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For His Love

Tears Of The Soul

They where siting around the campfire late in the night. Kagome was lost in her thoughts playing with the almost whole Jewel that hung around her neck. She had been depressed more than normal all day. Her friends where worried about her. Even Inuyasha was concerned. They could all tell something was wrong with her. But she did not want to tell them anything. She wouldn't even tell Sango and she told her everything.

They would see her walk off into the woods and hear her crying to herself from time to time. This had been going on for a week now. Every time they would try to talk to her about it she would only give a sad smile and say she was going to take a walk and walk away from the group. So they all decided to not talk about it anymore in hopes it would pass soon. But as time went on it seamed it didn't and it seamed to them it only got worse.

Sango was the first to come up with an idea. She knew that Kagome loved to sing. It was something that always seamed to cheer her up when she was down and she hadn't hear her doing it so far so finely she spoke up. "Kagome why don't you sing us all a song." She said with a smile on her face. Hoping it would work.

Kagome sat looking at Sango for a bit her face blank as if she wasn't really there. But soon she gave Sango a soft sad smile and replied. "Alright but then I think I will go for a walk." Kagome sit up on her knees closed her eyes and took a few deep breaths. After thinking of what song to sing she decided to sing the song that had been going thou her head all day long. Kagome looked over at Shippo reached over and picked him up and softy kissed him on his cheek."I Love You Shippo" while giving him a little hug. "I Love You Too Momma" and he kissed her back while hugging her neck and for the first time in a week Kagome smiled for real. She softy sit him down. Took another deep breath and started her song.

Spend all you time waiting, for that second chance, for a break that would make it ok

there is always some reason, to feel, not good enough

and it is hard at the end, of the day'

I need some distrac,tion aww, a beautiful release

memories, seep thou my veins

leaving me, empty aww ,and waves,less and maybe i find peace tonight

In the a,rms of, the angel far away, from, here,.

from this dark, cold, hotel room and the endlessness that you fear.

For reasons unknown to the others in the group she stood up and faced the tree line. As she stood signing never missing a tune or a beat. A tear fell down her cheek and her voice was full of pain and sorrow.

you are thrown, from, the wreckage of your si,lent revelry

your in the a,rms of the angel, may you find, some comfort, here

so tired of this strange life, and everywhere you turn, theirs vultures and thieves, at your back.

Storm keeps on twisten, keep on, building the lies, but you make up for that you lack.

Don't make no, difference, escape one last time, It's easier, to believe,.

Aw this sweet maddness, all it's glory, and sadness ,that brings me to my knees,.

In the ar,ms of, the angel far away, from, here,.

from this dark, cold, hotel room, and the end,lessness that you fear,.

you are thrown, from, the wreckage of your si,lent revelry,.

In the ar,ms of, the angel may you find, some comfort, here.

Here in the a,rms of, the angel may you find, some comfort, here,.

By the time Kagome finished singing for her friends it was almost more than she could take. With everything she knew was going to happen if she stayed till the end. Plus that fact of what Sesshomaru had done. The way she felt inside. The visions she had seen. It was almost more than she could do to hold back the flood of tears that she knew was coming . She didn't know how much longer she could keep all of this up. The last week she had been going thou this was like a living hell for her all she wanted was for it to be over.

As she finished her song she walked into the hut they was staying in and took off the Jewel and placed it in her notebook on her sleeping bag for the others to find. She knew it would be awhile before they would go inside. She had already written a letters for them and talked to Kikyo. In the last months she and Kikyo had made their peace with each other and now that was taken care of she knew she could leave. Naraku was no longer a problem since he had been defeated 1 month ago and their was only 3 or 4 more shards to be found.

When Kagome came out of the hut she left her pack and all of her belongings behind and walked into the forest not even looking at her friends of whom she thought of as family. As soon as Kagome left out of the sight of her friends she took off in a dead run for the Bone Eaters Well. As soon as she reached it she stopped and sat on the edge. After taking one last look around and a deep breath. She said good-bye to the Era she had grown to love so much. Another tear fell down her cheek. Her heart felt like it was breaking all over again. She wanted to stay but she knew she couldn't.

With that she jumped into the well and felt the magical blue light surround her for the last time and she smiled at the feeling of it. She always had a feeling of complete happiness as she went thou the well. It was something that she wished she could feel all the time but it was something that was not for her to have. She felt her feet softy touch down on the dirt floor on the other side of the well in her own time. After climbing up the ladder, she quickly grabbed the lid and placed it over the well top and sealed it with sutras she had made. With this done Kagome fell to the floor on her knees crying , knowing she wouldn't ever see her friends again.