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I can't believe this exam, part 1

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"Tou-saaaan"Naruto called him from the Kitchen. Minata must have fallen asleep while he tried to understand the situation for today's Chuunin exam based on the papers that were scattered in his room. Naruto and Kazekage's son would be in there, and Kushina is nowhere near Naruto to protect him.

"TOU-SAAAN I AM GOING TO BE LATE! "Naruto called him again. Great! Minato must have forgotten to prepare their breakfast. He should have given the money so Naruto could purchase Ramen as his breakfast. But again, he was sacred if he Kushina ever found out about Naruto having Ramen as his breakfast.

"yes yes, what do we have to refrigerator?"Minato said after he used Hiraishin to appear in his kitchen.

"NOTHING!"Naruto shouted to him. Minato sighed loudly, he had forgotten that Kushina still out there looking for more information. When Kushina wasn't here, they will go back to their unhealthy instant food that Kushina had reminded him that it was not going to be a Ramen.

"I will improvise then" Minato said when he saw some ingredients from the shelf in the top side of the Kitchen. He found that Kushina had left them with nothing. The next logical things to do would be opened the refrigerator to saw a mushroom, canned bean and potato that stayed in the bottom of refrigerator. Well, this still look good. I am sure it will be edible Minato thought while he checked each of the items he got. He didn't smell anything bad or saw any rotten part on those ingredients.

"Want to help me?"Minato asked Naruto.

"sure!" Naruto told his father. "but why don't we just order a ramen?" Naruto suggested.

"No, today is your big day naru-chan. You need lots of nutrients so you would have the energy to finished the Exam with great mark" Minato told Naruto. He saw the little Naruto nodded eagerly and he also prepared to help his Tou-san to cook.

But it is not recommended to leave two male who knows nothing about kitchenware, to cook something.

"tou-san.. what we will do with this mushroom?" Naruto asked. Minato have heard about sauté mushroom

"We fry it!" Minato said excitedly. He saw a chef just fried that kind mushroom from the TV show he saw few days earlier, and they still have little vegetable oil.

"Then what we will do with these potatoes?"Naruto asked again. Naruto made a disgusted face when he said Potato.

"Since we don't have any extra oil.. we just boil it?" it come out as a question from Minato's mouth.

"and do we have to use beans?"Naruto told his father. Minato think that it will be the best if Naruto could eat nutritious food before his exam.

"of course you should!"Minato encourage his son. Even though I don't know what to do with it Minato thought

(and please use your imagination, because this cooking scene involving katon jutsu, suiton, and exploding tags)


"Tou-san, I don't feel that good" Naruto said after they finished their first meal.

" you don't? are you okay?"Minato asked his son. Honestly, he didn't feel that good either after he ate the food he just made. Next time, he would learn from Kushina about a simple breakfast for Naruto if Kushina ever leave the house again.

"my stomach feels funny" Naruto told his father. Well Minato's stomach doesn't feel that good either.

"Maybe you are nervous because you were afraid on the upcoming exam?"Minato try to encourage his son to think so. He hope that Naruto believe it.

"Probably! Tou-san I will be going first" Naruto told his father.

"but Naru-chan, could you wait for me, I just need to grab my robe and—"Minato try to stalled his son. He has a bad feeling about this exam. And Kushina still hasn't reported anything. Maybe something would go wrong with the exam and he should have let Naruto took the next year exam.

"NO! I don't want people to see me with you! They might think I passed because of you" Naruto declined. It breaks Minato's heart but Naruto is right, He could not be seen with him at this point. He already uses his dark side of being a Hokage to not telling anyone about Naruto's parentage. It's a good think Kushina come back to the village. Kushina is Naruto's Mother and she has less enemies than Minato and Naruto will be less likely to get kidnapped or assassinated if he used Kushina's last name.

"but Naru-" Minato tried to win this argument. To see his son for his first big exam has been Minato's biggest dream ever since he saw the baby Naruto

"Tou-san, we will take some picture if I became a Chuunin, until then you could sit and watch me!"Naruto told his father with his usual grin. "beside, you should be preparing for something, right? I saw you reading all those papers last night. You should get extra sleep before you see my action 'ttebayo!"

"Naruto.." Minato could feel himself crying and hugging his son.

"TOU-SAAAAN! I AM GOING TO BE LATE!" he heard Naruto scream. It seems Minato indeed hugging his son without him noticing.

"Have a good day Naru-chan" Minato said when he saw his son running to exam field.

"What do you have?' Minato turned into his Hokage's it-means-business face.

"Hokage-sama, Kushina-sama just reported that some of sound ninja was admitted to chuunin exam. The four of them will be joining" he heard Itachi said.

"Sound ninja?" Minato asked. He never heard of that place before.

"that's what they put in their application lists. Kushina-sama will be one of the ANBU guard. But there is another problem" Itachi told Minato. Hearing Kushina will be there to watch Naruto is good news for him. And a bad news, since Kushina will be reckless and causing a chaos. And to smuggle someone into ANBU is not an easy task too. He knew he shouldn't have let Kushina into this.

"what problem?" Minato asked.

"Jiraiya-sama found out, that Ninja who was working with Kushina-sama, he is a hired mercenary, and his target will be…." Itachi stop talking. Minato urged him to continue what he had to said.

"Namikaze….."Itachi said quietly. Minato sighed, he should have guessed about it. An assassin, it will be a classic story. He packed some of his specialized Kunai before heading out. Before he finished his last hand seal, Itachi continued his report that made Minato stopped in his track.


Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxx

After a long speech from all of the Kages, except his father, Naruto see who he will fight for the first time. he saw that he will fight against

Naruto vs Tayuya

"who is this tayuya?" Naruto asked. He saw Sakura shrugged while Sasuke polishing his kunai.

"err.. ano.. naruto-kun.." he heard Hinata calls for him. "It is that red hair girl" Hinata said while she points at a tough looking girl in the corner.

"Ganbatte naruto-kun" Hinnata said timidly. Yeah Naruto needs all the luck he could get. "Who will you fight Hinata-chan?" Naruto asked. He will have a little chat with hinata to calm his mind.

"err.. it is Ino-chan" Hinata said. Hinata could feel herself burning out. But this will be a good chance to talk with Naruto-kun.

"hoaaa! You get Ino-chan! Good luck Hinata" Naruto said before he shakes her hands. Hinata fainted.

"Hinata-chan?" Naruto try to shake her, but he failed. Few moments later he could feel someone's behind him.

"NARUTOOO" he saw Neji come running at him.


"Kushina?" Kuro called the red haired woman in front of him. He had been living with Kushina for the past 2 weeks. Kushina come to his place and she asked if she could share a rent with him until she gets new job from Hokage. Kushina said she is a refugee from other village.

"yes?" Kushina said.

"where will you be going today?" Kuro asked her. Kuro has an important mission today, and he don't want Kushina to be anywhere near him. Kuro already feels attracted to this red head beauty, and he saw this red head always hang out with his target.

"hmm.. Probably watch Chuunin exam" Kushina said again. Today, Kushina also have an important mission, it is to keep her son alive!. And she didn't want Kuro to be anywhere near her, Minato and her will be declaring Naruto as their son, officially. She didn't want Kuro to be anywhere near chuunin exam. Kushina knows something big will happen there.

"aah… can you not go there?" Kuro suddenly said. Kuro realized what he just asked Kushina, he almost blown his cover.

" err.. why?" Kushina asked Kuro.

"Because… " Kuro is at loss. He didn't know what to said.

"you also want to go there?" Kushina said. "NO" Kuro said hurrily. Kushina realized from the first day she stayed with Kuro, he is not an ordinary ninja. Maybe she will asked about it later, after Naruto's exam. And maybe Minato could make him one of Hokage ninja. But for now, Naruto need her.

"I have to go there Kuro-san' Kushina said tenderly. She has no choice but to tell him about Naruto. "I need to see my son"


"Second Match! Hyuuga Neji vs Kabuto" the referee said. The whole people in the stadium cheered for the match.

"GOO NEJI!" Naruto cheered for his friend.

"NEJIII! YOU CAN DO IT!" shouted ten-ten from where they stand.

Between the fight, Naruto could hear some Jounin whispered, Naruto come closer to hear what they have to said. And it shocked him

"Where is the Hokage?" a jounin said. Naruto unconsciously followed them.

"He wasn't here since the ceremony." Another jounin said.

"Not even an ANBU could located him" the first jounin said again

"Can you contact Itcahi?" the second jounin said.

"We already tried, but we couldn't find itachi"

Naruto tried to followed them, but someone stopped him

"Namikaze-kun, please go back to the waiting room. You will be on the next match" someone said. Naruto want to fight back, he need to knoe where is his father.

"NEXT MATCH! NARUTO VS TAYUYA" he heard the announcement and running back to his room. Few moments later, he realized that person called him Namikaze. And as far as he could remember, he put Uzumaki in his application list.


Naruto enter the stadium and saw lots of people cheered for him. And the ferocious looking girl in front of him will be his match. He took a stance.

"Ready" the referee said. Naruto could hear his friend cheers for him. Even Hinata's voice is louder than her normal voice.


Naruto used his kage bunshin to fool Tayuya, he make 4 bunshins at a time and Naruto make people in the stadium cheered loudly.

Before he could attack Tayuya, Naruto felt a kunai grazed to his arm, and his arm felt limp.

"what?" Naruto screamed. That kunai was poisoned!

Naruto couldn't move his arm! By then, he saw several Kunais flying towards him. And also, Tayuya attacking him from behind.

"Referee!" Naruto screamed. He saw that referee already died. He tried to look at his friends, at least he need to save his friends from this attacker. But his friends were surrounded by several ninjas. Naruto tried to find Kakashi, or any other jounin. Then Naruto remembered about the missing hokage. They were told to find him.

With all that in his mind, Naruto has completely forgotten about lots of flying kunais that will hit him. He try to counter attack with his other hand, he manage to dodge all of them. But another batch of kumai keep flying at him.

"AAAARGGH" Naruto screamed. He will not go down without a fight! He prepare to put of a last fight before someone come at blocked all of those flying kunais

"Itachi?" Naruto screamed and someone behind him manages to knock Tayuya unconscious. Naruto saw a familiar person who has been protecting him.

"TOU-SAN!" Naruto screamed at his savior. He wants to run and asked where his father was.

"Hold your question for later, we have another guest" Minato said to his son. With his Hiraishin, Minato manage to slash all the kunai. he saw few ninjas dressed as civilian and attacking them randomly.

"Itachi, use genjutsu on the civilian here" Minato said to Itachi slightly before he flew somewhere with his Hiraishin.

Itachi opened his sharingan eyes and he makes sure every single one of them there was on low level genjutsu. If there are ninjas amongst them, they wwould be able to break that genjutsu easily. When that happens, Minato will come and slash them.

"Hokage-sama! We have secured the children" Nara Shikaku said.

"Good! I want them to be far away from here" Minato commanded.

'too bad Hokage-sama. I already sealed this place" Minato heard a voice from above him. Minato dodge another flying kunais, some with extra paper bomb in them. While Itachi picked up Naruto and keep dodging that person attack. Also, Itachi must hold his genjutsu.

"it's a good thing you asked Itachi to come here. Now Itachi, you have to choose between that boy or your brother here" Orochimaru said to them. Mianto cursed loudly, he knew Itachi's weakness will be Sasuke.

Both Minato and Itachi could not move a bit. They know Orochimaru will not hesitate to kill Sasuke.

"Come on Itachi, it's him or Sasuke" Orochimaru said. He grazed his kunai to Sasuke's cheek.

"STOP IT!" Minato lost his cool. If anything happen to Sasuke, Itachi will come to help his brother. And that will leave Naruto all alone down there. Minato might be the fastest ninja in Konoha, but Orochimaru is the Sannin and he couldn't getarrogant and thought he would be able to outrun Orochimaru and save both Naruto and Sasuke at the same time..

"Now little Hokage feel scared?" Orochimaru said again. "What will your answer be Itachi?" Orochimaru asked Itachi.

"Just kill my brother. He is not part of my mission" Itachi said coldly.


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