Chapter 18: Identities and Ginzuishō
(last chapter - Book 3 will cover the end of Beryl and the Aliens)

The sun was high in the sky when Naru awoke to a feeling of dread. The room soon filled with the rest of the senshi and generals in response to her telepathic call. "It has begun. Get ready, we NEED to get this started NOW."

The group scattered racing to get everything set up. Rei directing everyone with Mamoru being told to stay out of the way. Finally the prayer room with the sacred fire was ready. Candles set evenly around the room Rei and Naru on either side of the fire, the generals and senshi made a circle around them alternating - Mamoru was too emotional and not allowed to participate so sulked in Rei's room.

The room glowed with the powers of the elements and universe, a crecsent moon came to life on Pheobe's brow as all four of the senshi's powers were drawn to her followed by the five general's. Behind her closed eyes Sailor Pheobe connected with Usagi as she mentally prepared herself to go to battle. Pheobe came out of the trance and opened her eyes, "Starlight tower at three pm."

Tepeu quickly went to go tell Mamoru the news only to find Endymion glowing like a star in the hallway. "Ani-chan?" Tepeu's shout brought the other nine from the room. No words could describe the shock of the gathered warriors or the beauty of the crown Prince glowing with the power and energy of Gaia, Mother Earth.

"A time will come when you will be needed and your second command will need to be at your side. Who then will be in charge?" echoed Gin's voice throught the temple.

Endymion's voice echoed without his lips moving, " Kenji-otooto to Naru-chan." All involved looked from one to the other to see if the others were hearing what they were.

Suddenly Gin's voice boomed to life again "Your Princess may be missing and her Prince lost, but you will light the way with love at your side." Pausing breifly before Gin's voice "Venus, you are more that that and your other line will need you to light the way."

Soon, the light died down Mamoru stood next to Endymion. (no that is not a typo, mahahaha) The group all but collapsed in shock, Kaze was the first to calm down. "Senshi, go to your Princess. Generals, we will take care of these two."

As Kaze turned to look at the twins, Endymion whispered, "Serenity..." and disapeared in a flash of golden light.

The senshi frozen in place, "Go! We will take care of OURS. YOU take care of YOURS!" Commanded Tepeu and Sol at the same time.

The senshi nodded and raced toward their destination. "Tepeu, Sol take care of Mamoru. The rest of you follow me to look for Endymion." :Kaze... Kunzite...Your Princess may be missing and her Prince lost, but you will light the way with love at your side.:

As the generals with Kaze ran down the street all of a sudden he called out, "The starlight tower!"


Back at the shrine Mamoru looked at Tepeu and Sol as if unsure if they were good or bad. "Ah, who are you?"

Tepeu and Sol looked from one to the other unsure of how to answer when a broom came down and knocked Mamoru unconscious. Ichiro Hino stood behind the prone young man with broom in hand, "You two shouldn't be here. I will watch this one, go with the others."

"We don't know where they are going." Sol admitted.

"Go to a tower of light." Ichiro said dragging Mamoru into a different room in the temple.

"Tower of light?" the boys asked. "Star LIGHT TOWER! A tower of light is the starlight tower, where the girls are going!" Sol said already heading down the hallway to the door


Usagi stood facing the starlight tower still a few blocks away, blocking her thoughts from any and all who might try to get in. She was aware that someone had gotten through just before lunchtime ... she had been careless and now her friends may end up paying the cost for it. Taking one final look back at the city that had been so good to her and transforming before taking another step toward the tower. A glowing blood red sphere rose from the ground and swallowed her up teleporting her to the destination of its creation.

Dropping the teen warrior unceremoniously on her behind on the hard stone floor of the starlight tower. Tsukia looked up to find Omaphacite grinning down at her, "Welcome to your end." Tsukia took her turn to smirk and stabbed at Omaphacite with her staff, scratching her face. "You'll pay for that!" She screamed sending a flurry of flowers at Tsukia and disappearing. "I hope your a good runner."

The entire floor turned into an ice tunnel and the roof started caving in. Tsukia got to her feet and raced toward the escalator and headed to the direction she figured her enemy would go... UP.


The senshi appeared at the base of the tower intime to see someone enter the outside elevator and it head to the roof. "Mercury, find and entrance."

"Everything is sealed."

"Then I will make an entrance, Jupiter Thunder Clap Zap!" Jupiter said electronically breaking the front door open.

"That works!" Exclaimed Pheobe as the group charged through the opening.


It took the generals by roof top about thirty minutes to reach the base and soon discovered two more joined them. "What are you two doing here? Nevermind, we don't have time lets go."

Tepeu and Sol shrugged as they charged along behind the rest of the generals, eventually almost trampling the senshi who had stopped to catch their breath. The two groups exchanged stories as they made their way to the top floor of the mysterious starlight tower.


Tsukia and Omaphacite had been exchanging blows for the better part of an hour and both were tired. Tsukia had an advantage though, she unlike her oponent had not used any magical abilities. "Sister moon and brother sun lend your light to your guardian sibling of light..."

The generals and senshi emerged on the top floor just in time to see Tsukia turn in to a ball of blinding light. As the light died down any present could see ... something exiting Tsukia's chest. "Is that ..." Was the question many started to ask as Omaphacite screamed, "Ginzuishō!"

As the crystal emerged from Tsukia's chest her out fit changed... her skirt became trimmed with red and blue, her sailor scarf became a midnight blue with yellow stripes and her boots turned pure white trimmed with gold (think eternal), her bows stayed silver, and the circlet remained covering her birth mark, but her hair changed to her normal "meatball" style she wore as Sailor Moon but had pearl barrettes (think her super + hair style) and a red choker appeared with a sun on the fount with a crescent moon hanging down from it. The Ginzuisho floated up and landed on the crescent moon on her staff.

Tsukia's eyes opened to reveal her normal blue speckled with silver, without words she pointed the staff at Omaphacite and a blast of energy engulfed her. The blast disappeared to leave several flower petals falling to the ground. "She will not be returning." Tsukia said before passing out and becoming Usagi once more.

Endymion picked up his Princess and teleported away in a flash of light. Kaze and Venus just a step away. "So this is what Gin was hinting at?" Kaze nodded.

"Tepeu and Pheobe, you two are incharge while we are gone." Kaze turned to Venus and took her hand, "Let's go 'Light the way'."

Venus nodded as her costume changed slightly her bows became red and skirt matched her now blue skirt. ( think sailor V without the mask). In a flash of orange and yellow light the couple disappeared after their Prince and Princess.


A very weak Omaphacite returned to Beryl's throne room, "You failed me!" was all Beryl said before she delivered the killing blow. Malachite internally morned the loss of his love.


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