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Chp1: A Night That Will Never Be Forgotten

Dear Diary, I have been raped. Six years ago to this date. My name is Blossom Katherine Utonium and I was raped by my counterpart Brick Joshua Jojo at the age of 17. The only thing good that came out of this situation is I have a daughter named Brenda and she is just like Brick in every way.

Flashback Authors P.O.V

Senior year, graduation day. Speeches were donefriends tears drying, and parents worries gone. You can find the powerpuff girls hanging out with the Rowdyruff boys. No typo and they're not fighting. They're hanging at the front steps of the high school. Townsville High class of 2007. You see the PPG and RRB might have had a rocky past but they are passed that. The boys came back and said they were good, the girls didn't believe them at first but they helped the girls finally destroy HIM. So that proved they actually did change and are not that horrible. (A/N- If you are reading my other story 'There Back' this has no relation to it what so ever.) Even if they do get carried away in some of their jokes. Bubbles and Boomer are an item together they have been going out since sophomore year when the boys first showed up. Butch and Buttercup flirt with each other constantly but they never hit more than that. Brick and Blossom are good friends. Even though both of them want to go to the next level, but they haven't told each other. Anyway let's look un to their conversation shall we…

"Oh come on AC/DC is so much better than Kid Rock. Face it Bitch." Buttercup said.

"It's Butch not Bitch!" Butch said.

"If you say so Bitch." Buttercup said leaning against the staircase railing. Butch glared at her with daggers in his eyes and Buttercup just smiled. "It is so easy to get you riled up." Buttercup said beginning to laugh. Butch crossed his arms and sat on the top of the railing next to Buttercup. Bubbles and Boomer are sitting on the cement steps talking about what they are going to do with the future to come. And if either one of them would be in each other's life

"So Boomer what college are you going to?" Bubbles asked.

"I am thinking about heading to Kansas State University. I got accepted about a week ago. For their architectural program. What about you?" Boomer questioned

"Oh I am staying here and going to Townsville Community College for this really great designer class. I want to be a famous designer someday, that or an artist." Bubbles replied

"I bet you can be both just wait and see Bubs."

"As long as you write or call me every day. Promise?"

"Yeah promise."Boomer said. Blossom and Brick were at the end of the steps sitting on the grass. Talking about colleges, graduation parities and stuff like that.

"So you're going to Harvard to?" Brick asked Blossom.

"Yeah I want to be a doctor, well a pediatrician I like working with little kids. You want to be a doctor?"

"Brain surgeon, but yeah a doctor." Brick said proudly.

"Show off." Blossom pointed out.

"Hey, that's not fair you asked."

"Yeah my mistake."

"You just know how to push someone's button's don't ya." Brick said.

"That's one of my best qualities." Blossom smiled, Brick smirked. Soon everyone stopped their separate conversations and joined into a big one, not moving from their spots.

"So anyone going to Todd's tonight?" Butch asked everyone

"He's having another party? Didn't he have one last week?" Boomer questioned.

"He did, the police had to send everyone home." Bubbles said taking hold of Boomer's hand.

"Yeah but this is supposed to be the biggest party of the year. He is having the party at his parent's beach house." Brick said.

"No way, you mean the five story 72 bedroom 18 bathroom beach house? On the island?!?!?!?" Buttercup piped in.

"Yeah." Blossom confirmed

"Damn his parents are loaded!" Buttercup said out of jealously. "Well since the prof. is out for the next two weeks I'm going."

"I'll go" Bubbles said.

"What have I got to lose?" Blossom stated/asked

"You lose a chance in a life time if you miss this party." Butch said.

"Well since we're all going how about we all go together." Boomer suggested.

"Good idea Boomer, since when are you smart?" Brick asked. Everyone began to laugh even Boomer. Boomer isn't as dumb as he was when he was a kid but both Butch and Brick still make fun of him.

"Ok so we are all heading over there together, we'll pick you girls up around 9'ish." Butch said. He looked at his swatch it said 4:35 pm.

"Sure." Buttercup answered. The girls were about to take off when Butch coughed, like a 'wait a minute there is something else I need to say.' Cough. The girls looked at him.

"Todd does have a dress code he is enforcing..." Butch began but was cut off by Buttercup.

"I have to wear a damn dress?!?! Fuck no!"

"Hold up hot head if you let me finish I was saying that Todd is enforcing a dress code. He wants everyone to be in jeans because the beach house is air-conditioned so it gets pretty cold." Butch said. Buttercup punched him.

"HEY! What was that for?!?!"

"You could of started out with the jeans thing I almost had a heart attack!"

"Well I thought I would have some fun." Butch said.

"Oh I will show you how to have some fun…" Buttercup started cracking her knuckles. To avoid the huge fight that was going to take place both Blossom and Bubbles grabbed one of Buttercup's arms and began flying off. While Brick and Boomer did the same for Butch

The girls got home about a minute later. And plopped Buttercup on the couch.

"Oh come on I wasn't going to hit him that hard. Just a tiny bit."

"Buttercup nothing is tiny with you." Bubbles said.

"I take offence to that."

"You should." Blossom added in. Buttercup scowled at her sisters. Bubbles sighed.

"Guys can we not fight I want to go to this party in one piece not having you two at each other's throats." Bubbles said.

"Fine, I am going to pick an outfit out for Todd's party. What are you wearing Bubbles?" Blossom asked. Bubbles face lit up.

"I have an idea." Bubbles said smiling. Buttercup watching her sister and figuring out what was happening.

"Oh no, hell no you are not pick out an outfit for me! No." Buttercup said.

"Oh please BC please?!? I promise to make it your style, no mini skirt or short shorts. You can approve but you have to let me try! Please? I want to become a designer someday and this will be the perfect chance I do make clothes and rue 21 loves them. Please please please pretty please!"

"Ok! I will do it but I have to approve!" Buttercup gave in. Blossom started to laugh. Bubbles looked at Blossom. Blossom knew what was coming next.

"You can pick out mine to. If you want." Blossom said. Bubbles screamed and ran straight into her room.

"Well she's excited." Blossom said while smiling.

"Eh, let her be. But if mine is too girly don't be surprised if you hear yelling and hollering." Buttercup said Blossom laughed she sat on the couch next to her sister and watched a movie more specifically Alvin and the Chipmunks. As the movie got over which is about three hours (A/N- The movie is not really 3 hours but just go with it.)Bubbles came down the stairs with 2 brand new outfits

"Oh my god, Bubbles those look amazing!" Blossom said immediately grabbing the one on the right. Buttercup looked and saw the one on the left.

"DAMN! That looks great even for my standards." Buttercup says. Taking it and flying to her room trying it on. She came back down; she is wearing a black t-shirt with an AC/DC picture on the front. With dark faded ripped blue jeans with 'Bad Ass' written in light green on the back pockets with her black converse. Her hair was down reaching the tops of her shoulders

"Very nice BC." Blossom said looking over Bubble's handy work.

"Why don't you try yours on Blossom?" Bubbles asked.

"I will, after I take a shower." Blossom said. She flew into her room put her new outfit on her bed and flew into the bathroom, taking out towels and turning on the hot water, stripping down and hopping in and washing her body. She got done about an hour later thanks to washing strips of hair, her hair goes down to her waist. She got out of the shower and got dressed and straightened her hair, she put on a light layer of lip gloss. She came down stairs to see Bubbles in a blue denim skirt with a white long sleeved blouse with white four inched high heeled boots, her hair in pig tails ending at her elbows and she has large hoop earrings on. Blossom's sisters look her she is wearing a black t-shirt with her name in light pink with Leader girl on the back in red , dark blue jeans with light blue, pink, and light green stripes going down the sides and white tennis shoes also with a pink stripe.

"Nice leader girl." Buttercup announced.

"Yeah Blossom; Brick is going to love it." Bubbles said. She immediately shut her mouth after she said it.

"What are you talking about Bubbles?" Blossom asked. Buttercup's eyes widened as she smacked her head.

"Well me and Buttercup…"

"Don't pull me into this!"

"Anyway me and Buttercup were cleaning out the house because the professor wanted us to and when we got to your room I saw your diary on your bed so I put it on the shelf, and buttercup well… she sorta opened it and we read your last entry and you confessed about your love for Brick. Were so sorry!"

"Yeah we really are" Buttercup added. Bubbles and Buttercup waited for Blossom to explode but instead of the ranting and raving that they expected Blossom started laughing. Bubbles and Buttercup looked at her with confusion.

"Oh no she's lost her mind." Buttercup said.

"No I haven't it's just I knew this would get out eventually but I didn't know this was how it was going to happen." Blossom said. Bubbles looked at her with confusion.

"Ok. Blossom I am really worried about you."

"You guys I'm fine I just didn't think that my little crush would be revealed this way." Blossom said. They stopped talking about it. The doorbell rang, Bubbles looked at the clock.

"It's only 8:39 pm. Who could that be?" Bubbles said

"If it's the boys tell them their early." Buttercup said sitting on the couch. Bubbles opened the door to see none other than the Rowdyruff boys.

"Buttercup how about you tell them yourself." Bubbles said. She let the guys in Butch took of his jacket and threw it on the floor and picked up Buttercup so she hung by her ankle in the air.

"Tell us what Butterbutt." Butch said. Buttercup kicked his arm and landed on her butt, leaving Butch to rub his sore arm. "Damn girl, you can kick hard."

"Yeah, and that's not all I can do." Buttercup said.

"Damn girl you're good." Butch said getting up. "So what were you going to tell us?"

"You're early." Buttercup answered standing up. Butch stood up as well, brushing off his shirt. He is wearing a dark green baggy shirt with black jeans and is black sneakers. Boomer is wear a dark blue shirt with two white stripes going down the front with tan khaki shorts and his brown flip flops. Brick is wearinghis red cap on his head backwards of course with a dark red and black baggy shirt with black jeans and red converse.

"You guys look great." Bubbles said. Walking over to Boomer and taking his hand.

"Not bad, we still look better." Buttercup said.

"Smooth BC." Butch said looking at her up and down. "I would agree other than that you're wearing an AC/DC shirt. And Kid Rock is way better."

"Why I ought a!!" Buttercup began. Blossom stood up from the couch.

"Enough, I don't need to hear you two bicker the whole way to the damn Island." Blossom said annoyed.

"Good point let's go." Brick said. The girls grabbed their jackets and walked outside then taking flight, Butch and Brick fell behind the rest.

"Ok dude start talking." Butch said. Brick looked confused.

"What are you talking about?" Brick questioned.

"Seriously, my god you're an idiot and you are the smart one!" Butch said shaking his head.

"Butch get to your damn point."

"Brick you have the biggest crush on Blossom and you won't admit it."

"What? No I don't have a…" Brick started and then looked at Butch and Butch was glaring "Ok I do have a major crush on her big deal. It's just like you and Buttercup." Brick said. Butch was about to protest but he could not muster out anything.

"Yeah good point." He gave in.

"I have time to tell her I mean were going to the same college so…"

"Dude, just tell her." Butch said, Brick ignored him and flew faster catching up with the others. Butch sighed and caught up as well. About ten minutes in flight the group reached Todd's island. You could see multi colored lights flashing on the first floor, the rest of the floors are dark. Everyone landed and walked to the front door, Todd was there greeting everybody. He saw the Powerpuff girls and Rowdyruff boys.

"Ah I was wondering when my guests of honor would arrive. It's nice to see you all have fun, we have the bar stocked." Todd said a bit tipsy it seems he was already into the bar. The girls and guys greeted Todd and went in. The music was blaring, people were dancing and you could see beer kegs being brought in and put near the bar.

"Hey Bitch I bet I will beat you in a drinking contest." Buttercup announced.

"Oh yeah? You're on!" Butch challenged. Butch grabbed Buttercup's hand and led her to the bar. Bubbles, Boomer, Blossom and Brick headed to the dance floor. About an hour later No one was dancing the music was extremely loud and Butch and Buttercup were still drowning down shots of alcohol.

"One one more chance to quit." Buttercup slurred.

"N…no way." Butch replied slurring just as much. Both of them had taken in 29 shots of tequila and looked like they were about to pass out any second. Blossom stepped away from the bar as she finished her 2nd beer, she isn't much of a drinker, she felt a bit dizzy but she wasn't wasted as Butch or Buttercup.

"Ok enough you two." Blossom said; she picked up Buttercup and threw her on the couch; Boomer also helped Blossom by putting Butch beside her. Boomer didn't drink anything he just watched his brothers kill most of their brain cells. Boomer is a drinker but he is not as bad as Brick and Butch. Brick was wasted, he was feeling like shit. He has a tolerance level but he over did it a bit. Bubbles was completely sober, the only alcohol she has ever had is a glass of wine with dinner. Bubbles looks at her fellow graduates. They are pretty much wasted and passed out. Bubbles walks towards Boomer.

"Boomer could we possibly leave I don't want to stay here anymore." Bubbles asked rubbing her arm. Boomer looked at her and nodded a yes. Boomer walked to Blossom.

"Hey Blossom I am going to take Bubbles home, are you going to come with us?" Boomer asked.

"Sure, just let me help Brick stand up." Blossom said she walked over to Brick. "Hey Brick were going to head home. You need some help?"

"I'll come with you. I don't think I need help getting up." Brick said as he lifted his self up off of the bar and fell onto the floor.

"I think you do need help" Blossom said while she helped him u. She put his arm over her shoulder and shifted him so that some of his weight was on her. "Brick you are in no condition to fly. Boomer I think I am going to stay here to make sure these guys don't do anything stupid. Then what they have already done."

"Ok I am going to take Bubble's home its 10:45 pm." Boomer said waving goodbye. "Take care of them."

"I always do." Blossom said. Well tried to say over the music. Brick started to groan. "Well I am guessing you won't be drinking anytime soon. Huh?" Blossom asked Brick. He shook his head yes he wasn't going to drink anytime soon and he knew it. Bubbles and Boomer left. Blossom knew Brick would pass out soon so he is going to want to be somewhere quiet. She went to the elevator and pressed the up arrow waiting for the doors to open. When the elevator finally came there was a few people knocked out inside. Blossom stepped over them and pressed 5 on the panel. The doors closed and a minute or two later they arrive on the 5th floor she looked around for a room he could sleep without being disturbed she went to the middle of the hallway and saw a door opened, she wandered in and saw no one around. It was a beautiful room with tan walls and white floors, a king size bed with a couch that matched the floor, 2 big beautiful windows and 3 chairs around the room and Brick was in one of them. Brick looked at the floor hunched over and rubbing the back of his neck. Blossom took of her shoes and put them by the door, she took off Brick's to. She went back and sat on the floor in front of him. And stared at him, she lifted his head up so his eyes met hers.

"You're going to feel like shit for a while, and you will have a hell of a hangover in the morning." Blossom said. She stood back up, Brick sat up right in the chair.

"Yeah I probably will." He said beginning to slur. Blossom shook her head.

"I will be right back up I need to check on BC real quick." Blossom said; Brick nodded as she left. She quickly headed down stairs, actually taking the stairs to avoid the drunken passed out fools in the elevator. She looked at the couch and saw Buttercup and Butch making out, it looked as if they were attacking each other. Blossom giggled a bit. She headed back upstairs to find Brick she headed into the room.

"You'll never believe what Butch and BC are doing, their making out." Blossom said then turning around actually into the room seeing Brick out of the chair and standing up looking at Blossom.

"Brick what's wrong?" Blossom asked worried. It's never good for someone who just had a lot of drink.

"Bloss I have to tell you something." Brick said trying to be serious but it was hard since every other word he would slur.

"What is it Brick?" Blossom questioned.

"I really have never told you this but I really like you, no I love you." He said. Silence was all you could hear thru the room a pin could drop and you would be able to hear it. Blossom started to laugh and Brick looked so confused.

"Ok I get it, you must be out of your mind drunk." She said still laughing.

"No, Bloss I mean I really do mean it. I love you."

"Yeah right, look you're drunk and you probably don't mean it." Blossom said still laughing

"NO BLOSSOM LISTEN!" Brick yelled in outrage, Blossom shut up and listened. Brick walked up to her she inched backward as he was coming towards her.

"Blossom I have loved you since Jr. Year. I just haven't been able to tell you and now when I do you think it's a god damn joke! It's not I mean it I love you! How can I make you see it??" Brick yelled/asked in outrage. Blossom didn't know what to do. She has always imagined that he would say this to her but he was drunk and he probably wouldn't remember. Brick walked up to her so he was a centimeter away from her. Blossom did the most un-Blossom thing she could ever do she kissed him. She closed her eyes and he did to. She pulled back.

"Bloss?" Brick asked while putting his arms around her.

"Hmm?" She answered looking up at him since he was taller that her.

"I want to make love to you." Brick blurted out. Blossom's eyes widened she took Bricks arms off of her and back up a little more.

"Whoa hold on Brick, I love you to. I have for a long time but I don't want to have sex yet. I draw the line at that and you know that I want to save it for marriage." Blossom said backing up even more now. Brick started advancing towards her.

"I have waited for 2 years for you Bloss and I won't take no for an answer." Brick said. Blossom tried backing up but backed into the corner of a wall he cornered her in. He started kissing her wildly his hands moving towards her jeans, he took her belt loops and pulled her onto him while he wrapped his arm around her back and pulled her towards the bed.

"Brick please don't." Blossom tried pulling away she did but he over powered her literally. He had always been stronger than her. She desperately tried breaking free; he was drunk extremely drunk he has never been a nice drunk come to think of it. Blossom had only seen Brick drunk once and he was with his brothers he was blasting Mojo Jojo's house to smithereens. He smacked her across the face Blossom never told him and wasn't planning to. Back to the situation at hand Brick was kissing her wildly Blossom managed to get free but Brick caught her wrist and spun her onto the couch with him jumping on top of her.

"Nice try." He whispered into her ear. He ripped her top off of her and taking her jeans off right after that, so she was in nothing but her bra and panties. He took off his shirt quickly then started kissing her again. She tried getting away again but Brick formed a red energy sphere in his left hand and put it close to her face.

"Next time you try I will blast you." He murmured, she could barely understand but she made it out. Blossom looked into his eyes usually they would be so focused and detailed but right at this moment his eyes were unfocused, glassy and filled with lust. In a way she felt sorry for him, but she knew this wasn't right. She wanted the old Brick back, not the drunken one. Brick was now out of his pants and only left in his boxers. He ran his finger along the back of her spine it made her shiver. He sat behind her beginning to un-hook her bra, while kissing the base of her neck. Tears began to run down her face, she closed her eyes as she felt her bra slip off and fall to the floor, with Brick biting and sucking on her neck. More tears began to fall. Brick moved back in front of her and stared for a moment or two. Then he wrestled her until she hit the floor hard, the back of her head hit the floor pretty hard she let out a small noise, lucky for her Brick didn't heard a word. He took off her underwear and he took off his boxers. The regular Brick that isn't drunk knows she is a virgin, but the abnormal Brick that is drunk could give a shit less. Brick laid on top of her and pushed himself inside her, she let out a gasp as blood trickled out of her and on to the floor. Brick heard this and pushed harder and faster, Blossom's tears poured out of her eyes. She closed her eyes again as she tried not to scream because of the pain. She felt numb, she couldn't move. Brick stood up and pulled her along with him, and with one quick motion he threw her on the bed and under the covers and started again. Pushing faster and harder, with each passing second. And layering kisses upon kisses on Blossom's lips and neck. Leaving bruises and very huge hickeys. Blossom bit her lip but not for long before Brick took his hand and grabbed her jaw pulling it towards his mouth. Brick stopped pushing him inside her and stopped kissing her and just laid on top of her, he still technically was inside her, he put his head over her left shoulder and started panting, and Blossom breathed a heavy sigh. But just as she thought it was over she felt something cool in her own insides. 'Shit' was all she could think of. She started to cum, she cried even more now, she heard Brick laugh

"I knew you would like it." He stayed right where he was she let out uncontrollable sobs. He rolled to the right of her, and laid on his sidelooking at her and caressing the side of her face. He smirked. "Aww it wasn't that bad was it." He was slurring big time. Blossom heard footsteps by the door and she started to scream, Brick's eyes widened he quickly covered her mouth. He also heard the footsteps. He quickly got on top of her with the covers over her body other than her head and his waist down covered, he pushed him-self really hard inside her, he began to kiss her. When the door opened, it was Todd.

"I thought I heard a scream…." Todd turned around looking at the door when he saw the scene, he was also hammered. So he didn't recognize the two but he knew that they were having sex. "Sorry dude didn't know I'll leave you to it." Todd said and left. Brick looked into Blossom's eyes and pulled her up so she was sitting straight. He embraced her it would look as if he was giving her a hug but he was doing something much worst.

"I warned you." He said, he lit his hand on fire and traced his initials into her skin she jolted it was a pain 'BJJ' was scarred into the back of her left shoulder. Tears were done she couldn't cry anymore Brick threw her back so she was lying down. He pushed and pushed inside her she just laid there turning her head aside until she felt him cum. Only one tear escaped her pink/red eyes. Brick rolled off of her again, panted like crazy and wrapped an arm around Blossom pulling her close to him. He put his head on top of hers and blacked out. Blossom didn't want to move afraid of waking him up and then getting even more bruised. So she stayed completely still and fell asleep an hour later.

The next morning Blossom woke up early she looked at a clock on the bed stand it read 5:30 am everything hit her like a truck going 60 mph on the express way. She was still in Bricks arms. Blossom quickly got out of them and replaced a pillow where she once laid. She looked around the room for her clothes. She found them all and quickly got re-dressed. She looked at Brick, Blossom knew he was not the monster she had seen last night, but she didn't think she could stay in a town or go to the same school as a guy that raped her. Blossom walked over to Brick and moved hair out of his eyes and kissed him on the forehead. She ran out of the room and down the elevator. Once it hit the first floor she saw beer kegs and people all over she saw Buttercup sleeping on Butch with his arms wrapped around her like a blanket. Déjà vu, she looked around for Bubbles and Boomer then she remembered they left early. She shook it off and flew towards her house faster than the speed of sound. So she got there in 5 minutes, half the original time. She flipped up the doormat and found the spare key; she unlocked the house and put the key under the mat again. She walked into the house and saw Boomer and Bubbles asleep on the couch. Bubbles was lying on Boomers chest. Blossom couldn't take it, she ran into her room and started packing everything up. She had to get out of here. She got done packing in about 15 minutes she had 4 duffel bags full of stuff. The only things she did pack was the furniture in her room. She took her bags and put them in her car (A/N- Each girl has their own car but they rarely use it because they can fly) and went back into the living room. Bubbles and Boomer were still asleep. Thank goodness. Blossom took out a couple of pieces of paper and some envelops and started writing letters she wrote Buttercup, Bubbles, Boomer, Brick, Butch and the professor one letter each. She couldn't be here any longer. She put the letters on the kitchen counter, took her keys and left.

End of Flashback

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