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Lucario's Haunting Past

Chapter 1: Do They Care?

Lucario was never the friendly type. Ever since the new season of SSB started he remained distant from the other 35 smashers, not even trying to make contact unless he was called in for a brawl. Many smashers tried to befriend the mysterious aura poke'mon but he never showed any sign of caring for what they had to say. He didn't know them and they didn't know him, and he wanted to keep it that way. One smasher in particular was quite persistent in this endeavor was a ten-year old boy with psychic powers named Lucas. Lucas often used his own PSI abilities (psychic abilities) to talk to Lucario telepathically, who could only talk in that same way. Lucario was persistent too though, persistent in not caring.


One summer morning Lucario sat on a hill outside of the SSBHQ and stared out at the landscape before him. There was a large green field with some flowers and a few scattered trees. A dirt road that cut the field in half, led all the way to nearby Smash City.

Lucas had noticed Lucario sitting out there all alone and decided to try to talk to him again. He stepped across the dew-covered grass and sat down next to him. Either he didn't notice or he didn't want to bother, most likely the latter one.

"Hey there Lucario," Lucas smiled warmly at the aura poke'mon.

There was no response. He seemed to be completely mesmerized by the scenery.

"What are you looking at?" Lucas asked curiously. There were a few seconds of silence before Lucario actually responded.

Trees, was all he said.

"That's cool…" Lucas sighed realizing there was no getting to him this time "…well, I'll see you later." Lucas got up and walked back inside the HQ a bit disappointed. Lucario acted as though he didn't noticed. He closed his eyes and sighed.

After the young psychic left, a small yellow mouse poke'mon, Pikachu, sat next to Lucario where Lucas was. The other poke'mon were the only smashers Lucario even bothered to talk to, and even them he generally ignored.

"Pika pika!" Pikachu scolded ", Pi pika pikachu chu pika pi?"

Try being friendly? To a human? Lucario seemed a bit irritated, But why? What have they ever done for me?

"Pi pika pikachu pika," Pikachu answered ", Chu pika pikachu pika."

So maybe they have tried to be friendly with me, but then what? They'll just toss me aside like garbage once they get what they want out of me. It's the way humans are…

"Pika pi! Pikachu pika pi chu pika, pika pikachu!"

Lucario thought for a moment

True, you have known them for quite a while now. But they're already good friends with you, not me. They only want to know my story. Why should they care about me anyway?

"Pi pika pika," was Pikachu's last response before he headed back inside for lunch, leaving Lucario to think about the conversation.

Give them a chance? When no one has ever given one to me?

His thoughts turned to his past. Because of what had happened back then, he had completely lost his trust with humans.

Why should I…

He got up and headed back inside himself to get lunch as well. He wasn't too eager to eat anything but he figured he might as well try.


Lucario made sure to sit at the farthest table from his fellow smashers. His tray was filled with food but as he sat down, he made no attempt to eat any of it. He only rested his head in his paws and stared mindlessly at it, sadness filling his ruby eyes. Red, a master poke'mon trainer happened to notice Lucario sitting all alone.

"Hey guys," he talked over the other conversations the smashers were having ", doesn't Lucario seem really down today?"

"You're right," Lucas noticed this too.

"He always avoids us though," Link pointed out ", know how he is."

"Yeah but look at him," Red gestured towards Lucario ", he looks really…depressed. That's a little weird even for him."

"Tell me about it," Snake spoke through a mouthful of food ", He usually looks all pissed off."

"He seemed fine this morning," Lucas thought about earlier. There was a short moment of silence before Lucas picked up his tray and stood up ", I'm gonna see what's up."

He walked over to Lucario's table and all the smashers at that table got up and followed; this obviously didn't include the villains. They all sat around the sulking Lucario. He quickly looked up from his tray, his expression changing to one of surprise. He looked around at all the smashers, then continued to stare at his tray as he was doing before.

"Is something wrong?" Red asked in a concerned tone.

"You seem really down today," Fox added.

I'm…fine… Lucario replied unconfidently making it obvious that there was something wrong, Now leave me be…

"We know there's something wrong, please tell us what's wrong," Zelda pleaded ", Maybe talking about it would help."

"Yeah, we're here for you," Fox placed his hand on Lucario's shoulder reassuringly.

Maybe they don't want to hurt me, Lucario thought to himself, as the realization hit him, Maybe they really do care after all. But why? Only one person ever truly cared about me and he's…

He felt tears beginning to form in his eyes as he looked at the worried faces of his fellow smashers. It was true, they really did care about him and it took him this long to realize it.

Th-thankyou all, Lucario wiped the tears from his eyes with his paw, I've been through a lot in the past. You don't know how much this means to me. He thought for a moment about sharing his past with them. Being able to finally talk to anyone about it would really lift a huge weight off his shoulders. Now that he knew how they felt, he could feel comfortable sharing. I would be so happy to be able to finally tell you all about my life. It hasn't been all that pleasant but if you really would like to know, then please come to my room after you are all finished eating.

"Alright, we'll be glad to," Red replied ", We'll be there in a minute."

Lucario threw out his tray, and headed back to his room. Words could not express the joy he felt. For the first time in a very long time did he feel that someone cared.


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