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Not Her

It was as if his heart had frozen inside his chest and shattered. This couldn't be happening. But it was, and there was no time for denial. He was deaf to Midna's shouts from behind the barrier, all his attention focused on the once beautiful face that had haunted his dreams since the first time he had seen her, now corrupted by the evil spirit inside of her.

Thin strands of dark magic crisscrossed her entire body, painting over fair skin like an onyx web strangling her. The once sky colored eyes now glowed a sickly yellow, glittering with hate and malice as they glared at him.

'It's not her,' his heart whispered to him desperately even as she walked toward him, a glittering sword clasped in her right hand. 'You know it. That isn't her in that body, only an evil man's soul. You have to fight him!'

But still Link hesitated; how could he hurt her? This was the Princess he had pledged his life to protect; this was the woman who had shown both him and Midna unfailing kindness and aid. Hers were the sapphire orbs that had stared into his wolfish face without fear, only sorrow that this had happened to him because of her.

A crackling orb of yellow energy was unleashed at him, and instinctively he sent if flying back at its source with a quick flash of his blade. His foe was caught unaware, screaming out a distorted roar of rage that in no way could ever have come from her melodic voice.

'Zelda. . .'

Though it shredded him apart, he fought, numbing his body and heart enough to face her puppet form. He tried his best to keep from doing permanent damage, but he did not know how successful he was. All he could do was to keep fighting to save the land that the Princess loved, even if it meant-

For the third time, another ball of magic was reflected back, and that horrible shriek issued forth, the Princess' body convulsing as the barrier dropped, and Midna was at last free to act. Link could only watch frozen as she summoned her magic and sent it coiling around their foe, squeezing him from the golden haired woman's body.

There was a spray of black issuing outward, and then Midna's syrupy magic retreated, leaving behind the Princess, pure and radiant once more. A surge of relief rushed through Link and he exhaled in a weary sigh, his eyes growing soft as he gazed at her. She was unharmed.