Harry lay in his bed at number four privet drive, it was the middle of a sticky humid summer and he had just finished his last year of school and would begin Auror training next year.

It was his birthday in two weeks time and a few months after that, in November, Harry would be moving into a renovated Grimmauld place with Sirius, Remus, Tonks, Ron and Hermione fulltime.

Harry was really looking forward to the fact that he would have some time to just chill out with his friends before he got down to his intense 4 year training programme, that is of course as long as Voldemort didn't decide to bollocks it all up.

Harry let out a long sigh and kicked of his sweaty bedcovers, it was absolutely boiling!

The room was like a furnace and Harry's bed sheets stuck to the fine sheen of sweat on his skin, his hair was damp and his mouth was dry.

After much tossing and turning Harry decided that he would creep down stairs and get a nice cool glass of tap water, and maybe stick his head in the freezer.

Sliding out of bed and sticking his wand in the back of his boxers Harry slowly padded across the landing and down the stairs, praying to god that he wouldn't bump into Dudley having a midnight snack or wake any of his family up.

He opened the freezer, the light of which illuminated his pale face, and rested his overheated head against a bag of frozen vegetables and a box of fish fingers, ahhh cool bliss.

Extracting himself from the freezer before his head froze; Harry quickly grabbed a clean glass from the cupboard and filled it with ice cold water after running it from the sink.

He was just bringing the full glass to his lips when something large and grey shot past the kitchen window in front of him, making him jump in fright, smashing the glass against the sink and spilling water all across the work surface.

"What the hell was that?" Harry questioned to himself.

Pushing his glasses up his sweaty nose, Harry pulled out his wand and pressed his face against the glass of the sliding conservatory doors leaving a grubby smear.

He couldn't see anything at his angle, so he slowly unlocked the catch on the door and slid it open.

A rather cool breeze swept over his exposed skin, ruffling his hair and taking away some of the sticky heat that he had been putting up with all night in his sealed off bedroom.

With caution Harry made his way into the garden and looked around, there was nothing there.

Just the lawn and the large high oak fence that surrounded it, a small wooden tool shed in the corner, and something Dudley had hurled out of the window at sometime lay smashed to pieces on the concrete of the patio.

Harry even looked around the side of the house where aunt petunia kept the rubbish bins but it was all clear as far as he could see.

The full moon hung low and large in the muggy air and seemed to have a glowing halo around it, all was silent except for the sound of a car alarm going off somewhere in the distance.

Harry was just about to go back inside, convinced his experience was nothing more than a plastic bag being blown past the window when he heard a loud, low rumbling growl.

Harry spun on his heel staring at the dark space between the wooden fence and the garden shed where he was sure the sound had originated.

He shakily raised his wand as two large amber eyes caught the light of the full moon and Harry gulped.

" Shit! A werewolf!" thought Harry as the creature inched closer towards him, Harry seemed mesmerised by the crystalline eyes of the wolf and barely noticed his wand arm lowering as he reversed in panic.

The creature's large grey hand-like paws slunk forward making no sound on the glittering grass.

Without warning Harry tripped backwards over the little white fence around aunt Petunia's yellow gardenias and soon found himself pinned by 300 pounds of werewolf.

His wand had rolled under a rose bush and there was no way Harry could free himself from the heaving beast so that he could go and look for it.

The creature seemed to have the heavily muscled body of a man but with a wolf like head, its limbs where long, it could stand on two legs and was a far cry from a common timber wolf.

Its Fur was a long shaggy dark grey almost silver, like gunmetal covering its entire body. Its huge jaws held hundreds of razor sharp teeth that glistened with saliva in the moonlight.

Harry lay there petrified as the huge muzzle of the being sniffed and chuffed along his neck, making all the hairs on his body stand to attention.

Its Shiny black nose moved up and down as it sniffed, flaring nostrils and exhaling foetid meat breath that assaulted Harry's senses.

Harry panted with fright, his muscles tensing as he felt the hot breath ghost over his bare neck and shoulders.

The werewolf grabbed him roughly in its clawed hands and flipped him over onto his stomach, pressing Harry's chest into the crumpled flowers beneath him.

Harry gave a terrified whimper as the werewolf continued to sniff him all over his body.

Harry lay there frozen, his glasses pressing into his face but he was too scared to right them, sweat poured from his body and he realised he had begun to shake.

He heard an owl overhead and wished that one of the Aurors sent to protect him would look over the top of the garden fence and come and rescue him.

It was with this thought that Harry found that one of the werewolf's arms had snaked around his thin waist and the other was ripping off his boxers with sharp claws, grazing the skin along his pale thighs.

He gasped in horror as the beast's cold nose pressed into the cleft of his arse and its tongue began to lap at the round cheeks.

Flushed with a mixture of abject horror and embarrassment, he then jerked when he very quickly felt the creature move up his body, the soft fur of its underbelly sliding over his back. Then without notice something infinitely hotter and larger than a tongue was pressing against his entrance, and he now knew what the creature was about to do.

Harry crawled forward at speed in the direction of his wand, only to be dragged back down as large hairy paw-like hands grabbed his ankles and pulled his legs backwards and apart.

Harry struggled mercilessly, twisting around and giving the beast a few good strikes to its muzzle, the werewolf merely pressed him into the dirt, its large paw on the back of Harry's head forcing his backside into the air.

With a deafening howl it thrust into his unprepared body.

He tried to scream but his face was pressed into the soft compost and his voice was muffled as dirt entered his mouth.

Scrabbling and digging at the earth, he tried to pull away or grab something he could use as a weapon.

It hurt so much! It burned like fire! Harry squirmed in pain but the creature just growled and held him tight before it began to thrust in earnest.

"No…s…s…stop" was all Harry could get out before the beast began to speed up causing Harry to choke back his sobs and cries as his body felt like it was being torn in two.

He was being pushed further into the dirt, his hands clawing and scratching at the fur covered arms that held him so tightly, but this only served to encourage the creature.

Harry cried and whimpered for what felt like hours until the werewolf came hard, flooding Harry's passage with seed, the salty wash bathing his internal wounds and making them sting all the more.

The wolf lifted its head and let out another howl before it bit down hard on Harry's shoulder, finally eliciting a scream from him, blood flowing down his chest and back, turning the dry soil to mud.

Dizzily he felt the werewolf lift him up and turn him against its enormous hairy chest.

He was weak and beginning to feel strange as his body went limp, sobbing onto the creature's body as it held him as a lover would, softly licking his wounded shoulder and the tear tracks on his face.

As Harry drew in ragged shuddering pain-filled breaths the monster's eyes became kinder; it seemed to genuinely care for him.

As he sat there on the creatures lap and in its arms, he strangely began to feel safer than he had in a long time, despite the fact that he had just been raped and bitten by a werewolf.

The last thing he recalled was looking over the werewolf's hairy head and gazing with longing up at the mercury warmth of the mother moon, before he drifted into unconsciousness.