Birthday Surprise

"Kagome , Sesshomaru your both awake. Kagome Dear how are you feeling this morning?" Her mother asked as she smiled at her. " I'm feeling really good mom thanks. Why are you up so early Mom the sun isn't up yet." She asked. Normally her mother doesn't get up till the sun raises and that wasn't for another hour. "Well Dear With your change last night I knew you would wake early and would be hungry and your umm... taste would be a little different so I thought you might like to eat before your brother got up."

She knew that Kagome would be hungry and that with being a demon now the first thing she need to do was start building up her strength and the best was to do that was to eat raw meat. This was something she didn't think Kagome would want her brother Souta seeing her do. Sesshomaru looked at Kagome "Your mother is correct you need to eat and raw meat is best." Kagome looked at him strange she didn't think she would like to do that. Just the sound of eating something raw sounded bad to her.

"Raw meat?" She said with a strange look on her face. This made Sesshomaru softy chuckle. " Yes My Angel. You know what I like to eat. You are like me now. You will find that you will enjoy it more than you think." He said as he stood up with her in his arms. He knew her mother was right about eating before the others got up. He also knew there where allot of things he was going to haft to teach Kagome now that she had changed and was no longer human. It was something he was looking forward to even though it was going to be allot of work.

As he carried her into the kitchen he leaned in and whispered into her ear. "Just wait Angel till you are with pup and start wanting fresh blood of a wild boar." Kagome gasp and looked at him. He couldn't stop himself and he started laughing at her reaction. The look on her face was one of shock and disbelief at what he had said. But he knew it was true he had seen it to many times with others. Life was not going to be boring around Kagome that was for sure.

Her mother turned and ask what was it he was laughing about. Before he could tell her what he had said Kagome cut him off telling her mother she didn't want to know. He thought about telling her anyway just to see Kagome's reaction but decided against it. So her mother didn't ask anymore about it and let it drop. After heating the meat a little Sesshomaru added a few herbs they had and placed the plate in front of Kagome. She looked at it with fearful eyes.

As Sesshomaru and her mother sit drinking their tea he was tired of waiting. He told her to close her eyes and placed a piece of it in her mouth. She found it wasn't that bad and did indeed have a good flavor to it. Before she knew it she had eaten all of it. She didn't want to admit she had enjoyed it so she turned to him." Happy Fluffy I eat it all?" She said with a mocking teasing tone in her voice

He could tell she had like it and smirked at her. After washing her dish it was almost time for the rest of the house to be getting up. Sesshomaru and Kagome decided to go to the back yard to work on a few things while they waited for the rest to wake. In the time they where in back Kagome learned how to fly on her cloud and summons her wipe.

After returning to the kitchen Kagome helped her mother finish cooking breakfast for the rest of the house. Soon everything was done and ready for everyone to come eat. Before leaving the kitchen Kagome placed her concealment spell in place and went upstairs and woke up everyone to come and eat. Her mother was enjoying have Shippo and Rin around so much and wanted to have a chance to get to know them better.

She ask for them remain with her for a few day since Kagome and Sesshomaru wanted to go back through the well. She said it would give them a chance to have some time to themselves and she would get something she had always wanted as well grandchildren. After thinking about it for awhile and with some hesitations Sesshomaru agreed but only for 3 days. Kagome informed her mother she did not want them having allot of sugar as Rin was not use to it and Shippo didn't get it very often.

The thought of his children here without him made him very nervous. But he trusted his mate and she assured him they would be in safe hands with her mother. They spent the rest of the morning with her mother and family . Later that afternoon they started getting things ready to leave. Leaving only the things for the 2 children. Kagome and Sesshomaru took the rest of the things they bought with them.

After their return through the well they went to the village. They where greeted by their friends who had been waiting on them to return. Unknown to Kagome they had planed a Birthday Party for her. When they walked into the hut it was decorated for her. Seeing this made her smile brightly. To Kagome life couldn't get any better.

Jaken had found out that it was going to be Kagome's Birthday and as soon as he had he told Inuyasha he would return the next day and soon he was gone. He returned late that night with UhUn. Sesshomaru called Jaken off to the side. "Jaken get what I sent you for." He bowed and went to UhUn and then returned to his Lord. Sesshomaru notice he had something else as well. "Jaken what is that?" He asked

"If it please you My Lord I have gotten her something as well. I hope this was not to forward of me to do so." He hoped his Lord would allow him to give it to her himself. As he watched his Lord he saw him smile and nod his head. At seeing this he knew he would be permitted to present it to her. For this he was grateful. He only hoped it would fit her As he was not sure if it would or not.

After returning to where the group was Sesshomaru was standing beside Kagome. "My Angel I have something for you for your Birthday. I hope you enjoy it." He handed it to her and watched as she open it up. He saw her eyes light up as she saw the sword he had made for her. The shelf was white with leather strapping. The handle White like the shelf and had 18 Red Rubys embedded into it.

The blade had designs engraved into it. Kagome couldn't believe that he had it made for her. He explained that the sword was made special and would be able to send her Miko powers through it. But now that she was a demon as well as a miko she could have something added to it to make it a demon sword as well. This would make it a very powerful sword when she learned to control and use it. Kagome was taken back by what he had done when she found out he had order it made during the time they where not seeing each other. The emotions was almost more than she could control and had a tear in her eyes as she hugged him while thanking him for it.

After they had broken there hug Jaken spoke up. " My Lady Kagome I have gotten you something as well. If it does not fit I shall have it fixed right away." He handed her the package that was made of cloth and ties with a blue and red sash. Kagome sit on the ground and opened it. When she opened it she realized it was a suit like Sesshomaru's and a set of chest armor.

He explained the armor was made from a very strong demon and would with stand any sword that would hit it. The armor was from Inuyasha, Sango and Miroku and Kikyo. He informed her that Inuyasha and the group had killed the demon and he had taken what was needed. The suit was make of a very fine silk and would not needed cleaned or repaired as it would not ever stain or be damaged. He had had a special repairing spell placed on the garment. That the person who had done it promised that the wearer even though she was a miko would not be affected by the spell. The suit was from him and Rin.

Kagome was so happy she grabbed Jaken and hugged him up Thanking him over and over. Jaken on the other hand was in fear for his life as he hard a growl coming from his Lord and was trying to get out of her grip. She finely broke her hold on him when he told her "My Lady please refrain yourself I would like to live another day." This is when she heard the growl that was coming from her mate and she quickly released him and started laughing.

Sesshomaru reached his hand out to her. He escorted her to the hut and showed her to right way to wear it all. When she came out wearing all that she had gotten for her Birthday everyone was pleased with the way she looked. When she removed he concealment spell and filled out the outfit everyone was stared at her. It fit her good and showed off her body well.

"Lady Kagome I must say. I have never thought of you as one to wear armor but if I might say so without fear of pain you look very nice." said Miroku. Inuyasha spoke up and agreed with him. Sesshomaru walked over to her pulling her into a tight hug. " Angel seeing you in that is driving over the end." he whispered in her ear and looked down at her with a wicked smile on his face. Being so close to him she knew what he was talking about. Because she could feel it rubbing against her. She started giggling. He raised an eyebrow.

It was then that Sesshomaru turned to the group and informed them they would be camping close to the river the next 3 days. While saying this he gave Inuyasha a look telling him not to bother them or else he would be hurt. Inuyasha started laughing at his brother but quickly stopped when he saw his expression change at being laughed at. He knew what his brother meant.

Kagome thanked everyone for her wonderful birthday and hugged each one of them before they left. Jake stayed with the group in the village. While the new couple went to their own camp. 3 days later They returned to the well and her mothers house. After visiting for a little while they returned to the Feudal Era with their children. After going to the village Kikyo thought it was time to inform Kagome about the shard she had inside of her when she started talking about finding it.

"Kagome there is something you need to know about the Jewel Shard that is left." Kikyo said and she looked at Kagome. Kikyo handed Kagome the almost whole Jewel. Kagome looked at her strangely when she did this. " Kagome you are still the protector of the Jewel But your duty will never end. It will not be whole in your lifetime." Kagome looked at Kikyo like she had lost her mind. " Why not Kikyo? What do you mean in my lifetime?" Kagome was very confused and everyone could tell it.

" Kagome the last shard is inside your heart. I saw it when we where connected. When you shattered the Jewel one shard hit you in the chest and went into your heart without you even knowing it hit you. As long as you hold the Jewel You have preformed your duties of collecting the Jewel. Your quest is finely over and can now lead a normal full life as you where meant to. I have no dought you will guard it well." She said as she was smiling at Kagome.

"Thank you Kikyo. I'm glad it is finely over." She stood looking at the Jewel in her hand. So long they had been trying to get it all back together and now it was over at last. It almost didn't seem real. Soon Kagome and Sesshomaru's group left the village and headed to the Western Lands Manor to start their new life as a family.

The group came to visit often. Inuyasha and Kikyo was their for the birth of each of their children They finely stopped having children when they had 4 of there own.. Miroku and Sango was married 2 months later. Inuyasha and Kikyo mated within a month of them leaving the village.

For Kagome even with all the pain and tears she had gone through in her time Feudal Era it was all worth it to her now. As sad as she had been in the past now she was nothing but happy. Finely she had found where she truly belonged. Life had never been better and it was all For His Love.

Now her true adventure lay ahead of her raising her family. But that's another story.

I hope you have enjoyed my stroy. May you two have your wish come true.

The End