A/N: This fic is a companion tale to 'Something Like Revenge' by Argenteus Draco. They are best experienced together. Each tells the same story from the point of view of a different main character.

Please note that this is a teaser chapter only, like the trailer for a film. The events leading up to it will be explained shortly, beginning in chapter one.


Teaser Chapter

I wish I could see them all like this. Every Jedi in the towers, looking at me with an expression of denial and shock and fear. Admittedly, he doesn't fear much. He'll be their champion, this one. Yes, I respect my enemy.

He almost killed me once.

His hand is nervously at his lightsaber, but he knows the power that backs him here on their ground. It's harder than I thought it would be, not to kill him now.

I say, "Surprised to see me?"

"'Surprised' is not quite the word I'd use." He says, eyes narrowing.

I know exactly how this dialogue will go. I know what will surprise him more, and I await it eagerly. "I've been looking for you. Do you know why, Jedi?"

"You want revenge."


Ah, the surprise. The stilling of breath. "No?"

I pace. "No. I hunt a man who calls himself Darth Tyranus. I need whatever information you have in order to find him. And you need me to kill him." He opens his mouth to speak, then, intimidated, silences himself. "You get the prize and the glory. I only want the favor of my Master. Do we have a deal, Jedi?"

We look at one another for a moment.

He says, "We have a deal, but only provided that it remains strictly between the two of us."

"Of course." He expected something else? "After all, the world thinks I'm dead. Who would believe you anyway?"

I offer him a handshake. He seals his fate.