A/N - I wrote part of this last night and finished it up today, I rather like it. It's kind of angsty though, but that's how I've been feeling lately so oh well. It's like this, the top part will be Miley's memories and the bottom is obviously Lilly's diary reflecting on the same memory. Hope it's not too confusing, and oh yeah implied femslash thoughts.

Also, I put a T rating, but if it should be higher because of character death then just let me know. Thanks.

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We Were, We Are

We were fifteen and it was a normal day at the beach. Oliver had gone to get drinks, leaving Lilly and me to talk together. There was a moment then, when her hand touched my wrist. It stayed there longer than it should have and I felt the sparks it sent through my fingers and back up through my arm, causing my heart beat to pick up pace. I looked up at her from where I layed in the sand, and I couldn't move when I realized her lips were closing in on mine. I couldn't even breathe, when I felt her breath on my mouth, us breathing in each other's air as it was meant to be. Our perfumes mixing, rose petals and vanilla.

But Oliver came back, and she pulled away. He didn't even notice that he ruined a moment that could have changed our whole lives. And it was never brought up again, but I always thought about it and what might have happened if Oliver had just stayed away for a few more seconds.

I can't help but think about it now.


Dear diary,

We are fifteen and we went to the beach today. Oliver really is a doughnut, he ruined everything. There was a second when I thought I was going to kiss Miley, when I thought she might have kissed me back if I had managed to make it to her lips. But he came at the wrong time, as always, and I pulled back. I'm such a chicken, why didn't I just do it? Should I have done it, though?

I mean, is it so wrong to want to kiss your best friend? Your best female friend..? I don't think so, but Miley didn't mention it again. I know she knew what I was going to do, the way my fingers lingered affectionately on her wrist as I leaned in, we were so close I could smell her rose perfume. She didn't say anything about it, not even when I went to her house that night. I guess she just wants to forget about it, but at least she's not mad. I guess that's something...


A/N - Incase you haven't noticed, I got the name from the first two words of the beginning of each part. We were is Miley and We are is Lilly.