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He always referred to her as his golden girl. She liked that. It indicated that she was physically beautiful. She thought he meant golden because of her naturally (but also artificially) tanned skin and blonde hair. But what she didn't know was that he meant she was impeccable. She always carried herself beautifully, even when she was upset. But even gold can be tarnished.
Serena van der Woodsen had been trying her damned hardest to not revert back to her party girl days, the days when she had lost herself in a fog of alcohol induced fun. The very fog that lead her to have sex with her best friend's boyfriend, and numerous other incidents. She would not let that happen again. Even though she knew her stress could be cut out with one little drink, just one! She could stop after that, she really could. But after that night when Chuck had tried to have his way with her, never again. Ever? Maybe.
Dan Humphrey still couldn't believe his luck. He had been in love with Serena for practically his whole life. And now he had her on his arm, by his side constantly. Not like an accessory! Oh no. Never like that. If anything, he was her accessory, because why would a socialite from the Upper East Side fall for a Brooklyn born boy like him? He couldn't believe that this gorgeous golden girl (she loved when he called her that) returned his love! The born again good girl fell in love with the always good Humphrey. Just how long would this happiness last? Scolding himself for even thinking that way, he carefully dialed Serena's number, his dark eyes closing in a yawn.

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