Random Oneshot


Stars of Gold

Two teens, a boy and a girl, sat on a hillside, watching the lush green grass wave gently in the wind. Both were coordinators, and both had won the title of Top Coordinator at least once. The boy had green eyes, as well and green hair, and the girl was a brunette, with deep blue eyes. They sat in silence, watching their Pokemon, Beautifly and Masquerain, as they played happily. The boy broke the silence first.

"Hey, May?"

"Yeah, Drew?"

"I think I love you."

"…" The girl, presumably May, ran off, blushing.

A week later, the two sat once again on the hillside, watching their Pokemon play; but this time the boy's emerald eyes were clouded with depression. This time, the brunette broke the silence.

"Hey, Drew?"

"Yeah, May?"

"I think I love you too."

Dude. That was lame. It came to me in the shower, and I just had to write it. Review, please.

Stars of Gold