A/N: It's been incredibly long since I wrote anything for them, but there's been so little of them that I wasn't inspired. Hope you enjoy this little clip!

They stand together, in the heavy downpour, and she closes her eyes. Pretends that the wetness on her cheeks come from the skies. Pretends that it does not matter.

It broke her heart when she committed the act, but she will never show how much it has affected her.

He knows it hurt her – it always will – yet he also knows that they have had no say in the matter.

He wishes, sometimes, that he is better with people, like Kiba or Ino. Instead, he places a hand on her shoulder and squeezes when she stares at the spot again.

She is glad he does not say he understands. She knows he can't lie well, despite his intelligence, and he will not say he understands when he doesn't.

But there are some things she knows that they do understand together.

She knows that they stand together, in the rain, in the cold, and he has her, and she has him.

That they both understand what it means to be shinobi.

That they both understand that one day, things will become better.

That if there is a need – like with her brother gone berserk again, with no hope of recovery – if there is ever a need, she will be the one to kill him, and he will be the one to end her.

No one else.

That is shinobi.

But for now, they stand together.