Title: Becomes of

Ratings: PG 13- 15

Warnings: This is a AU fic for SB/RL placed in the 19th century. If you do not like this pairing, please do not read.

May be slightly OoC(or a lot. It really depends on the reader)

Disclaimer: I don't own anything from HP series. The fabulous characters are not mine, and I am just borrowing them from JKR

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"Wait," James rumpled his hair. "One more time."

"I fail to understand what your idea of 'one' is, James." Sirius sighed, laughing nonetheless.

They were sitting on the edge of the river, dipping their feet in the rushing, clear water. The sun was high, and mercilessly heated everything in the mid summer day.

"Shush." James gave a warning look. "Do you honestly wish that your friend spoiled his one and only chance of proposing to the beautiful, luminous, breath taking, wonderful goddess?"

Sirius sighed and waved a hand. "Continue."

James cleared his throat, and put on his serious, sincere expression, that Severus claimed that Lily would some day slap him for.

"Lily," he started, and glared at Sirius who was threatening to laugh.

"James." Sirius managed through muffled laughter. This was just too much for a young man to handle on such a nice day.

"I understand what a worthless man I am." James started, surprisingly humbly.

"Yes, indeed you are." Sirius replied, with the look Lily often gave to James. "I am surprised that you can call yourself a man when I know how revolting your table manners are."

"You're supposed to just be quiet and nod!" James tried to push Sirius, but ended up falling into the river.

"I thought you wanted to really practice." Sirius laughed, throwing a rope to James. "And please do not ever try to propose near a river. I am sure she would think a man who cannot swim is rather pitiful."

"So true." a voice replied from behind.

Sirius abruptly turned around to find Lily Evans standing right behind them with a bunch of flowers. James made an odd choking sound as he sucked in a great amount of water.

"Ms. Evans." Sirius bowed. "I see you have picked up our dear Snape's old habit of announcing yourself in a rather unexpected way?"

"Very true." Lily seemed amused. "It seems the easiest way."

"How long have you been listening to us?" James asked his voice full of panic, desperately hanging onto the rope.

"I have only known your presence as I heard a splash, James." Lily retorted rather coldly, but her eyes were warm.

"That is rather heartbreaking for James." Sirius sniggered, pulling James near land. "He would have to do everything all over now, and without any sufficient rehearsing."

As soon as James was near land, he tried to grab Sirius and pull him in as well.

"I know you cannot swim James." Sirius warned. "I know how to swim, but you simply will drown to death. From your better judgment, you may have noticed that it would be unwise to drag me into the water as well, since I may be too busy saving myself if so."

James glared at Sirius, but said nothing else until he was pulled back onto solid land.

"How I ended up with a man who swims no better than a fly is truly a mystery." Lily sighed, tutting at James who was now kissing the ground. "I've always fancied sailors when I was younger, and was confident that I would be able to be wedded to one some day."

"I could become a sailor, if you wanted." James said hurriedly, getting up and trying to straighten himself. "After all sailors don't need to swim do they?"

Lily snorted.

"Sending you to join a crew would be as good as sending you to hell itself." she said.

"And before he drowns again, Ms. Evans," Sirius interfered patting his despaired friend on the back. "you may wish to listen to what James has to announce."

"Is that so?" Lily asked, bending her eyebrow. "Well then, I believe I am prepared."

"I am sure James is as well." Sirius gave James a reassuring grin and turned to Lily, saying his farewell, and left the two alone by the river. Hopefully, Lily would not take advantage of it after James is finished.

"How is your health?" Sirius asked, as he parted from Remus.

"Improving." Remus replied, burying his face into Sirius' chest.

Sirius placed a soft kiss on the top of Remus' head and rested his chin there.

"Shall we practice?"

"Although I do feel the need to do so," Remus said, smiling and looking up into Sirius' stormy eyes. "I simply cannot bring myself to."

"That surely seems to be a problem." Sirius replied, caressing Remus' cheek. "Then what would you prefer to do?"

"Practice." Remus replied, smiling contently. "In a different sense."

Ever since Sirius' return from Moscow, and Remus' slight improvement in health, they seemed to try and make up for all the things they had not had during the four months of separation. Of course, they did not dare cross 'the line of decency and subtleness' as they put it. It was certainly necessary for both of them, since neither of their parents knew that Mr. Sirius Black was something more than a music tutor to Remus, and that Mr. Remus Lupin was something more than a pupil to Sirius.

"You are not planning to leave for Moscow any time soon, I hope?" Remus asked playfully as they finally put themselves in seat to practice nothing else than music.

"Never am I going to Moscow again." Sirius shuddered. "I nearly lost my fingers, and you would not have appreciated that, would you?"

"I assure you, I would have been devastated." Remus replied touching Sirius' long, slender, yet strong fingers.

"Now," Sirius straightened his garments, before he flipped through the etudes. "How was dinner with the..." he trailed off, and waved his hand.

"Carlons." Remus finished for him. "They were quite pleasant. Only, their daughter was rather..." this time he trailed off with a slight frown.

"Interrogating, pompous, idiotic, infuriating, dim, humorless, rude, ugly.." Sirius listed out words that he might use to describe women who visited Remus.

"Sirius!" Remus slapped him on the back of his hand. "That is being rude."

Sirius shrugged. "Are you suggesting that she was rather pleasant, intelligent, kind, gorgeous.."

"That is enough." Remus cut him off. "I have had enough of your childish glossary."

"And you, my dear, are no better." Sirius snorted, though with affection. "If you do not appreciate my vocabulary, perhaps you may be successful in describing the young lady in a single word this time?"

"She was..." Remus started, as Sirius made sure he was aware that he had Sirius' full attention. "Interesting."

Sirius let out a laugh.

"You make it sound as though she is some sort of an experiment." he managed, and went back to laughing.

"And you made her sound as though she was a troll and then a princess." Remus reminded Sirius, shoving him slightly. "You have no right to say such things of my word choice."

Sirius only continued to laugh, before he finally regained himself to cling onto the grand piano.

"Now," Sirius started, his eyes red rimmed from the tears of laughter. "Do inform me of this young lady." he waved a hand before starting to press several cords.

"She is certainly kind natured." Remus said thoughtfully. "Only she did seem a bit odd when she tried to state something like animal rights."

"Animals do deserve to be respected," Sirius said, almost missing a cord trying to suppress the laughter that rose in him once more. "but I doubt the law holds any rights for animals."

"Well, it seemed rather a rightful idea," Remus continued. "if only she had not refused to eat the pork, stating that it was just cruel to slaughter an animal."

"What did she eat for supper, if she refused fine meat?" Sirius asked, truly curious as he flipped a page.

"She had fish instead." Remus replied, the edges of his lips twisting slightly. "I found that rather ironic, for she did not seem to mind, if not acknowledge, that fish had to be beheaded thoroughly before being cooked, which is far crueler than only having one's throat split."

"Really, Mr. Lupin." Sirius mused, teasingly. "If I had any idea of what thoughts ponder in you head so often, I would never had bothered to offer lessons to you at all. I fear I will find myself with a split throat one afternoon, and you stating that I should be grateful for you not beheading me."

Remus snorted.

"And if I knew any better of your terrible sense of humor, I would never had accepted anything from you." he said ignoring the supposedly injured look on Sirius' face, which quickly turned into a smile.

"I do hope you did not converse with the young lady as you do with me." Sirius said, still smiling.

"Of course not." Remus pretended to sound scandalous. "I only lose my manners in speech when around you, Sirius." he sighed before continuing. "However, it is becoming quite tiresome to be kind to women I do not know nor like."

"And tedious to listen to their constant small talk and cackles, yes." Sirius agreed, nodding. "Do your parents know that you do not enjoy these sort of .social gatherings?"

Remus shook his head.

"I doubt they do." he started. "They did not recognize my interest in arts before I confessed. There is no possible way that they would notice that I do not enjoy meeting different females every few days."

Sirius nodded, and smiled as he finished the last cord, turning to Remus.

"Now, please do follow, Mr. Lupin."

"I did it!" James galloped into the inn. "I did it!"

Severus sighed, after sending a little girl away by giving her a candy.

"What gibberish are you babbling about now, Potter?" he asked.

"I, James Potter, is now to finally retire from our small group of bachelors." James announced proudly.

"She accepted?" Sirius asked, surprised and glad at the same time.

"Yes!" James beamed. "And she was close to tears when I ended."

"You are sure it was not tears of ridicule?" Severus asked, slyly.

"No!" James denied, sounding slightly offended. "She agreed and was touched."

"I am truly glad for you, James." Sirius congratulated. "Has she said when?"

"No." James replied, still beaming in a rather ridiculous matter. "But she said she would give me her hand when I join the crew and bring her a pearl back from the Caribbean seas."

Silence fell, as James looked expectantly for further congratulations.

"I believe," Severus finally started with a snigger. "That she actually accepted you to have the joy to present with you a happy death, leaving you to believe that you died for the sake of true love."

James face dropped.

"That is the most illogical and absurd theory I have ever heard you utter, Snape." Sirius announced, after glaring at him. "I sense that you are actually saying that out of jealousy that you will be the only remaining bachelor now that James is marrying Ms. Evans, and Peter is to be engaged to Ms. Lydia Johnes."

Severus snorted.

"And I find a likely hint in the air you speak, that you are not a bachelor, Black."

"Of course he is not a bachelor!" James retorted. "He has a lover!"

"A lover who will only remain as a lover alone." Severus finished with a sneer.

"What, may I ask, do you mean by that?" Sirius asked slowly and fiercely.

"Surely you do not trust that both your parents will approve to marriage?" Severus asked. "Do they even acknowledge the fact that their sons are homosexuals?"

"I cannot say they do." Sirius replied. "However, that is merely for we have not acknowledged them.."

"Do tell me Black," Severus started, rolling his eyes. "do you honestly think that they will allow you to stay together, once they have known what you to are to one another?"

Sirius stared blankly at him, and James snorted.

"Why not?" he asked in a challenging voice.

"I do not believe god could have created a dimmer creature than yourself, Potter, but let me explain." Severus continued in a serious tone, contrary to his precious words full of sarcasm. "Black's father will disapprove for he believes the fact that he being a homosexual will cause his reputations to wither and fall. Mr. Lupin's parents will not approve for they expect their son to get happily married, and produce the heir of the Lupin family."

"Surely, they cannot be than closed minded." James commented, rather unsurely.

"No," Sirius began, his face pale and voice bitter with realization. "Snape is right for once."

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