The doctor shook her head and muttered, "This is ridiculous. . ."

"H-how is he?!" Hinata exclaimed in tears.

She was ignored. Even though Hinata was vastly getting jittery, the doctor just let her question go through one ear and out the other ― she was reading the injured Uchiha's chart, which wasn't looking too well. She pushed up her square glasses as her brown eyes scanned the papers on the clipboard once more. This was absolutely ridiculous.

"Answer the damn question."

The brunette widened her eyes at the deeper, more violent voice. She frowned at the Sasuke. His arms were folded with taut muscles and an almost tapping foot. This red-eyed fellow was getting extremely impatient and the doctor could see why ― Sasuke looked scared. He would have to admit, he hated his brother for ruining everything. However, he didn't want his older brother to die. He was, technically, the only close family Sasuke had left ― and he sure as hell didn't want him dying by his hands. The doctor sighed and spoke.

"The glass nearly hit an artery. . ." It was depressing just talking about. "However, it didn't, and we stopped the bleeding."

"Then what's the problem?" Sasuke questioned, notably crossed.

"It's just. . ." The woman looked over at Hinata and bit her lip at seeing the worried spouse ― she was going to crack any minute again. When the three came in, it was almost impossible to separate her from Itachi's unresponsive body. She nearly had herself hospitalized as well to put it bluntly. The doctor didn't want her to have any type of problem that would get her on the closest bed right next to her husband. Sasuke began to glare, so the surgeon started to explain softly. "He's sick."

With ample eyes, Hinata queried nervously, "He's. . .sick?"

"Well, yes. Didn't you know?"

"He wasn't sick," Sasuke stated. The doctor turned towards him.

"He has been for a while, Mr. Uchiha. Otherwise, things wouldn't look this bad."

"I. . .I don't u-understand." Hinata wasn't grasping the concept.

"His immune system. . .well, it isn't the best," she explained while looking at her chart. "His fever is off the charts and it seems his blood pressure could be much better―"

Her sentence was cut short by a beeper. The brunette checked it hurriedly and continued to wrap up her statement. "He's basically showing similar reactions from a stressful life ― excuse me."

Hinata later realized that everything was going to be fine ― at least for now. After a couple of days filled with stitching and accepting transcribed antibiotics, a sutured Itachi was let go from the hospital. It was a quiet drive home, though Itachi wasn't really in the condition to speak. While he was hospitalized, that female doctor made sure he didn't feel any pain ― with Hinata's permission, of course. Now, he was in the passenger's seat, painless and with his head continuously nodding. Hinata was getting too concerned about his neck at this point so she asked Sasuke to tighten Itachi's seat belt. He complied easily, and right now he didn't really show any hatred towards his brother ― he was in this predicament because of him. Sasuke even willingly helped his brother into the house since Hinata couldn't hold Itachi's weight.

After Itachi was placed in the master bedroom and left to sleep, a tense air came.

Hinata didn't want to see it, but Sasuke was her least favorite person at this moment ― and he sort of had a grasp on that. The way she looked at him when Itachi was rushed into the emergency room was a look he couldn't get rid of. It was almost like she was saying, "This is all your fault." Though he knew she didn't mean to look at him like that; it was just the spur of the moment. He was losing the fight, and he felt himself start to give up, because now Itachi had an extra life on his side.

Sasuke truly wanted to know when it happened.

Although the answer was simple: when he wasn't home, which was a lot.

"Here," Hinata said, placing a cup of coffee in front of him. Sasuke nodded.

She faintly cleared her throat and said, "I. . .I'm going to check on Itachi."

He watched her leave the kitchen with a cup of hot tea in her hand. It made Sasuke scoff. Itachi was in no condition to drink anything, let alone talk to her and Sasuke knew that's what she wanted. It was something she desperately wanted, and it was to ensure her that he was still okay. The prosecutor thought that their want for each other ― their need for each other was out of this world. It disgusted him to no end. It also hurt him to no end. Sasuke loved her too, but now he wondered if he loved her as much as Itachi did. He thought about every look his brother gave that woman, and it was different than any kind of look he gave her. No, it was stronger.

Did he hate his brother enough to try and take that all away from him?

Hinata resided upstairs, in a seat placed right next to her Sleeping Beauty. She felt a smile come on wondering if he would wake up once she kissed him. However, she didn't think anything would wake him up, but she still wanted to try. He's been sleeping for nearly two days straight, slipping in and out of consciousness. She felt so selfish for her next act, but she just couldn't help herself.

"Itachi?" she called, but he continued to be soundly asleep.

She pinched her lips with an overwrought expression. "Itachi?"

She was starting to feel bad since he refused to wake up from her voice, and that bad feeling turned into a terrible one when she placed her hand over his and squeezed lightly while calling his name again. Her world lit up when his brow wrinkled from confusion, and soon she saw those crimson eyes behind partially open dark lids. Again, she voiced his name and this time her voice had more energy. He looked confused for the first few seconds due to blurry vision, but after blinking he was able to focus in on her as much as he could in his state.

"Hinata. . ."

She smiled at him. "You're awake."

She sounded relieved and he could tell, but it didn't make much sense. "Hm."

"How are you feeling?"

"My back hurts. . ."

He was starting to wonder why he was in bed too. He felt sore, as if he's been sleeping for a while and there was this growing sharp pain in his back. Itachi was also pondering over the question as to why Hinata was hovering over him like that when he woke up. And she sounded so relieved. He tried to sit up, but not only did the pain in his back grow immensely at that moment, enough to make him wince, but he didn't feel up to moving from his spot. Why was he so tired? He gave Hinata a strange look after he moved, seeing fright and anger in her.

"Don't move!" she scolded. She saw the surprise in him and sat back down in her seat from embarrassment. "I. . .I didn't mean. . ."

He watched her forehead crease and tears fall down her face. "I-I'm sorry," she sniffed, and then paused. "Are you o-okay?"

His somnolent eyes narrowed as he nodded.

She nodded shakily in response. "Good. . ."

The room became quiet instantly. Hinata was fondling with the thin fabric of her pants. The linen felt good between her fingers. She looked at her busy hands as they made their way up to her midriff ― Itachi didn't notice. He was busying himself by staring at the ceiling and thinking about recent times. He has come to the conclusion that he must have gotten seriously injured when he and his brother were fighting. That's the last thing he remembered: having it out with his brother over something he didn't even know about. And the last thing he heard was Hinata calling him as he laid on the ground with a sharp pain in his back ― a sharp pain that was increasingly getting worse.

But he decided not to tell her; he was too tired.

"Itachi??" He forced his eyes back open at her worried tone.

She didn't want him to go back to sleep. "Itachi?"

"Yes. . ."

"I, um, I made you tea. . .if you want it."

He shook his head while closing his eyes.

"Are you hungry?" Itachi jumped out of his dozing off ― she tried to ignore it. "I. . .I could make you something. . ."

He closed his eyes again. "No. . ."

"Oh. . . Do you need―"


She frowned. She knew what was coming next. "Yes?"

"Later," he promised. He couldn't see it but she nodded to show her forfeit.

"You're tired," she said to herself, because by now Itachi was already dreaming.

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