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Lucario's Haunting Past

Chapter 20: Moving On

The van was quite lively on the ride back from Johnny's empty house. Everyone was so excited, relieved and overall happy that this whole ordeal was over. No one was more relieved than Lucario though. He had never felt so good in his entire life, other than when he lived with his master of course. He didn't talk much because he was exhausted and beaten up, but he was happy nonetheless.

"Hey, what's going to happen to Johnny's house?" Fox asked, suddenly curious.

I honestly don't care, Lucario replied nonchalantly, Either the rest of his family moves back in or it can just sit there. I don't even wanna see it again anyway.

"That's understandable."

"Too many bad memories right?" Red asked.

Yeah, but I no longer need to think about them. It's over now so it's not worth thinking about.

The van pulled up to the HQ. Everyone piled out of the van and into the lobby. The rest of the smasher's were waiting for them. They all looked at Lucario expectantly, so he told them what happened. He described the hostage situation with Riolu and every detail of the battle as best as he could. The others added in their part of the story as well. The smashers all congratulated Lucario and the others. The only ones not interested were Bowser, Ganondorf and Wario of course. Wolf however did stay behind to listen.

"So, you're going to forget about all this crap right?" he asked ", I don't want to see you getting all depressed again."

Don't worry, it's all behind me, Lucario replied happily, Just out of curiosity, why do you care at all? You don't seem like the type to try and help.

"Meh…I don't know," Wolf replied ", I just think it's annoying when someone's sulking over something that happened a long time ago."

Oh, right, Lucario could tell that there was more to it then that. Maybe Wolf wasn't as cold as he came off.

After they were finished chatting, everyone headed to the cafeteria and they ate a large dinner. They were all hungry but Riolu had just been rescued so he was given plenty of extra food, which he happily finished. When they were done most of them headed outside.

By this time the sun was setting. The cool breeze that blew occasionally was refreshing, especially to Lucario. Many of the smashers headed back inside, but the rest stayed outside and chatted some more. Everyone was having a good time but of course Lucario and Lucaria started to argue about something already.

"Just look at those two," Peach pointed them out to Samus ", They argue like they've been married for a long time or something."

"Kinda yeah," she laughed too ", Hey you two settle down." She tried to calm them down and make them realize how ridiculous their argument was.

"They'd make a cute couple," Peach giggled.

I heard that! Lucario and Lucaria both snapped, both their faces were bright red.

"Calm down I was kidding…"

About a half-hour passed and only a few of the smashers were still outside, as it was getting late. Lucario sat perfectly still, staring silently across the field. Ike was curious so he approached him.

"Hey, what's on your mind?" Ike asked.

Huh? Lucario turned to face him, Oh, Ike it's just you. Nothing, I just can't believe that it's finally over.

"Hard to grasp huh."

You don't even know. It's taken so long to rid myself of Johnny and now I don't have to worry about him anymore.

"On top of that you managed to save the other captive poke'mon too, along with Riolu."

"Yeah Lucario! You're a hero!" Lucas jumped in.

A…a hero? Well I don't know about that but…

I agree with Lucas.

Lucario turned around to see Riolu and Lucaria.

You saved my son and many other poke'mon from a sick sadistic man who tortured them. I think that qualifies you as a hero, Lucaria smiled.

I guess so.

There was an awkward silence between the two, as they couldn't think of what to say to each other. Finally Lucaria cleared her throat to break the silence.

Anyway, I just wanted to thankyou again. Thankyou for everything…aside from the pointless arguments.

They both laughed at her last comment.

You're welcome.

Lucaria and Riolu both hugged him one more time and headed off into the woods. Lucario continued to stare out for a moment until Lucas tapped his shoulder to get his attention.

"C'mon Lucario, it's getting late and you're probably tired, right?"

Oh…right. Let's go Lucas, he replied as he noticed they were the only two out there anymore. With that, the two friends headed back into the HQ to get a well-deserved rest.

Lucario still couldn't grasp what he had just done. He finally defeated the one person that made his life a living hell. It was over and he was never going to see Johnny again, and he felt great. On top of that, he gained more self-confidence. He wasn't afraid of Johnny anymore or any other person. Best of all though, he made many new friends. Lucas, Ness, Fox, Red, Snake, Riolu and Lucaria had all helped him through this in one way or another. It felt great to know that someone else cared. They'd never replace his master, but they were still the best friends he ever had.

Meanwhile, someone had been watching the smashers from the bushes…


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