Harry lay on his soiled mattress panting; it had been a week since Fenrir had left to find the rest of his pack. Harry had begun having contractions early in the morning, by 3 pm his waters had broken and he was now curled up in the blankets fighting wave after wave of agonizing pain.

His eyes yellow, canines sharp and ears pointed, Harry had well and truly become lost in his most base instincts.

He grunted leaning forward on his hands and knees, the sweat pouring down his face, wet hair matted to his forehead.

Whimpering, growling and pushing Harry felt the first cub slide out of his body, landing with a dull thud on soft bed.

The submissive werewolf turned and began to lick the slimy pink membrane from around the small cub's face.

Slowly but surely the tiny face of a black pup began to emerge, its little mouth opening in small murmers and grunts.

Harry growled triumphantly and, once clean, he pushed his firstborn under the small cave of blankets as the next of his brood began its journey into the world.

The sun shone a deep red through the curtains in the smallest room of number 4 Privet drive, signaling the start of a cold November day.

Harry lay deep under the blankets with his cubs; all five of them had been born safe and well.

He snuggled in the warmth of the white cotton sheets and blankets; his tiny cubs mewling happily, each of them had a soft, fluffy black coat dotted with the same gunmetal grey as their father, their little eyes where shut tightly, a dozen wrinkled little faces snuffling around to get closer to their mother's warm body.

Harry, gradually coming to his human senses, brought each one of his newborns to a nipple where they began to suckle gently, this is what he had been waiting for all this time, he was happy at last.

He only wished that Fenrir had been here to see the birth of his five sons, all five dominant cubs, Harry grinned.

With the lack of dominants in Britain Fenrir would be so proud of them, Harry's smile turned into a frown, but it meant they where in even greater risk of being killed at the hands of Voldemort or the Ministry's current culling regime.

In just one week Sirius would be coming for them, and Harry prayed that they would be safe at Grimmauld place until his Alpha returned with what remained of his decimated pack.

The next day, when he was feeling slightly better Harry pulled his Aunt Petunias old wicker washing basket out of the laundry room and lined it with a fleece blanket, he picked up each of his cubs and kissing them tenderly, he placed them in and covered them with a large woolen cardigan of that had once belonged to Uncle Vernon.

Harry carried the basket downstairs and kept his cubs close by as he fed himself with minced meat from the fridge.

Later that day, an enormous storm began to loom outside as he lay on the living room rug feeding his cubs again in front of the cozy electric fire.

As Harry stared at his beautiful black and grey cubs a terrible wind howled against at the small house.

Lord Voldemort sat in his throne room, angrily staring at the large group of Death Eaters in front of him.

"Well? did any of you find the Bloody werewolf?" Raged the dark Lord.

A tall thin minion walked forward and bowed at the dark lord's feet.

"We have no idea where the Alpha went my lord, we believe he may have traveled North to look for his disbanded pack, but our searches have found no trace of them"

"And what of his submissive? Have you found him and his offspring?"

"Again sir, we have no idea of the Beta's whereabouts" The minions muttered, his head so low it was almost touching the floor.

"Incompetent idiots, do you know nothing? We need werewolf to sense them out, Nott who do you have in the cells with Lycanthropy?" asked Voldemort.

Nott pulled a small black book from his robes and flicked through it.

"we have three my Lord, Jolas Anders, Doreen Landar and Remus Lupin"

"Remus Lupin? the Auror?"

"Yes my Lord"

"Excellent, well who would be better at tracking Fenrir and his submissive, after all Lupin was turned by Greyback was he not?

"He was indeed my Lord"

"Perfect, give the prisoner the Draught of Submission and bring him to me"

"Yes my Lord"

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