This is the SEQUEL to Betrayal!


During the story Bella refers to the evil side of her conscious as it. EgIt had taken over. When she speaks "I stood up", she is referring to the real Bella (the good one).

When she says we did..., It means it forced her to do it.

Anything you don't understand, let me know.

I DONT OWN TWILIGHT! sits in corner crying



I started to run not looking back, leaving my family behind. I had quite literally sold my soul to the devil, to it.

I didn't need to stop, so I didn't. I carried on going, willing them not to follow me. Edward my sweet Edward, all the things I had done to him, all the thing he had done to me. What were we like?

I ran past tree after tree, hitting branches out of my way, jumping over fallen trees and bark, the wind on my skin. I pushed the guilt to the back of my mind and suddenly I felt free, no wait It was making me feel that way, I couldn't let it win, I wouldn't.

We ran through the forest, there was less ice here, we were approaching the border and there was no longer ice, just snow here and there. If I had been human doing this I would have frozen, but now I just felt must not let It make me feel that way.

We are nearing Bella

"TO WHERE!" I found myself screaming, like I was actually speaking to someone, I was screaming at myself.

To where we will start

Start what you crazy...erm...crazy.

Tut, tut, Bella where we will start to build our empire



You think I can run an empire?

We can run an empire

I carried on running anyway, I didn't bother to argue anymore, there way no point, it was too strong, I didn't have any control anymore. I could argue, but when it got to a certain point.