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"Like me?"

"Yes, like you" He hung his head in pain.

"Her name was Belinda"


Let the boy talk!!

I wasnt thinking to you!

"Anyway, I loved her so much!"

"Why was she like me?"

"Well she wanted to become a vampire for the one she loved"

"She was human!"

"Yes she was, she was a human and she was stupid!"

I was taken back by his sudden outburst, "Oh?"
"She wanted me to change her, so badly, she was cooking one day and we had an argument. She was saying how much she wanted to be a vampire to be with me and I was saying that I didnt want to..."

I cut him off "You didnt want her to have her life taken away for you" I couldnt believe it, the same as Edward!

"Pretty much, anyway she wasnt happy and she took the knife and cut all the way up her arm. I could smell ehr sweet blood and I wanted to suck her dry so badly, but I didnt, I ran away. I came back when I was sure I could contain myself. She was shocked I came back, she appologised, but I knew it was just a matter of time before she came up with a plan to make me change her and she did. She knew where I hunted and when I went out to hunt she followed, I was too far gone, and when she pin picked her finger the smell of blood over took me, I didnt stop...until she was dead" He hung his head even lowed refusing to make eye contact.

"Vlad!" I held his face in my hands, but he still refused to look at me, "Vlad, it wasnt your fault, she should have known better!"

"I should have been able to control myself!"

"Its ok, you can let it all out. We cant be lovers but we can be friends!"

"Really? "He cried, well as much a vampire could, I should say dry sobbed really.

We sat like that for hours, while he let all of his grief, guilt and anguish wash over him.

Then there was a knock at the door.


We were getting close I could smell her!

My eyes were black, I hadnt hunt for weeks and it was starting to catch up with me.

The family were worried. I had pissed most of them off, they wouldnt even speak to me, if they needed to tell me something they would think it.

The vision Alice had, drove me even further to find Bella, and cure her of that thing!

We were getting close I could smell her!


I opened the door and did a double take as to who was staring back at me.




A male vampire, the same one from the last vision. "Belinda! Will you be long?? We have to go!"

"I'm coming" Bella emerged from the bathroom wearing a pink sweater, skinnny jeans and sandles (she looked great!, nice to see I have rubbed off on her! Not now Alice focus!)

No there was something different about her, it wasnt bella, it was someone else, but who?


"Aro?! What are you doing here?!"

He smiled, that creepy smile that always scares me!

"I see you have met my son, Vlad"

"SON?! How?" If I would have been huma I would have fainted by now.

"Can I come in?" Aro asked.

"Sure" I was too far passed it to care.

Aro sat me down and said " I will explain it all to you! Dont worry! I had Vlad from my first marraige as a human. Then he came looking for me after he turned eighteen, I turned him and then he left, he looking for me again after he killed his one true love, asking for a second chance. I kept him locked away for years, until I met you and figured you could be his second chance, I am looking to retire soon and I need someone to take over for me."

"So you want Vlad to run the voultri?"

"No I want him to be the Voltri, no other people! Like it is now"

"So why do you need me?"

"He needs a strong woman, by his side and seeing as you are so much like his love, i figured..."

"No! I wont be his whore!"

"No you misunderstand. I want Vlad to be the Voltri but you will be a queen"

"A queen?" I stared at him in disbelief, vampires really were messed up!

"Yes, the Voltri will no longer be rulers, he will be your right hand man. You will run the vampire world, they will worship you! You will have ultimate power"

"Why me? Why not Jane?"

"I killed Jane"

"WHAT?!" Vlad and I both shouted.

"She was betraying me"

"ohmygodmohmygodohmygodohmygod!" I felt like I was hyperventilating, but then I remembered vampired didnt need to breathe. I finally found my voice "What if I say no?"

"You wont, not if you want your loved ones to live! I trust you to make the right decision!"


Vision: Italy, Bella, aro!


"Italy it is then!" He said calmly back. I was worried about him, his obsession over Bella had led to three physical fights with Jasper and Emmet and he very nearly killed them!

The sooner we find her the better.


"So what do you choose?" Aro asked me.

"Looks like I dont have a choice! Wait!"

"Yes dear?"

"Whats with the little voice in my head?"

"Oh! That was just to give you a push, consider it gone!"

"Thank you! Now that I have agreed, you will hurt none of my loved ones!Comprende?"

"Of course not! Now lets go, Queen."

He bowed as I walked past, so did his SON.

"There will be none of that!"