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Will getting married ever be easy? The answer was and will always be, "Of course it is." But that is what the in denial reply with. Deep down they know it is the end of a life and the start of a new one. It is the beginning of joyous faces and broken smiles, of lies and the truth; the beginning of the trials of trust, true happiness, and where one's heart justly lies. However, that's the body and Itachi would like to get the real beginning out of the way first. His indifferent persona was being test by this grueling ceremony. If he could, he would absolutely hate his wife-to-be. After all the backbreaking decisions and last-minute additions, he realized that even the shyest lady wanted an oneiric wedding. He could have simply gone with elopement, but this is what she wanted and, secretly, he was at her beck and call. He let a distant smirk appear at the thought of her; he knew she looked extravagant. Seconds later, one of his groomsmen, Kisame, asked him a usual question: "Are you nervous?"

He just stared, a bit bothered—just like the past few months. Kisame is common with his friend's attitude, but ever since he started planning for the wedding and everything that will follow Itachi has been bitchier than ever! He has been snapping at almost everyone that crossed his path—everyone besides Hinata. Kisame didn't think she deserved special treatment, no matter how good her tempura was. He was also somewhat angry that he wasn't chosen to be the best man but Sasuke was instead. The only good thing about Sasuke being the best man was that he got Itachi's wrath more than everyone else—and that is the reason why he was quietly sitting in the seal brown leather chair placed over in the corner of the dressing room, leg crossed manly as he stared blankly forward. Itachi's choice on the best man was questioned by the Hoshigaki since he was pretty sure Sasuke didn't even like Hinata…at all. At least they never exchanged more than a few words, but then again that had nothing to do with anything. Itachi probably planned that out on purpose.

The dressing room remained silent. Kisame may have tried to strike up a conversation with Itachi every now and then, but it was unsuccessful. The groom's thoughts blocked out everything. He wasn't having second thoughts, not at all, but was afraid that she was. He just wanted to stand at the end of that aisle and watch her come towards him, without a glance back. The last thing he wanted was for her to regret everything, and good thing she was just as anxious as he was.

"You look real nice," Mikoto commented, nervously fluffing the white dress.

Hinata smiled and warmly thanked her. It nearly came out as a quick mumble for she could hardly speak. This will always be the happiest day of her life, followed by many more. She had to admit, her feelings were a mix of happiness and apprehension. But that was natural, right? Marrying will never be too easy, but a wonderful experience is sure to follow—she knows it.

This whole transaction has been breathtaking, and for the both of them. Mainly since time flies when one's having a great deal of expressive rushes, and sooner than later, it was time. Everything was set: the groom and his men were in place, the pews were filled, and almost immediately the bride was down the aisle with her father by her side and given off to her groom. Chills of exhilaration were sent up her spine at the sight of his face, something that gave her assurance; she was doing the right thing. A smile broke out on her vivacious features, slowly but boldly mouthing those three simply words.

And as a response, Itachi briefly smiled with a dry mouth.

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