A/N: NARUTO and its characters are not mine. Borrowing Shikamaru and Temari for this little scene.

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"You're still not done with marking?"

Shikamaru looked up from the badly written composition he had to correct. "No. I do have five classes of atrocious homework to correct, if you haven't noticed."

"Might go faster if you're more hardworking," said Temari, leaning on the jamb of the door.

"Might go faster if you'll chip in to help," countered Shikamaru, returning to his work. He heard her settling into a chair beside him and the shuffle of papers as she picked up a stack.

After fifteen minutes of blessed silence – with only the scratching of pens on paper – she spoke. "You're lazy."

"You're bossy," he zinged back without rancor.





"I'm still waiting for my book."

"Keep on waiting," said Shikamaru, moving onto his second class of pupils. "I'm not buying a limited edition coffee table book on fans and fan designs."



Temari turned around in her chair. "Say again?"

Shikamaru put down his stack and gazed at her directly. "Gold-digger."

She had a half-smile, half-exasperated grimace on her face. "If I'm a bossy gold-digger, why do you still like me?"

"Who said I liked you?" Shikamaru raised an eyebrow, eyes half-lidded.

She placed a hand on his right hip. "You got a tattoo that says otherwise?"

"I sometimes like things that are not good for me," Shikamaru stated primly.

"Shut up." She punched his arm playfully and went on marking.

"Troublesome woman," he muttered under his breath as he swiveled back to his work.

Temari yelled, "Aha! I win!"

Shikamaru then realized what he had just said and slapped his forehead. "Damn!"

She got out of her chair and leaned against his desk. "So which restaurant are you treating me to tonight?"

He glared at her sternly. She only grinned wickedly. He protested, "This game isn't fair to me. You know I always say that."

"And yet," she nodded sympathetically, "I just can't seem to care."

"You're evil." He got up and put his arms about her, his breath warm on her skin.

She pouted invitingly. "That's because you like things that aren't good for you."

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