Brick's hands twitched in anger. His eyes closed, with his fists clenched together so tightly his knuckles were white. Blossom stood at the base of the tree, under where Brick was. She looked up at him and he wouldn't look at her. "Brick? I…"

"Don't speak, don't you dare." His eyes snapped open as he landed on the ground. He looked strait at her and glared not showing an ounce of compassion. "When were you going to tell me that I had a daughter?" He walked towards her. "A five year old to boot." His jaw tightened. "Right in front of my eyes you were hiding her… You are not allowed to give me any more excuses or some bullshit lie. I want the truth dammit!" Blossom had been backed into another tree with Brick only mere inches from her face.

"Brick for what it's worth…"

"No! Don't even try to explain why you did it. I don't want to hear anymore bullshit!" He was fuming. "If anything I'll ask the questions."

Blossom nodded, closed her eyes and took a deep breath. She needed this off of her shoulders, it has been kept from everyone for long enough. "What do you want to know?" Her eyes opened catching his red menacing stare.

"Did you drop out of school because you were pregnant?" He bored his eyes into her. He wanted answers. And he knew what questions to ask. His mind was in battle mode, he had her at a vulnerable stand point he wasn't going to mess up this chance to get his questions answered… even if they weren't all about his newly found out child.

She didn't blink at him; it was time to tell him the truth. She took a deep breath. "Yes."

"Where did you run off to?" He snapped, pacing back and forth trying to put the pieces together in his mind. Blossom hadn't moved from her spot.

"Michigan, I figured it would be the last place anyone would look for me." Her voice sounded so small.

Brick frowned. "So you didn't think it would be a good idea to let me know you were carrying my child? Do you feel good about yourself having to hide her from me, your own family?" She winced at his words. He threw a few fireballs into the air and turned away from her, raising his voice. "I missed five years of my daughters life. Her first word, first steps, and her first day of school… I missed a lot of important events, just because you couldn't swallow your damn pride and tell me!" He blasted the grass at his feet.

Blossom couldn't stand the accusing tone of his voice. "Tell you? How could I face you Brick? You raped me! How could I even look at you in the face?" He turned and looked at her. "You want to know why I ran and hid from everyone? Because I couldn't look at anyone, I was raped. Of all people I was. The superhero! The leader! The one who always had a plan. I became a helpless child! And I didn't put up a fight or even push you away. I just let you do it and you scared me." She turned around and pulled up her sleeve revealing her mark. "You burned me that day and I saw a side of you that terrified me." She turned around looking at him again. He was still enraged but there was a small light in his eyes that seemed like he felt something towards it.

"Blossom I've told you I'm sorry soo many times. I can't take it back even though if I could I would. But you can't pull the rape card. You had a child, OUR child you should have come to me when you found out you were pregnant or at least before Brenda was born." She was about to speak but he continued. "I get that I scared you but you could of told me with your sisters in the room at least give me the courtesy of knowing that I had a child on the way. But no, this is how I had to find out? She has powers, she has powers like the both of us and she has my special abilities. How long has she known that I am her father?"

Blossom took a few moments to process everything he's said. She shouldn't have kept this a secret she could have gotten this off of her back and would of saved herself years of agony. She looked from the ground then back up to him. "She's known for a few months."

"Really? So that's why she's been asking me all kinds of questions." He took some time to click everything together. "I can't believe you…"

"Brick what is done is done. I don't expect you ever to forgive me but please don't hold this against her. She loves you and wants you to be in her life." She sighed, she knew she had to end this argument. She needed him to see that Brenda needs a mom and dad. It didn't matter to her if they were on speaking terms. Just for him to be in her daughter's life.

Brick softened and took a few deep breaths. "She wears your hat." Blossom piped in. His eyes went back to her. "The one you use to always wear, the professor gave it to her and whenever she is home she wears it."

"Don't try and get me side tracked, I'm absolutely furious with you." He growled.

"Be mad at me all you want, but right now Brenda is hurt and I need to get to her and if you want to come… Which I know you do, I don't want her to see us fighting. Ok?" She looked at him and she could see he was weary. "We can have a longer discussion later but right now my… our daughter needs us." She had to correct herself, she gave him a look and he knew she was right.

He kicked a rock away and sighed. "For her sake I will not fight with you in front of her, but this argument is not over." He took off into the sky to the Professor's house with Blossom behind him.

Brenda was lying on a stretcher passed out in the lab with everyone gathered around her. The professor had her hooked up to a machine to monitor her breathing and vitals. "Professor is she ok?" Buttercup asked sitting on a stool next to Brenda.

"She seems to be fine, I slipped a little bit of chemical X into her IV and it's helping her tremendously. I never imagined she could have had that kind of power in her." He sighed. "I looked at everyone of Blossom's attributes and I factored a few of Brick's in but I never thought she would be capable of that."

"You saw?" Boomer looked at him.

"Yes on the news, and we've had paparazzi outside for the last hour." He turned on the TV to see a swarm of newscasters at their front door. "Bubbles, do you think you could use some of your healing powers on Brenda? Her brain waves signal she's having nightmares again." He watched her charts, and pressed a few buttons. He walked to his computer and started looking up every treatment he'd perform on Brick when he used high level attacks to see if he could heal her faster.

"Of course I can." Bubbles walked to the table and placed her hands on Brenda's temples and a soft white glow started emitting from her fingertips (1) and soon Brenda stopped fidgeting and looked peaceful. Bubbles let go grunting. "I'm still injured but that's the best can do for now." Boomer went to her side rubbing her shoulder.

Buttercup hadn't left Brenda's side. Butch walked next to her. "You should let the professor check you out babe." He kissed her forehead.

Buttercup shook her head. "No… if it weren't for me she wouldn't of gotten hurt. If I would of kept my eye on her she wouldn't be in this position." She held back her tears even though her voice was full of emotion. She was swearing in her head, it had to be the pregnancy hormones.

Butch sighed. "BC if it weren't for Brenda we probably wouldn't of survived." He rubbed her back. "She even saved you and I can't thank her enough for it." He whispered to her and hugged her from behind. "Now don't make me say it again, get checked out." He watched her get up and go to the Professor. Brenda moved and groaned opening her eyes. "Well hey their kiddo." He smiled. "You gave us quite the scare." He sat down.

"Wha-what happened?" She tried sitting up but fell back down shivering.

He shook his head and covered her back in the blankets. "You need to rest, you saved us back there. You used a lot of your power and it knocked you out. You looked just like your dad." He smiled at her and she frowned.

"So he knows?" She looked at Butch, he nodded and she started crying. "I blew it."

"Hey hey, shh don't cry." He got a tissue and wiped her tears. "It was bound to happen eventually and you know what? I think it was about time. Don't worry about it ok? You worry about getting better." He smiled at her.

Blossom and Brick came through the back entrance. "Now Brenda's going to be a top story." Blossom sighed referring to all the newscasters.

"They have nothing better to do than try to get into everyone's business. We will get the film and destroy it before they can air anything else."

Butch could hear them in the back with his super hearing. "Hey Brenda get some rest and I'll call your mom and see if she's on her way ok?" Brenda nodded and fell out quickly. Butch got up and walked to where the red couple were and he could hear meaningless bickering from the both of them. "Hey you two knock it off. I want to talk to you upstairs now." He glared and they flew up to Blossom's room and he shut the door. "I don't care what's going on between you two and I don't care to know about it either. You realize if Brenda heard you she'd be crushed? She's been blaming herself for no reason about you two. I don't care if you hate each other right now but you both have a scared little girl down there who's weak from battling. So act like fucking grownups before I beat the shit out of both of you." Butch spoke calmly and quietly. Deadly for him.

Blossom sighed. "We were just talking about that."

"That wasn't talking I could hear you both bicker when I was by Brenda." He got defensive.

"Butch this isn't your problem." Brick started off.

"Don't you give me that. Talking with Brenda these last few months I've gotten close to her. It made me realize what I would do if she were my kid. And what you two are doing makes me sick. Get your acts together, I'm tried of see her hurt over this. She's just a kid she shouldn't have to worry about this shit." He glared at the both of them. "Now I'm exhausted, Buttercup is stressed out and blaming herself and I have most of my family downstairs being treated for countless injuries. So play nice and get your asses downstairs before I knock your head's in." (2) With that he walked out of the room and back to the lab.

Brick took in his brother's words. "He's right. I won't be able to stand in the same room with you unless we resolve these feelings. I won't be able to get my head on strait. So as much anger and hatred I have towards you I'm willing to let it go." Brick sat down on the chair.

Blossom looked at him. "That's very big of you… but what's the catch?" She knew he has some ulterior motive.

"I want to be apart of Brenda's life. I don't mean on weekends or every other holiday. I want to be with her everyday all the time." He was forming some kind of plan in his head.

"You can't take her away from me Brick! I won't let you." She wasn't going to let him have his way, she wasn't going to have the best thing of her life taken from her.

"That's not what I meant. With our mindset the only way we will be able to get over this is if we face it everyday so I propose a solution that will benefit us in the end." He looked at her, it was like he was trying to make a business deal.

Blossom's mini panic attack subsided. "Which is?" She wasn't just going to agree without finding out what he was aiming for.

"I think we should live together. For a few months or longer if needed. We can get over this conflict and work to being friends again."

"Us? Live together? You just said not even a few minutes ago that you are furious with me and now you want to be in the same house as me?" She shook her head. "The arguments won't disappear, we will still be at each others throats. I don't think it's going to solve anything Brick."

"Blossom look at this from a different stand point. If we are able to confront this problem we can probably solve this and get it over with and work on a way to be friends and so I can have Brenda in my life as much as you can."

On the outside this plan of his is absolutely ridiculous. But the logic side had soo many good points. With her mindset she had to confront problems with thinking about three different solutions before proceeding with a plan, this head on approach Blossom wouldn't be able to push it away and not deal with it. She'd have to talk with him eventually and they would probably get over it and be friends again. Brenda would have her dad with her and they could coexist well with each other. Blossom nodded with her thoughts and looked up at him.

"Well?" Brick looked at her, he only thought of it on the spot but he thought the head on approach would be to only thing to keep her from running away again.

"I think you have a deal, you can move in my house. I have a spare bedroom, and your apartment won't fit all of us. I want this to work out for all of our sakes." She nodded, taking control of the situation. If they were going to live together it would be under her roof so she could have some sort of control.

"Do we have a deal?" Brick placed his hand out for her to shake.

She grabbed his hand and nodded. "It's a deal."

1. Bubbles has a ability to relax the mind with this ability. I made this up, just to add little quirks to the characters.

2. I love how I am able to put Butch into a Adult situation and him step up to it, he's been super caring but he still has a spitfire attitude when needed, I did this because I figured with his own kid on the way I would make him mature. I like my Butch character a lot!


So I've had this chapter written for about a month. The whole BlossxBrick dynamic is getting boring for me. The reds will always be my favorite characters. But I want to write a ButchxBC story. Hmm if any of you have ideas hit me up, let me know and I'll credit you of course but I need to write some one shots to get me out of this funk.