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Sirius felt something in him impatiently bubble as he watched Remus talked animatedly with Regulus

Sirius felt something in him impatiently bubble as he watched Remus talked animatedly with Regulus.

"I never knew he had a brother until just a few weeks before he left for Paris." Remus said, smiling as he examined Regulus. He did look quite like Sirius, yet was different in so many countless ways.

"Oh, did you?" Regulus grinned and looked at Sirius, who scowled at him for no particular reason. "Well, that is really no surprise. I am sure he hasn't remembered me as well until very recently." he laughed in a good humored manner.

"Now you are insulting me, brother." Sirius said, sounding more annoyed than he meant to. "Making me a heartless beast in front of Mr. Lupin."

"Do not worry, Regulus," James said in a daring voice. "I have known your existence for quite some time."

"And I dare inform you, Regulus, that he was the one to constantly remind me of the little brat who had used to pour tea into my horn whenever we argued." Sirius mumbled, clearly displeased by the memory, but seeming amused nonetheless. "I never found why it made such odd sounds before I literally dropped it by accident and tea spilled out."

"Ah, good old times." Regulus sighed and grinned. "And as for you, James, you are truly my savior! I always feared that no one would be there to haunt Sirius instead for me."

"I shall continue to haunt him forever, and once I have my own offspring, I shall dub him as godfather and then make my child haunt him." James announced, and clapped his hands across his mouth a moment to late.

"Godfather?" Regulus blinked. "I thought you were not married yet, James?"

"Well, no." James stated grinning sheepishly. "I meant after marrying Ms. Evans and then having children."

"Which reminds me," Remus cut in. "I was informed that you are to marry Ms. Evans, Mr. Potter. I wished to congratulate you, but due to the circumstances that you had been long gone to sea once I had heard, my congratulations were delayed. Congratulations, Mr. Potter."

"Thank you, Mr. Lupin." James grinned brightly.

"Which reminds me, in that matter." Sirius started with a considerate frown. "I am certain that you had stated that Ms. Evans was to marry you within.. this month. Am I wrong?"

"No, you heard correct." James replied. "That's why I am to leave to England as Mr. Lupin does."

"Ah, that would mean I shall have company while I return to England." Remus seemed pleased. "Excellent."

"Yes, very nice." Sirius agreed. "Yet, it would have been pleasant if you had mentioned this earlier, James."

"Yes, quite the surprise." Regulus nodded, seeming a bit reluctant.

"I see that I have had the honor to be informed of news that is really quite news to all of you." Remus smiled yet.

"Now, if I were a woman," Regulus said, sighing but grinning nonetheless. "this is the point where I should start weeping and announcing how I shall miss James."

"Which would not happened, seeing that you are far from one." Sirius added.

"Precisely." Regulus sighed. "Which would mean that I would have to settle for a very manly handshake and farewell."

"I feel overwhelmed with love." James grinned.

"Yes, and soon Ms. Evans shall be needing to find a way to keep you forever yours." Sirius waved a dismissive hand. "Really, the competition." he smirked, and glanced at Remus.

Remus could not identify that look of a mixture of meanings and feelings, but smiled back nonetheless.

"I must make a confession." Remus said, stepping into the cool sea water that was still cool compared to the rather warm autumn days.

"Yes?" Sirius asked, not letting go of Remus' hand and following him into the shallow waters.

"I have been to the seas before." Remus replied.

Sirius looked at Remus. He had not really expected that, because Remus seemed truly fascinated with the sea. The tides that splashed onto shores, the seagulls that flew over their heads, the long, uninterrupted horizons, warm yet cool sand beneath their feet all seemed to capture Remus' every attention, and be painted into those golden eyes that hadn't shone for a long time.

"I used to travel to the sea quite often as a child." Remus continued, ignoring Sirius' gaze. "But I fail to understand how this sea still manages to capture my soul. Or is that too dramatic?" he turned to Sirius and smiled.

Sirius smiled back, at lost of words as he saw the sea behind him reflected on Remus' eyes. Those eyes that were the colour of gold, but shone like the sun and yet priceless compared to both which they resembled.

"Perhaps it is just because I have not been to the sea for quite a while." Remus continued, turning back to face the horizon, and Sirius wished he could capture Remus to look only at him once more.

"No," Sirius replied. "It is a special sea."

"Any more legends about this part of the world, then?" Remus asked, turning back to Sirius with a amused, interested, hopeful and challenging smile. Sirius wondered if any mask Regulus would carve be able to have so many expressions at once, and he desperately wished he had a legend to tell Remus.

"No." he replied, regretfully. "However, I may be able to think of a story if you wish."

"An impromptu?" Remus asked, smiling in now only amusement and challenge.

"Perhaps." Sirius replied, feeling oddly proud and grateful as he looked at his lover.

"Well go on, then." Remus said, walking and feeling the waters wash around his ankles. He felt for a split moment that his ankles were washing away as well. "I am very expectant and hopeful at the moment, Sirius. And I rarely do feel this way, so you had better be able to entertain me thoroughly." he drove them both slightly deeper into the waters, and Sirius could feel the waters rise to his knees. He saw Remus' trousers become damp even when they were rolled up to his own knees.

"Impromptus." Sirius mused, allowing Remus to continue to hold his hand while climbing up a rock. "That would be my first literary impromptu."

"Yes, and that is why I believe it is a challenge." Remus smiled a mischievous smile that he rarely wore. "I know your literary limits, Sirius. Your eloquent tongue shall not manage to spare you this time."

"Ah, and I had hoped you would still believe me as almighty." Sirius sighed dramatically. "Really, how you shatter a man's hope, Remus."

Remus laughed. "Yes, but I know how to celebrate when one proves to be almighty as well."

"Well, if that is the case," Sirius grinned. "I shall do my best to protect your delicate ears, and furthermore prove I am almighty."

Remus merely smiled, and picked up a shell from the curve of the rock.

"Well, once upon a time, there was a mermaid." Sirius started, after clearing his throat. "Unlike popular belief, she was not Danish, but French, and she resided just underneath these waters, at the shores of Cannes. She had always dreamed of going up to land and feasting in Champagne, parties, and everything every human enjoys yet is very used to."

Sirius smirked as he saw Remus still listening, quite interested.

"One day, when she turned seventeen, since fifteen is a ridiculously young age to fall in true love, she was allowed to go above the waters, and she saw a very charming prince."

"I do believe that is plagiarism." Remus finally commented, smiling.

"Yes, but the prince still was never as charming as the man who is in these waters at the very moment." Sirius continued.

"And you have just proved yourself as not only a plagiarist, but a very arrogant one." Remus said, putting the shell into his pocket.

"Which you are so deeply in love with." Sirius grinned.

"Yes, quite a tragedy." Remus commented in a truly tragic manner, feigning a swagger.

Sirius smirked before letting out a disapproving snort, and hauled Remus into the waters.

"Sirius!" Remus screamed as he was pulled into the salty, cool sea.

Sirius smiled to himself to find Remus utterly confused and surprised enough to actually scream.

"You really are a horrid man!" Remus breathed our as he emerged from the sea. "And I thank you for proving to me that the sea is really extremely salty."

"I have another story for that." Sirius said, grinning and taking in Remus who was soaked wet, yet had shining eyes.

Sirius raised a hand to brush away the shining, water dark strands away from Remus' eyes.

He continued that until there was nothing left to brush back, and Remus smiled at him.

"And the story of why the sea is salty, Mr. Black?" Remus asked, finally breaking the silence, and Sirius' whole soul diving itself into the gold tinted sea in Remus' eyes.

"You would have been a beautiful mermaid." Sirius murmured, still not lowering his hand nor gaze. "And then your tears would have made the sea salty."

Remus smiled still, but his eyes changed ever so slightly, that Sirius could sea no longer the sea, but first himself, and then nothing.

It was just like watching through a long corridor, Sirius decided lying on his back, Remus in his arms. Just like opening a door and staring into a corridor that is so unbelievably long that you can't even notice or remember that you had opened a door.

He looked down and saw Remus, fast asleep with a slight crease between his eyebrows. He smiled and rubbed the crease away, carefully yet surely just as Remus had done with the shell he had taken from the sea.

Sirius bent over to kiss the place he had just straightened, then inhaled the scent of Remus' soft golden hair that reminded him of golden fields in autumn. It smelled of the salty seas, soft but refreshing soap, and a mixture of things Sirius just couldn't bring himself to interpret as Remus suddenly stirred.

Fearing that he had awakened Remus, Sirius took one last look at Remus' now perfectly peaceful face, and quickly blew out the single candle that remained in the dark, long lightless room.

Remus watched with a smile as Sirius started to wrestle James and both went tumbling into the sea.

"I have never seen him so happy ever since he came to France."

Remus turned around to see Regulus standing next to him.

"I had thought he would commit suicide soon. He has been miserable beyond imagination." Regulus continued, looking at James emerging from the tides and spitting water all over, then lunging to Sirius.

Remus remained silent. Perhaps he was not as surprised to learn that Sirius might have committed suicide. It almost seemed natural, based on what Sirius' room was like the first time he visited, and how he still seemed very morose and depressed at the oddest moments.

"You must be very special to him. I would never doubt that." Regulus turned to Remus with a smile.

Remus returned the smile, although he was positive it was not a smile of pride nor happiness for learning that he meant so much to another.

"You shall visit even when you marry, no?" Regulus asked, carefully and hopefully.

Remus stayed silent for a moment.

"I suppose I shall." he finally replied, and ran into the waters to join the other two before he got the chance to see Regulus grin broadly at his answer.

"It really is quite a shame that there is nothing new from the last time I saw your scores." Remus sighed, looking through the pile of scores. "Have you really not written a single piece?"

"I may have attempted to." Sirius replied, stretching before he started to write down a couple of more notes. "But I believe none of them were even decent or were never finished. When I did finally write down something that was miraculously wonderful and pure masterpiece, it always was just the tune I had composed before. Just a repetition of the same tune, and it never was an improved version as well. Which is quite a devastating situation for a young musician."

Remus fell silent, and stopped leafing through the scores to watch Sirius write down small notes as if possessed, and never even stopping to fix them.

"And that is really quite ridiculous," Sirius said, letting down his quill and gathering up the scores. "seeing that I have just finished creating an absolutely and entirely original piece." he grinned broadly at Remus. "Only with the presence of yourself."

Remus smiled, but said no more.

"And here is the wine!" Uncle Alphard announced triumphantly one day, when they were having tea, and the servant handed him a 'delivery from Bordeaux'. "Young, but excellent in its' own way. And let us try it!"

Regulus stood up from his seat.

"Shall I get the wine glasses, uncle?"

"No, no." Uncle Alphard replied, getting up himself. "I shall get them. You would never be able to find them. Jean even fails to. Sit down, and I shall bring the glasses for a drink!" he walked out of the room.

It was rather inconvenient for Sirius when Uncle Alphard was around, for it meant that he had to let go of Remus and was not allowed to show the slightest hint that may reveal their relationship. So, as soon as Uncle Alphard left the kitchen, Sirius pulled Remus to sit on his lap.

"Sirius." Remus said blushing slightly. "We have company."

"Who happen to be well aware that this is a fairly decent action as for the impossible Sirius Black." Sirius replied shamelessly as he kissed Remus lightly on the forehead.

"Really Sirius," Regulus said, amused. "I have always known you to be a very reckless risk taker, but being so bold in public…"

"Oh, let him be." James waved a hand, grinning. "As he said, Regulus, we should be grateful that he is restraining himself from doing anything more private."

"And James, you have, as always, been an excellent friend." Sirius said, holding Remus even closer to himself.

Remus understood these frequent physical contact and Sirius' need to have him near at all times as a form of desperation. Two weeks was not a long time, and it proved to be an even shorter time as every day was spent in a way they should have been spent from the start.

Sighing in a mixture of contentment and sudden oppression, Remus allowed himself to nevertheless enjoy the short moment before Uncle Alphard returned.

"I should start to create stories to share once I return." Remus said as he sat down on the bed. "Which would be total lies, but nonetheless necessary."

"Absolutely." Sirius agreed, as he pulled Remus closer. "However, it would not be a lie if you simply stated everything that happened here. I can promise you that you have seen and experienced most of which you would while traveling the whole country."

"Is that so?" Remus asked, trying to make himself more comfortable as Sirius kept his arms wrapped around him.

"Of course." Sirius replied. "Or you could simply tell them you stayed at Cannes for the whole trip, with your beloved Mr. Black."

"And what shall my dear parents say to that?" Remus snorted, running a hand through Sirius' hair. "I imagine that they shall be practically thrilled of that particular concept." he added sarcastically.

"Ah, Mr. Lupin has regained his more sarcastic self." Sirius chuckled. "That would mean that he has grown far too comfortable of my company and his surroundings."

Remus snorted softly but did not retort.

Silence fell for a moment before Sirius released Remus a bit to look him.

"Remus?" he asked quietly.

"Yes?" Remus asked, trying to read Sirius' eyes, but failing. He blamed the dim candlelight.

"You shall visit even afterwards, will you not?" Sirius asked, never leaving his gaze from Remus'.

Remus looked at Sirius in silence before smiling.

"Of course I shall." he continued to stroke Sirius' dark hair. "What sort of a question is that? I thought that you had something to confess, or something a bit more serious than that."

"I do have a confession." Sirius replied, sighing in contentment. "I was actually planning to ask you to stay with me for the rest of our remaining lives, but I decided that it would have been a far more ridiculous question, and thus that is why I asked you of such that 'lacks seriousness'. Which, I may as well inform you was a question that is as serious as myself."

Remus laughed, and considered for a split second on whether he should tell Sirius that Regulus had asked the exact question that afternoon at the sea, but decided to keep it to himself.

"You would say no if I do ask you to stay with me, am I wrong?" Sirius asked, feeling and sounding much younger the moment those words escaped his mouth.

Remus looked at Sirius, and felt the arms around him tighten their hold.

Sirius regretted ever asking such a question as Remus smiled at him and said nothing else. He wasn't sure of whether the sad smile Remus wore was better or worst than a smirk of ridicule, but it certainly felt as though it was far worst.

"I cannot say."

Sirius looked at Remus in surprise from the unexpected, sudden reply.

"But I can assure you, I certainly wish I could."

For some reason, those simple words of reassurance of both so little and so many things made Sirius feel no need to say and ask of nothing more.

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