tried to jerk my foot away before it tickled too much. He had both hands on my foot though, and he wouldn't let go.

"Are you ticklish, Bella?" he asked, running his index finger up the middle of my foot.

I squirmed and giggled, but he stopped before I lost complete control.

"I will remember that for the future. I want to know how every part of your body reacts to my touch." His eyes were gazing directly into mine when he said this and a shiver of desire ran through me. He was the biggest tease ever.

He pulled my hips forward so I was sitting on the edge of the bench. Putting some more gel on his palm, he moved it slowly around my knee and then slid his hand over my thigh in a circular pattern.

The closer Edward's hands got to my bikini, the harder it was to sit still. Just when I thought I couldn't take it any longer he slowly ran his hands down from my thigh to my foot, removing most of the suds. I filed that away as something I would ask him to do in the future.

The only noise came from the running water and the occasional birdsong. I could hear the sound of my heart pumping so loudly it echoed in my ears. Edward was silent this whole time, and it seemed like he had given himself over completely to the sensual experience of bathing me.

He picked up my left foot and began rubbing and tickling a little bit before repeating the whole process with that leg. Since I knew what to expect I had a little easier time controlling myself, but I still felt like I was on a roller coaster ride in a runaway car.

"Time to stand up now," he said, rising to his feet and extending a hand to me.

My legs were like gelatin but I fought to gain my balance and he put his arm around my waist and brought us under the spray.

Edward's voice was low when he whispered in my ear, "Is it wrong for me to take so much pleasure in your body, Bella?"

My heart skipped a beat. If he kept saying things like that he wasn't going to have to bite me, I was just going to die. I shook my head, and then said, "If it is, then I'm just as wrong as you are."

"Well it wouldn't be the first time I've corrupted you," he said wryly, turning us away from the shower and moving back toward the bench. "You should probably stand up now."

I was feeling a bit steadier now, but not much. His voice and words had as much effect on me as his hands did. I wondered if this would be the same after I was no longer breakable. I suspected it would.

The gel sat on his palm for a moment and then he rubbed his hands together and gave me a penetrating glance. "My hands aren't too cold for you, are they?"

"No, I think the shower helps, and I'm very warm anyway, can't you tell?"

Edward laughed softly. "Yes, my little flame, the moth can tell. I was just trying to give you an escape route."

I frowned. "I never want to escape from you. I told you last night you could do anything you wanted with me, Edward. I meant it." I didn't even blush this time.

Groaning, he said, "You are dangerous when wet. I'm going to do my best to keep you alive for as long as possible, but you don't make it easy." Then he slid one hand over my stomach and the other slipped around to the small of my back. He leaned close to me, using the same circular motion he had used on my legs until he had covered every inch between my bikini top and bottom.

Another squirt of gel and he picked up my right hand delicately, and kissed my knuckles before gently massaging the soap on my hand. He kissed the crook of my arm before he spread the lather there, and planted a kiss on my shoulder before continuing. He held out my arm and began to massage the lather into my under arm and I squealed and jerked away.

"That tickles," I protested. "Worse than my foot."

"Good to know," was all he said, barely concealing his grin, before taking my left hand and beginning the whole ritual over again.

This time he kissed my ring finger and said, "Do you know why the engagement ring is put on this particular finger?"

"I have no idea. You know getting engaged was not high on my list of things to do."

"So I've heard." He smiled. "In ancient times they used to believe there was a vein that went from this finger straight to the heart." He kissed and cleaned his way up my left arm and then led me back under the shower to rinse off.

Just when I thought it was going to be my turn he said, "I think you should sit on the bench again for this next part."

I sat down and he stood behind me. I felt him picking up my wet hair and separating it into sections. I couldn't figure out what he was doing, and then he began to braid it. "I didn't know you knew how to braid hair, Edward."

"There are many things about me that you don't know, Bella. The Boy Scouts were founded in Chicago when I was nine years old. I learned how to tie a variety of knots, and also how to braid."

Why was I surprised? "I'll bet you were an Eagle Scout, weren't you?"

I felt his cool lips on my shoulder and then his icy breath in my ear as he said, "You are very perceptive. How did you know?"

"Because you're perfect at everything, of course you would be an Eagle Scout. You really take that 'be prepared' motto seriously, don't you?"

I heard him laughing softly behind me and then I felt his hands rest lightly on my shoulders. They were already lathered and he began rubbing very tight circles inward, toward my neck. Then the pads of his fingertips traced my collarbone and he rested his left hand there and started moving his right hand down in small spirals. The closer he got to the top of my bikini, the faster my heart beat.

His hand seemed to tremble a little as he touched the edge of my bikini and then slid down into the space in the middle. He gently massaged the curve of my right breast, and then my left. I closed my eyes and pressed my head back against his hard body and felt his lips on my cheek and then my mouth, while his fingertips continued exploring under my top. His touch was making me tremble and I moaned into his mouth. Suddenly I was sitting there alone and I had to grip onto the bench to stay upright.

I blinked and turned around, finding him plastered against the wall of the cabin, next to the French doors, about fifteen feet away from me. His eyes were dark amber and he looked miserable. He had warned me that this would be torture for him but I had somehow enticed him into ignoring his own judgment. The combination of me and hot water was even more potent than just plain me. Throw in some shower gel and sensual massage and evidently that was just too explosive a mix. Well, this was another first for both of us. Live and learn, at least for a few more weeks.

"I'm sorry Edward. I know this is my fault, you told me this wasn't a good idea and I guess I should have listened to you," I said apologetically, wondering how big a set back to our physical relationship this would prove to be.

He seemed to relax a little then, merely leaning against the wall, and he ran his hand through his hair a couple of times.

"I was afraid I was getting too rough with you… I didn't want to hurt you," he said sadly.

"No, you weren't too rough at all," I said hopefully. If that's all he was worried about I could relieve those fears. "You were just right, Edward. I would tell you if you weren't, honestly."

He began walking toward me and knelt down, placing his hands on either side of my hips. "I was getting too excited and I thought I lost control for a moment. I was afraid I was going to bite your lip," he admitted. "We are kind of pushing this boundary business a lot further than I thought we would."

I put my arms around his neck and smiled. "You have no idea how happy it makes me that you have relaxed so much the past two days, Edward. I feel like we're a normal, engaged couple now, and that's such a big step for us. You are doing amazingly well."

"We will never truly be a normal couple, Bella," he reminded me soberly.

"How could we be, you're extraordinary," I teased. "Besides, dark thoughts are off limits in this outdoor shower." I gestured around at the scenic woodland surrounding us and smiled at him.

He merely raised one brow and narrowed his eyes.

"Alright, I know what you mean," I tried to reassure him, "but we're making huge strides. Remember when you told me how much easier it was for you to be around me if you were desensitized to my scent, and I asked you to spend the night with me?"

He nodded, smiling. "It was the first night I stayed with you at your invitation. You will never understand how happy that made me."

"It made me pretty happy, too. From that moment I never wanted you to be away from me; but what I was getting at was how, in a way, we're doing something similar by pushing our boundaries. You're getting more used being so close to me, and touching me, and that will make things easier on our honeymoon, right?"

His smile grew even larger and then he said, "I am not sure that's what is happening in this case. I think I am reacting more like a drug addict who has had a small taste and wants even more, rather than becoming satiated."

"You would look at it that way. Although I have to admit, you've got a point." The closer I got to him, the more I wanted, too, but this was so much better than chaste kisses and hugs while fully clothed. He had to see that.

"We need to rinse that soap off of you, come on," Edward said, standing and pulling me over to the shower.

I gladly rinsed myself off and then turned to face him. He still looked a bit sad around the edges, and I wanted to make that feeling go away forever. I took his hand and led him back to the bench. "Sit down please, it's my turn to wash your hair."

Edward remained standing. "My hair is not dirty, Bella. I think we should stop this now."

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