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Gentlement Prefer Blonds

Chapter Five

Hurry up! Which one is it?

With a start, Sasuke realized that the target and Naruto must have gotten almost to the place the target was currently staying. Kakashi was just ahead of him, jumping stealthily through the trees. It was lucky the park was relatively small, and apparently quite, quite near to the enemy nin's place. Sasuke was beginning to suspect the other man had suggested it with that thought in mind. Sneaky horny bastard.

Is it that hotel? I love hotels…They always seem so…illicit.

Sorry, it's an apartment. That one there.

Oh, with the red door? Grande Heights? Oooo, do we get to take the elevator? I like elevators almost as much as I like hotels…

Then there was a long pause, and Sasuke decided that he liked the pauses much less than he liked the conversation, even if Naruto's come-ons were sort of corny. Where had he learned the word 'illicit' anyways? Mentally, he chalked another one up to Jiraiya.

Number 369, huh?

Even though the chuckle following that statement wasn't for him, he still felt a tingle sweep up his spine. He wondered how much better it would be if it weren't distorted over the microphone. Then he shook his head. Okay, enough. He would take care of that business later—and take care of it, he would. But now was not the time to think about it, because they had all the information they needed and a door had just slammed quite distinctly over the microphone. And unless he was very much mistaken it had been followed by the muted snick of a lock sliding into place.

"Ready?" He whispered to Kakashi, as they rounded a corner and came into view of a large apartment complex with a red door. Together they scaled the wall, stopping at the third level. 

Sasuke was grateful that there weren't many people around to see them. Even with the daylight slowly fading, they weren't exactly inconspicuous.

The two ninja went in opposite directions, peering into all the windows they passed. It would've helped if they'd known what side the apartment faced on, but it sounded like Naruto hadn't even gotten a chance to look out the window before the other man pounced him. Now there were rustling sounds coming over the microphone that sounded suspiciously like bed sheets and clothes.

Hey, slow down there, tiger. I want this to last.

Ah, there it was. Finally. Sasuke switched on his mike and called Kakashi over. The dirty bastard of a target hadn't even thought to close the drapes, a rather alarming red and yellow polka dot pattern.

Naruto was currently seated on the edge of the bed, neatly straddled by the shirtless target. He seemed to be clutching at the hands of the other man, stopping them from removing his own shirt. That, of course, might've exposed the wires he was currently wearing. The target was clearly beginning to get impatient, and he managed to remove one of his hands from Naruto's and place it flat against the blond ninja's chest, in preparation to push him backwards.

At least, that was what he was about to do, when he caught sight of a movement out of the corner of his eye.

"Shit!" the man exclaimed. Sasuke couldn't blame him really. It probably was slightly unusual to have a semi-random stranger climb through your window when you were in the middle of attempted seduction. Especially when said window was on the third floor of a large apartment building. "I told you your friend was a jealous asshole!"

What? When had he said that? What other interesting tidbits of conversation had Sasuke missed out on?

"Actually," and now Naruto was once again wearing that dangerous, feral grin, that Sasuke was just beginning to realize made his blood burn in a way that was not, despite what he used to think, anger, or irritation, or frustration. "I'm afraid I may have misled you just a little." With one swift movement, he knocked off the hand that was still pushing against his chest, and tackled the grass nin to the floor. He landed softly on his chest, using his knees to pin his arms, and leaned his face close.

"See, thing is, we actually need a scroll," he began conversationally. "This would be the scroll that you took from the Inuzuka compound."

"Not quite three days ago," Sasuke added helpfully, as he pulled out some rope and began binding the grass nin's feet together. The poor man seemed too shocked to struggle, and he was still sporting proof of his little make out session with Naruto. Either the blond was an exceptionally good kisser or the target had a secret bondage fetish.

"You know, when you were in Konoha," Kakashi decided to chime in, nonchalantly pulling out one of his kunai as he stood above the target and using it to pick his teeth.

Looking at the three faces now leaning over him, as Sasuke had finished with his feet and was now working on his hands, sitting him up in order to tie them, properly, behind his back, the grass nin's shoulders slumped.

"Well, hell," he muttered. "I'm gonna guess your name's not really Shinji."

"That's right!" the blond beamed down at him, before Sasuke elbowed him aside. Naruto seemed to have a need to tell his name to everyone he met, and he didn't really think this was the most appropriate time.

"Now," the Uchiha said, "we can do this the easy way, or the hard way."

The Grass nin paled.

"That's not a very nice area to point your kunai at, Sasuke," Kakashi observed, looking up from his porn.

The Uchiha smirked, and moved the kunai just a little closer. He might've had a bondage fetish, but it looked like the grass nin wasn't into hardcore S&M. He had to move forward to keep the same distance between his blade and the shrinking pride and joy of the target.

The target chose the easy way.

They were training again. It was, after all, what they did. Sasuke had been a bit, well, cranky was probably the only word for it, when they'd first arrived at the training grounds. He'd had a little trouble sleeping the night before. Every time he closed his eyes, he kept seeing an image of of Naruto and the damned Grass nin in the position they'd been in right before he and Kakashi had entered the room. He really wished that Tsunade had let him kill the slimy bastard.

The scroll and thief had both been presented to the Hokage, who had seemed entirely too amused by the story of his capture. Naruto had spluttered and pointed fingers and called her a hag, but she had just calmly pulled a box out from under her drawer. Sasuke had been unable to see what was in it, but by the red of his teammate's face, and the lecherous glint in the Hokage's golden eyes, he thought he could probably make a pretty good guess.

"Just in case," she'd said, winking. "For future…missions…"

Naruto had spluttered and pointed fingers again, before stalking out of the office with as much dignity as he could muster. Sasuke noticed that he kept the box though.

He hadn't seen the blond again that evening. It was quite late by then, and judging by Naruto's 

air of offended injury as he left the Hokage office, no one would be seeing him before training the next morning. Which was just as well, really, because Sasuke wanted time to figure a few things out before he made his next move.

It was that damned genius shinobi thing again. He refused to go into any situation unprepared, and, although he was willing to improvise if necessary, it was best to have a basic plan of attack. So he considered, carefully, which would be the other thing that had contributed to his sleep deprivation and concurrant crankiness when he'd first shown up at training.

Altogether, though, he was satisfied with his thoughts. Although Naruto hadn't given any signs of being particularly attracted to men previously, the fact that he had been willing to go along with the seduction mission seemed to indicate that he was at least open-minded in that direction. Besides, as the bartender had said, he did have best-friend advantage. Now he would just have to wait for his opening, and seize his opportunity.

He ignored the perverted part of his mind that wanted to make bad jokes about "openings"and "opportunities"and "seizing."

So he had been a little bit tired when he got to training that morning. After starting, though, he was pleasantly surprised to find that now that he had acknowledged his attraction to Naruto, it added a whole new level of excitement to spars with the blond. There was the usual rush of adrenalin, but it was mixed with an excitement low in his stomach. He could feel every touch ring along his nerve endings, and he was acutely aware of the other's body.

Yes, the spar had been an entirely interesting experience, although Kakashi kept interrupting to encourage them to do various training exercises. He didn't need anymore damned shuriken practice or tips on traps. Although the sight of Naruto tripping yet another rope trap, ending up dangling, helplessly bound, was opening his eyes to heretofore completely unconsidered realms. His libido, after years of being virtually neglected, was apparently making up for lost time. But the sparring, the flesh on flesh contact, was definitely his favorite. Luckily, it was easy to provoke Naruto into attacking him.

It was after one final such impromptu spar that they decided to break. The two of them were lying on the grass, panting lightly, and Kakashi was sitting under a tree reading his porn when Neji approached.

Sasuke immediately scowled. Stupid Hyuuga was a jounin already, shouldn't he be out doing dangerous missions? Preferably missions that put him in the direct line of lots and lots of unavoidable, dull kunai. He resisted the urge to shift slightly nearer to his sparring partner, settling for poking him and then sitting up himself instead.

"Eh?" said Naruto, opening his eyes. He had been just on the point of drifting to sleep, the sun warm on his face and the grass soft beneath his head, when Sasuke prodded him none-too-gently in the upper arm.

"Get up, moron."

Naruto gave the obligatory frown. "Don't call me moron, bastard!"

"Fine. Idiot." Inwardly, he wanted to smirk at the irate face of his teammate, but he managed to control himself. He didn't actually want to start another spar. Yet.

"Eh, Neji! What're you doing here?" Apparently Naruto had just noticed Neji. Sasuke let his lip twitch slightly as he looked at the Hyuuga. Take that, bastard, he thought, didn't even notice you. If the thought was accompanied by a feeling of smugness, Sasuke felt that it was his right as an Uchiha. What were the Hyuugas but a chance genetic spin-off anyhow?

"Hello, Naruto," a pause, as calculating eyes turned to Sasuke. He and the Hyuuga had never really gotten along. A week ago he would've said that it was leftover tension from the retrieve-Sasuke mission that Neji had been a part of when they were all genin. Now he wasn't so sure.

"Uchiha." A nod.

"Hyuuga." A nod.

A light breeze rippled through the clearing, playing with strands of long Hyuuga hair. Pale eyes stared into dark ones for an infinitely long moment, assessing. The branch-house member had always been amazingly perceptive, and Sasuke had the feeling that even his impervious mask was being seen through. The moment ended.

"I see," said Neji, turning away. "Naruto, you coming?" he asked.

"See what?" asked Naruto. "What was that all about?"

"Nothing. Now are you coming or not?"

"Hmm. Kakashi, can we break for lunch now?"

At his sort-of instructor's nod, Naruto scrambled to his feet. "Yeah, yeah I'm coming." As the two left the clearing, Sasuke could clearly hear the voice of his teammate begging Neji to tell him what was going on. Sasuke frowned. It seemed that Naruto had the Hyuuga trained to come and pick him up for lunch these days.

"You might as well go get some lunch, too, Sasuke." Kakashi's voice broke into his thoughts. Sasuke stood up quietly. Oh good, and he had just been thinking how hungry he was for ramen.

He caught up with the other two ninja as they were about to enter Ichiraku's. Neji, he noted, did not look exactly thrilled to see him, though neither did he look entirely surprised.

"Hyuuga." A nod.

"Uchiha." A nod.

"Jeez, what is with you guys?" Naruto exclaimed, parting the curtains and sitting on a stool. "One miso ramen, old man!" He shouted cheerfully to the proprietor.

Neji and Sasuke carefully situated themselves on either side of the blond now salivating with his eyes firmly fixed on the ramen chef.

The atmosphere over ramen was somewhat strained, and conversation definitely limited, although the blond was probably the only one who didn't realize it. If there was ramen in front of him, Naruto, not usually the most focused of ninja, was able to concentrate remarkably well.

Sasuke didn't bother with small talk. He never did. Neji, usually so well-bred, offered up one or two mild comments, and after that left Sasuke alone. He did talk a little with Naruto, but the silent presence of Sasuke seemed to be making him somewhat uncomfortable, if the tense set to his shoulders was any indication. Sasuke smirked and quietly ate his ramen.

"Haha! You should have seen his face when Sasuke pointed his kunai at him. I still can't believe you nearly castrated him!" Naruto said again, turning from Neji to Sasuke as they exited the ramen shop. He shivered dramatically, his hand protectively cupped in front of the Uzumaki family jewels. Neji had brought up the subject of their last mission right before they parted, and Naruto, while glossing over his own role in the capture, had been more than happy to describe Sasuke's below-the-belt tactics.

Neji had simply raised a slender eyebrow and congratulated them on their success. Then he had left, pausing only long enough to give Sasuke one long, measuring look.

Naruto had continued the discussion as the two old friends slowly made their way back to the training grounds, clearly finding the situation funny. He was currently stopped, sitting on the bridge near the team 7 practice area and claiming he needed a little more time for his ramen to digest before they went back to training.

"Hn, like I'd have slipped," Sasuke said.

"Still, man. That is a no-go area, if you know what I mean."

Well, that sounded like an opportunity if he'd ever heard one. "No, Naruto, I don't think I do."

He could see the blond shiver. It was very rare for Sasuke to call him by his name. And he'd absolutely never done it before in that low, husky tone.

"Sasuke?" Naruto said, the uncertainty clear in his voice. Sasuke moved closer, and blue eyes looked up, the owner of the eyes visibly startled to see him so near. He was standing right in front of him. Actually, right between his legs, since the blond was sitting on the (repaired, thank god that hadn't been their mission. Tsunade must not have found out who broke it) railing of the bridge.

Calmly, he braced his hands on either side of the blonds' hips, and leaned forward.

"Sasuke, what're you…"

"He was right about one thing, though" Sasuke's voice was low and dark again, and he was standing close enough that he could feel the heat radiating off the ninja in front of him.

"Wha--? Who?" Naruto appeared to be having trouble following the thread of the conversation.

"The Grass nin," Sasuke whispered, moving just a little, tiny bit closer, until their lips were separated by the barest centimeter. He paused there, waiting for Naruto to move back, or more likely, yell or punch him—both things he tended to do when Sasuke confused him.

"The Grass nin?" and he could feel the warm breath, the shift in the air as Naruto's lips opened and closed so near to his own.

"I am a jealous asshole," and he moved forward that last tiny, infinitesimal, infinite distance and covered Naruto's lips with his own.

The End