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Chapter 1

The legendary purple dragon looked up at the eternal black sky. The stars and the moon radiated the entire Dragon Temple with there light. He couldn't't quite place it, but something did not feel right in his heart. First of all he learns that he is not a dragonfly as he was told his entire life, but a dragon. Then, not only was he a dragon, but a purple dragon. It was his destiny to bring peace back to the world and destroy the Dark Master and his demonic creations.

A soft breeze gently blew some leaves past his feet and brushed warmly against his side. He glared back into the Temple and saw Ignitus speaking with Cynder. She really was just like him and he still couldn't't believe it. Another dragon his age. The thought made him excited for he wasn't alone anymore.

He thought back to the incident in Convexity. He could have left her there at the mercy of the Dark Master, but something deep inside him spoke up and said to bring her back to her true home. There battle had left him completely drained of his strength, for he was hardly in shape to start a fire. He made a quick vain attempt to summon some flames but only received smoke as a result. He had to chuckle to himself lightly. Never in his wildest dreams did he expect to reach such a high level of power so quickly. At least not a level powerful enough to defeat the Dark Masters most destructive tool. Another thing that grabbed his attention was the magic that he had used in the process. Its power was immense, almost scary. Maybe the power of the Ancestors were flowing through him just then. The other thing plaguing him as well was the Dark Master himself. He had heard the being calling out to him. The dark entities voice called out to him as he made his escape with Cynder and Sparx. Just the thought of his voice sent an immense chill down the dragon's body. He is still out there, watching him and plotting his next move.

The dragon looked to the sky in defiance and called out to the night sky "Ill be waiting for you whenever you rear you ugly presence!"

He did notice that a star flickered slightly in response to his comment but he paid it no mind. He remained outside for a time just watching the sky, observing every thing that moved in its immense space. Small footsteps came within his hearing but he still seemed entranced.

"See anything Spyro?" said a strong yet extremely gently voice from his side. Spyro finally snapped back to reality and turned to see the young black dragoness approaching him. Turning back to the sky he responded truthfully.

"No….but I have a bad feeling." Several seconds later a response came.

"Me too."

Spyro looked at her with curiosity. He couldn't believe that the Dark Masters powers were so evil. Evil enough to change the elegant, intelligent, and young creature before him into a pure blood lust driven monster.


He couldn't possibly imagine what would happen to this world if the Dark Master ever set foot on its soil.


Certainly right now. I am by far too weak to deal with any sort of threat right now.


Spyro snapped back again and stumbled backward hitting the wall behind him. Cynder couldn't help but laugh at the sight, and it was the first time that she had since, well, ever. Spyro was more surprised to hear her laugh at all. Cynder waltzed up to Spyro's sprawled out figure and smiled warmly. He couldn't help but smile back slightly. He had come really to admire her, at least the real her. He didn't expect it to happens so fast either, since they met barley hours ago.

"You've been thinking a lot haven't you"

Spyro picked himself up and faced her.

"I don't know what it is, but too much just seems unanswered. That and my battle with you has left me nearly unable to defend anything. That means the Dark Master can do anything at any moment and…I can't stop him." said Spyro turning away from her to look at the Temple. "That is the last thing I want, to loose everything I love because I am powerless to do anything."

Cynder looked down at his comment. After all, she was the one who caused all of this to happen. Then she came to a resolution in her mind With a determined look she strode up to Spyro's side.

"Then I will give him the fight of his life, and he will have to deal with me before anyone else can get hurt. Believe it or not, this is my home even though I wasn't raised here. My life is now here, and I refuse to give it up to that disgusting abomination and his cult. I wont have it." Spyro again looked at her surprisingly. So….this is the real Cynder, amazing. She is so much like me its staggering."And besides…" continued Cynder, "We have plenty of time to get ready for him. After losing his uhhh…best General, I doubt he will be pulling any tricks for some time."

Spyro nodded, "Your right, instead of sitting around waiting we should be getting ready for him." Both of them looked to the starry sky once more, both drawn to its endless beauty. "Common Cynder, we should get some rest." Cynder nodded and they both turned around and entered the Temple.

"So Spyro, what did you manage to see in the darkness?" asked his mentor Ignitus the Master of Fire.

"Nothing we don't already know is there, and something that doesn't know what its in for." said Spyro with Cynder nodding in agreement.

"Yes Spyro, the Dark Masters presence is everlasting as long as darkness is in this world, but its because of strong hearts like yours that it can't overrun the worlds." said Terrador the Master of Earth. Ignitus nodded to this.

"Not to mention that the most powerful ally the purple dragon could ask for has been brought home." Cynder shyly looked up at the comment. At that moment a golden blur flew through the window bouncing rapidly as it went. Finally after traveling half the room it came to a rest in front of Ignitus.

"Did someone call for Spyro's most powerful ally!" said Spyro's brother Sparx the dragonfly. "Cause ya know what, you guys still owe me big time for helping Spyro out when he needed it." Spyro could only roll his eyes at his brothers smugness.

"Yes Sparx we are all aware of you courageous acts during Spyro"s journey." said Ignitus winking at Spyro.

"Well you know what I still haven't gotten a reward for it. I mean common. I saved his scaly butt on Dante's Freezer from that big Ice guy. Then from that enormous rock dude. Last but not least I helped him defeat that no good, murdering, backstabbing dragon Cynd…..waaahh!!" was all he could get out before Spyro caught him in his mouth. Spyro gestured to the door and Ignitus nodded following him out of the main training room and into the vision area. The mystical green pool seemed to be brimming with secrets as it gave off a stronger aura then recent days.

Spyro spit up Sparx on the ground and glared at him. "What, incase you haven't noticed my wings plus dragon spit equal not so good day to be a dragonfly."

Spyro quickly responded "You more then deserved it Sparx, how could you say such a thing right in front of Cynder!"

"Well I figured that the whole trying to rip our heads off in Convexity part kinda covers it."

Spyro turned on him with rage "She was being used as a puppet Sparx, and the only one who is to blame for any of this is that bastard the Dark Master!"

"Ya know if I didn't know any better I'd say you have a crush on her big boy."

This caught Spyro off guard. He could feel his face turn a deep flush of red as he looked away. "I knew it, I knew it! My brother is already eying the ladies." said Sparx as he came to a rest on Spyro"s shoulder.

"I….I don't know what you're talking about you goof." With that Spyro shook Sparx from his shoulder.

"Oh I think you more then know what and who I am talking about Romeo."

Ignitus had been watching the brothers argument the entire time. As immature as it was it brought about a crucial thought in the wise dragons mind. Perhaps, very soon, he would reveal the rest of the prophecy to Spyro. For now however, other situations needed attention. "Alright now settle down you two!!" bellowed Ignitus. By this time Spyro had Sparx up against the wall with his paw while Sparx was pulling up his eyelids. "I can certainly tell you that Cynder is not the monster you fought, that was simply a manifestation of the Dark Master's evil within a host. It could certainly have happened to any of us." Spyro put down Sparx who flew up and rested on Spyro's head. "We should be thanking the Ancestors for bringing her back to us, for she also harbors a great destiny, just as you do Spyro."

Spyro looked up at his mentor. "She will more then double our chances against the Dark Master, and I can feel that she will always come through for us." He then left the room with Sparx close behind. Ignitus watched him leave.

"Yes young dragon, she will come through for you. In many more ways they you can imagine." He looked down into the vision pool, letting the future flood his mind and body. "And it seems your union with her has triggered the day we all fear. Even now I can see more darkness then just what the Dark Master provides, and its eyes are on us."

As Spyro headed back into the training area another thought burst into his mind. Something that Terrador had said only minutes ago. "it is strong hearts like yours that keeps darkness from overrunning the worlds." Worlds. Were there more lands out there then just this one. Spyro shook the thought from his head groggily. Sparx had already fallen asleep on his back.

"I'll ask the Elders about it tomorrow." With that he turned off toward one of the many quarters available at the Temple. As he rounded the turn into the last black corridor he noticed that his room was already open. He approached it slowly assuming a battle ready position. He slowly entered noticing that all his candles were doused by the wind. "Hello." he gently said as he stepped toward his sleeping bowel. When he stepped into it he tripped over something black and slim falling forward and hitting his head off the edge of the bowel. Sparx flew across the room onto a pillow amazingly without waking up. Spyro, still dazed, sat up in his bowel.

"Oh my god are you okay Spyro!" came a familiar voice who Spyro still couldn't see. He felt a warm paw against his shoulder as his vision slowly returned.

"Cynder, what the heck are you doing in my room." said Spyro curiously.

"Well, I just couldn't get comfortable in mine, it just seemed too…..dark." said the dragoness turning away from him shamefully. "I'm sorry Spyro, I should head back to my room." She moved out of the bowel towards the door.

"You can be safe from him here."

Cynder looked back at him as he lit several candles. Spyro looked at her and gave her a warm smile. She smiled back and moved briskly back towards his bowel. She layed herself down in a comfortable position before returning her eyes to Spyro. Once he finished closing the windows he moved into the bowel and layed himself down at her side, rubbing up against her.

"Thank you Spyro, for everything." Spyro could only nod before she collapsed into sleep against him. He looked over her sleeping form, smiling gently he whispered into her ear.

"Destiny awaits us." He then layed his head down over her neck and let sleep overtake him.

Meanwhile, in the dark void known as Convexity, the Dark Masters portal glowed with a sickly green pulse. Coming with it a mighty and hideous roar of anguish.


A creature that had the appearance of a humanoid with the exception of scaly skin, sharp talons, and narrow eyes stood near the portal accompanied by several of the masters baboon like soldiers. The creature gave a wicked smile.

"Soon my master, soon."

The portal flared up in response to the creatures voice. Then the dark voice spoke again..

"Go my servant. Let them know that they have only ushered in the beginning of the end."

The Creature smiled again and bowed before the portal.

"My pleasure master." With that the creature swiftly turned and walked towards the edge of the platform. The soldiers attempted to follow him, but he noticed and turned to face them. "Believe me, you will not be needed." The creature gave a wicked smile and lifted his hand slightly. Then he unleashed a arc of lightning from his fingers. The small apes could only shriek in horror as the dark lightning penetrated there bodies. Within seconds the apes exploded leaving nothing behind but smoking piles of flesh. He turned back around with a content look on his devilish face. The smell of burning flesh always seemed to brighten his mood. Just as he was about to make his exit the voice came again.

"And Cryxus."

He looked back over his shoulder at the portal.

"Bring her back for me."

The Creature known as Cryxus nodded once more. "It shall be done master." He then dove off the platform and into a dark portal. A maniacal laugh emanated from the Dark Master's prison as he did.

Outside of the Dragon Temple, the dark portal opened to reveal its deadly cargo. Cryxus looked upon the temple with disgust. "We should have burned it too the ground when we had the chance." Cryxus moved swiftly as part of the shadows. "Lets see what the Purple Dragon can do."

Inside the temple, Volteer the Mater of Electricity was patrolling the dark halls emanating a bright glow from his body to do so. "Its perfectly unbelievable that Spyro was able to defeat Cynder, rescue her, defeat her army, restore peace, and defeat the Dark Masters evil magic in such a short time, Absolutely amazing, brilliant, undeniable, mira…." Volteer was swiftly knocked to the ground unconscious, blood trickling from the back of his head. Cryxus landed behind the fallen dragon.

"You always did run your mouth too much old man." He lifted a cruel blade high above his head intending to end the Guardians life. The blade was brought down swiftly but was met by only darkness. Volteer's body had completely disappeared in a flash of light. "So, you still do have some tricks up your sleeve eh. It will take more then your pathetic powers to beat pure darkness." He moved cautiously down the hall, smelling and observing everything. "You can't hide forever old man, sooner or later I will find you. Your fate and the fate of your kind is doomed." Suddenly a brilliant flash of light blinded him. Cryxus reeled back blinded. "Ahhhh curse you, you dragon scum!" He thrashed about wildly throwing fire balls from his hands Volteer moved at immense speed to avoid the stray fireballs.

Cryxus backed up defensively still unable to see. Volteer emerged slowly from his hiding spot and charged forward at the evil being. As he approached Cryxus he knocked over some stones causing the lackey to unleash several fire balls toward him. Volteer disappeared into thin air as the projectiles proceeded to smash into the temple wall, causing the entire structure to shake.

The Lightning Guardian reappeared behind Cryxus hoping to take him by surprise. The creature only smirked as he spun around unleashing a deadly volley of ice spikes from his hand. Volteer was shot back into the wall, a jagged piece of ice pinning his wing to it. Blood slowly began to make its way down Volteer's wing as the Guardian cringed in pain.

"Go ahead and try to escape fool. I mean just because I can't see right now, it doesn't mean that I can't kill you." said Cryxus with a laugh as he approached slowly.

"From the moment I met you, I knew that we should have done away with your evil soul. Not even when you are shown mercy and kindness by those who care about you do you change your evil ways." By this point Cryxus was now right up in Volteer's face.

"Now what fun would that be for me. Now, allow me to carry out my master's will." Cryxus opened his mouth wide revealing several bloodstained fangs. Volteer, sweat now pouring down his brow, focused all the energy that he had left. His body began to emit static as Cryxus stopped dead. Seconds later a huge electric pulse emanated from the dragon's body sending a electric wave out all around him. Cryxus was sent reeling head over heels into the shattered temple wall. After the pulse eased off Volteer opened his eyes, both of them now glowing brightly and pulled his head back. He began to collect an immense electric orb in his mouth, waiting until it was at full power before unleashing it upon its destination. Cryxus barley had time to react as he raised his arm again and summoned his own stream of electricity, the only difference was that it was blackish red in color.

The two streams smashed into each other at the midway point between the two combatants, the force resulting pushing Cryxus back and Volteer down to one knee which planted into the floor. The two streams continued to work against each other causing a crater to form beneath the point of contact. After several seconds of immense energy flow the two electric energies exploded with deadly force and sent debris flying all over the battlefield. Volteer leaped up and initiated flight to avoid the resulting cloud. He scanned the ground for his enemy, but Cryxus had seemed to disappear.

"He couldn't have been defeated that easily." said Volteer quizzically.

"You're absolutely right." came the venomous voice from his rear.

Volteer reeled around to see a fierce blade swing at him. He managed to dodge the first few swings but was already loosing mobility due to the severe injury to his wing. Cryxus gave an evil grin as he notice Volteer's new weakness. He moved swiftly to Volteer's side and swung his leg into the injured wing. The result was a blood curdling roar from Volteer as he began to fall to the ground. Cryxus decided to add the finishing blow and drove his foot into the dragon's stomach, driving him all the way to the ground. The resulting impact shook the temple once more, kicking up another large cloud of dust. Cryxus landed beside the cloud, waiting for it to clear before moving in. Once it had cleared he noticed the heavily injured Guardian in the center of another rather large crater. As Cryxus approached him, Volteer summoned what little energy he had left and launched several electric arcs into the air. The entity watched as they joined together above him and then crashed down upon his position. Cryxus simply smirked and raised his hand above his head lazily. The arc impacted with a blinding explosion causing Volteer to shield his eyes.

When the dust finally settled Volteer could only stare with terror as Cryxus stood firm holding the very same arc that Volteer had summoned above his head.

"Now then." said Cryxus who began to charge the arc even more with his own black lightning. "I do believe that this belongs to you! Shouted Cryxus as he threw the ball of deadly energy forward towards the defenseless Guardian, who could only watch in horror as the arc came down upon him.


The explosion rocked the temple even harder then before waking both Spyro and Cynder from there peaceful slumber as a result.

"Wow, what on earth was that!" said Cynder still huddled against Spyro's side. The purple dragon simply closed his eyes and muttered.

"Darkness." Cynder looked at Spyro who looked back. "Lets go Cynder." She nodded and both dashed from the room to find the disturbance.

Cryxus looked upon the beaten body of Volteer. He summoned forth a knife made of pure dark energy and held it to the Guardian's throat.

"The funniest thing is, you all thought you were safe." said Cryxus with his venomous smile. He brought the blade back preparing to make his life ending strike when a huge ice shield separated him from his prey. Cryxus twisted his head slightly to see Cyril the Guardian of Ice starring him down.

"Your barbarity ends now demon!" Cyril bellowed in rage as the very ground around him froze with each step he took. Cryxus turned around to fully face him as Cyril unleashed a storm of sharp icicles on him. Cryxus simply burned them away with a stream of fire.

"A demon now am I, is that any way to treat your own kind." said Cryxus with a heavy laugh.

"You were never one of us, and never shall you be. For I will end you right now!" screamed Cyril as he swung his tail at Cryxus, becoming a razor sharp ice blade as it went. Cryxus summoned forth a shield made of pure rock as the blade smashed into him. Cyril turned to view him as Cryxus turned the earth shield into a earth barrage, launching the heavy pieces of stone at the angry Guardian. Cyril froze each piece as it came upon him causing them to bounce off the immune Ice Guardian.

"Please Cyril, you think that any of you are any match for me." said Cryxus as he sent another pile of rubble nearby hurdling at him. As they approached at rapid speed they were suddenly blasted away by a green wave of energy before being sent right back at Cryxus. The humanoid was barley able to dodge them in time. He turned to see the Master of Earth Terrador land next to Cyril.

"Perhaps individually we are no match for you Cryxus, but together as one we can accomplish anything." said Terrador. At completion of his sentence a heavy red tail smashed into Cryxus's back. The dark being fell to the ground in pain, now surrounded by the three Guardians

Cryxus looked up with a light laugh "It's just like you to spoil all the fun Ignitus."

Ignitus only growled "As always Cryxus you disgust me to the extreme." The humanoid smirked.

"Always a pleasure to do so." said Cryxus as the three Guardians circled him. He only responded by getting up and standing still with his eyes closed.

"Make your next move demon!" shouted Terrador.

Cryxus only smiled "Please, I did not come here to destroy you all now. I was merely sent to give you dragon fools a warning. The Dark Master can choose to wipe your race out at any time, just play along by the rules and all will be well." Ignitus bellowed a vast roar.

"Your master seeks to destroy all that we love and all that we hold dear to our hearts. Letting him have what he wants is hell, so you understand when we say that for him to even consider dominance over this world will result in our quick and if need be deadly action. For we will not hesitate to destroy him!"

At this point Spyro and Cynder entered the room, morning light now beginning to pour through the windows.

"Oh no, Volteer!" cried out Spyro running to the dragon's side. Cynder was quick to follow and approached the Guardian with tears in her eyes. Cryxus immediately focused his attention on the purple dragon.

"So, you're the one they call….Spyro." Spyro turned towards him with a rage in his eyes that frightened even Ignitus.

"How could you, you monster!!" Cryxus again laughed.

"It was quite easy actually. He certainly didn't fight like a true Dragon Guardian." This made Spyro's insides burn with rage. "Aw don't feel bad, at least he will be able to join the rest of your pathetic race in hell." With that Spyro snapped and charged at the smirking humanoid. Spyro leapt up and attempted to unleash his fire blast, but to no avail as smoke came out of his nostrils.

"No, not now please!" cried Spyro.

Cryxus smiled "Don't tell me your still tired from that little fight you just had, what kind of purple dragon are you." Spyro could only look up before Cryxus smashed the side of his face with his boot, sending Spyro flying across the room into the wall.

"No, Spyro!" cried out Cynder running towards him.

"Cynder!" The dark voice echoed through her mind. She turned and faced Cryxus whose eyes were now glowing red. Cynder found herself unable to break from this gaze and gradually her eyes began to turn red themselves.

"No, you will not take her from us again!" yelled Ignitus who jumped forward with the other Guardians. Cryxus simply waved his hand and a large wall of dark energy blocked them from the scene. The voice continued inside Cynder's mind.

"You belong with me Cynder, we belong together." Cynder lost herself to the gaze, her eyes now completely red.

"Yes my master, we are one." With that Cynder began to move towards Cryxus who by that time opened a new portal. She didn't want to do this, yet at the same time she didn't fight it. She moved closer to Cryxus before a voice that she had come to find her peace in rang out.

"Cynder! It's your life not his. Please don't leave us again, don't leave me again. You have to fight it!" Cynder stopped in her tracks, her eyes flickering between red and normal coloring.

"Don't listen to that weak fool my dear, return to your former power at my side." came the dark voice. Cynder began to shift in pain. Her mind was cut completely in two. "Do it, return to me and find the power that you seek, the power that belongs to you!" She took one step closer to the portal.

"Please Cynder, stay with me, fight with me and defend those who find this world beautiful. That's all your good for to him, causing destruction and misery." Cynder was in pain.

"Spyro, please help me." said Cynder through a tearful and painful face.

Spyro turned his head to notice the trance like state that Cryxus was in. With a look of pure determination he positioned himself to charge. "Hold on Cynder!" Cynder could only nod slightly as the pain continued to escalate. Spyro took his stance and began to focus all his energy into one moment. Then in a burst of speed he burst forward towards the Cryxus. The humanoid remained fixed on Cynder who was still mentally struggling with herself. Spyro's eyes seemed to be on fire as he summoned forth everything inside of him. This resulted in a charging fireball that was melting the ground as it moved. He continued to pick up more and more speed as he sped towards the demon. Cryxus finally noticed the approaching Juggernaut but was unable to evade the attack in any way.

"This is for Volteer!" cried Spyro as he collided with Cryxus's chest in a explosion of wildfire. Cryxus fell to the ground writhing in pain at the horrible burn left on his flesh. Seconds later Cynder began to stager as the darkness retreated from her mind, finally falling to the cold stone floor exhausted by the mental invasion. The dark wall that was set up evaporated and the Guardians leaped forward to discover the present scene. Spyro then began to feel the darkness cloud his vision as he collapsed to the floor alongside Cynder. Ignitus turned to see Cryxus slowly crawling towards his escape portal. Ignitus and Cyril leapt forward to catch the demon. Cryxus turned his head slightly and with a exhausting gasp shot dirt into there eyes. By the time the Guardians were able to recover the could only observe the portal wrapping up and vanishing.

As the final specs of darkness disappeared a voice echoed around the temple.

"It has begun."

Ignitus shook his head in a sad manner then along with Terrador and Cyril turned there attention towards the three fallen dragons.

Several hours later, the temple was basked in a twilight glow. All evidence of the battle was still present. Everything from smashed walls and pillars to the blood that still stained the floor. The young purple dragon slowly opened his eyes. After several seconds of adjustment he noticed that he was back in his room. Still unable to sit up fully he lifted his head to see his surroundings. The room was empty, the only things showing life were several lit candles around the room. The young dragon started to recall what had occurred hours ago. "Man, at this rate I will never be at full strength again." At that moment the door to his room creaked open revealing his mentor Ignitus who slowly stepped in. "Ignitus!" Are you alright!? Is Volteer gonna be ok!? What about…."

"Calm down young dragon." interjected Ignitus. "Everyone is going to be just fine. However, it will be quite some time before Volteer will recover." Spyro made another attempt to sit up only to collapse in pain. "Please Spyro, try not to move. After what you have just been through I'm surprised your awake at all." Spyro laid his head back down again in frustration. Ignitus knew that he had plenty of questions and slowly kneeled down beside the bowel.

"Ignitus, who and what was that creature?" Ignitus only closed his eyes and gave out a light sigh.

"One who has lost his path in eagerness to harness powers before he was ready." Spyro looked up at Ignitus and noticed the painful expression that he bore every time the creature was mentioned. "It's not something that you need dwell upon right now Spyro. What we need to do is prepare ourselves for the Dark Master's plan."

Spyro interjected again "But Ignitus, how can I even train if I never have any energy for it?" Ignitus gave a pleasant smirk.

"Well now, you don't know the history of dragonfly's very well now do you?" Spyro only gave him a curious look. Ignitus gave another sly smile. "Lets just say that you and Sparx make the perfect couple." Spyro couldn't believe it.

"Sparx, have powers. Stop playing with my head Ignitus. Not that my head can take it now anyway." The Red Dragon only shrugged.

"Don't worry young dragon you will see in time." Spyro laid his head down again and gave a heavy sigh. "So many questions, but my young hero, you will soon know it all. I promise." Spyro responded with another sigh. "For now however, I believe that someone is outside waiting to see you." Spyro's eyes sparked to life and his heart began to race slightly. "She has been very worried about you my young dragon." said Ignitus standing up and turning towards the door. Spyro watched him open the door and move outside, his long tail being the last thing to disappear from view. For the moment Spyro was left alone with his thoughts, all of which were on the individual who entered cautiously seconds later.

Cynder was back to normal now, her eyes returned to its beautiful shade of sapphire. Spyro's purple eyes locked with hers, both unable to break away. The seconds that followed seemed to be in slow motion to Spyro as the black beauty charged forward and rubbed her head up against his. He didn't expect this and stood agape for several seconds.

"I'm so sorry Spyro, I just couldn't fight it." said Cynder with hot tears streaming down her face. Spyro snapped back to reality hearing her words and began to caress her snout gently with his.

"Cynder, none of this was your fault. He was brainwashing you, it could have happened to any of us." Cynder looked deep into his eyes, the tears still running down her muzzle.

"I would have been lost to the darkness again if it hadn't been for you." Spyro responded by wiping the tears away from her skin and holding her face in his paws.

"You fought it Cynder, the power to resist the darkness has always been within you." Spyro gave her a warm smile. "I just happened to ignite it." Cynder smiled and licked his muzzle.

"I owe you so much Spyro. How am I ever going to repay you for giving me my life back." He simply shook his head and smiled.

"You don't owe me anything Cynder. Just never leave ma again you hear." Cynder could only laugh.

"Since when do I mean so much to the all mighty purple dragon huh." said the black dragoness as she slowly ran her tail along his side. Spyro starred off into space mockingly.

"Oh I don't know, I guess ever since I first looked into those beautiful eyes." he replied moving his muzzle closer to hers. "Really well I must admit that those purple orbs caught my attention too." Both were muzzle to muzzle starring into each others eyes.

"Ever since that day, I have also vowed to protect you with my life." Cynder closed her eyes and wrapped her tail around his lovingly.

"To think, that day was only yesterday." said Cynder with curiosity in her voice. Spyro gave a light sigh as he pulled her closer to his body. She accepted the embrace, leaning her head on his golden chest.

"Well, I don't know about you, but I feel like I have known you my whole life." said Spyro, leaning his head on hers.

Cynder laid her paw on his "Yeah, my heart feels like its torn in two, and the only time it's satisfied is when your with me. The only time it's truly complete." Spyro lifted his head so it was on top of hers.

"Well this one beautiful creature has more then won this heart." said Spyro with a light blush coming to his face.

Cynder gave a smile that ignited Spyro's insides like a raging fire. "Well she sears never to leave your side again, and fight alongside you until we find peace." Spyro nodded and again placed his head against hers.

"I promise, never to let you go."

Cynder opened her eyes and moved closer, laying her paw on his chest. "I promise too." Cynder stared at him for several seconds. His eyes. She couldn't quite place it, but they called out to her, and she drew strength from them. Spyro noticed her starting to lean in and felt a bead of sweat move down the back of his neck, but slowly moved in to meet her. There lips met for the first time. Her lips propelled his mind to cloud nine and beyond, he couldn't believe that this was happening now. They were so warm and soft. Cynder couldn't explain the experience either. As there lips parted a small amount of steam escaped into the air. She couldn't believe it. She had just kissed Spyro, the hero of the world. Spyro gave a joyful smile and placed his muzzle against hers.

"Cynder, that was, was, just amaz…." she cut him by placing her tail to his lips.

"Please, no more talking." said Cynder humbly before smashing her lips against his once again. Spyro responded by leaning into her, resulting in him laying on top of her as they entwined there bodies. Spyro decided to be brave and take things one step further. Gently, he flicked out his tongue, hoping for embracement. Cynder exploded with passion, pushing him back over so that she was on top now before grabbing his tongue with hers. As there tongues danced passionately, Spyro ran his paws down her curves and wrapped his wings around her protectively. After what seemed to be an eternity the two young lovers finally withdrew there tongues from each other due to shortage of breath. The very air around them seemed to be charged with electricity as a bead of sweat fell from Cynder's brow onto Spyro's muzzle.

"Is it just me, or did it just get a lot warmer in here." said the purple dragon with a goofy smile. Cynder gave a sultry smirk and leaned in whispering softly in his ear.

"We can make it a lot hotter." she said jabbing his hips lightly with hers as she did. Spyro's mind was racing and his heart felt as though it was going to explode.

"Cynder…as much as I want to do it, I can barley move as it is, and were not nearly ready for that."

Cynder gave him a sweet smile. "Relax Spyro, I was only teasing." Spyro only gave her a devilish smirk and flipped her over again.

"Someday however, I will take you." Cynder moved her paws down his golden chest.

"I will wait for that day. For all eternity if I have too." Spyro smiled and gave her one last heated kiss before flopping down beside her.

"Cynder, I will give you everything that you deserve. For what you have been through you deserve the world, and I want to be the one to give it to you. I truly with all my heart love you my beauty." Cynder had begun to cry again, but these tears were unlike any tears she had shed countless times before. Her heart was burning, burning with a deep desire that was fulfilled only by one other.

"Spyro…I love you too, from the moment you rescued me. I just felt it in my heart. You gave me comfort, safety, and friendship. You brought me back to the light and gave me a reason to live again." said the female dragon with tears of joy running swiftly down her muzzle. Spyro softly licked the tears away.

"I am here for you now Cynder, and I always will be." Cynder collapsed into his embrace, rubbing her body up against his lovingly. Darkness quickly overtook them, both dragons giving into inviting dreams.

"I will love you forever Spyro, my heart is yours." was the last thing she said before she gave in.

The purple dragon looked upon his sleeping love. "I will forever comfort your soul my beautiful Cynder, to the death." With that said he finally gave in to the night. Both lovers lost in the world of peace and happiness in each others embrace.

Ignitus gave a warm smile as he observed the two youngsters embrace. After several seconds he retreated from the doorway. "My young dragons, you carry the hope of our race on your shoulders."

The Guardian slowly made his way out to the balcony overlooking the silent forest. Everything was so peaceful now, but he knew it was not to last. It wasn't long before Cyril and Terrador joined him. Ignitus turned his head and acknowledged them with a light nod before turning back to the sky. The light of the full moon was shining brightly down upon the temple, giving it a radiating glow that lit up the wilderness. "Sleep well my brothers" said the Guardian somberly. "For I feel that it truly has begun."

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