Cuddy was annoyed.

The hospital had certain things that everyone could count on. House would be a miserable bastard all the time, especially in Clinic. Brenda would control the other nurses with an iron fist. Wilson would do anything in a skirt, unless it was the first month of one of his marriages.

When these things changed, it was as though the whole world was going wrong.

House was still a bastard, but occasionally he seemed slightly… Cuddy hesitated to use the word 'happy', but content fit just as well. Brenda still ruled the nurses, not allowing any skiving off, but almost daily she allowed little groups to form around a crying nurse or two, something she usually only allowed after a nasty break up or rejection, which led Cuddy onto the third, and oddest wrong thing.

Wilson was refusing all dinner invitations, coffee invitations, or plain old blatant sex offers. And that was wrong, because he wasn't recently married, and no one could find any new relationships, despite some rigorous spying by the nurses in bookkeeping.

Cuddy's paperwork was suffering as she puzzled her way through these mysteries, and she was late to a board meeting last week because she had been questioning a nurse.

Cuddy's universe was slightly off kilter, and she didn't like it. She didn't like it at all.

So, she did the only thing she could do. She called in Wilson, the only one who wouldn't either make sarcastic comments and slither around the truth, or bull their way out of the meeting by taking the high moral ground. Wilson never could lie, and he paid for it every charity poker game, and every time Cuddy needed to know something about House.

"Wilson, what is going on with you and House?"

Wilson blustered and fibbed, but Cuddy's gimlet stare managed to make him reconsider his answers. He rubbed the back of his neck wearily.

"House and I are… together."

And Cuddy's universe moved from being off kilter to spinning out of control, and crashing down around her ears. But, she found oddly, she rather liked it.