Hot Shot's girl: Okay I drew a picture of the animated Hot Shot and this story had been in my mind for a while so I just had to get it out. Don't worry I'm still working on my other stories and I'm about done with one. So don't get mad at me for these new stories. The others are still my first priority just lettin' ya all know;)

"Hhh, great . . . what has my little brother done this time?" sighed Hot Shot bowing and shaking his head.

"Ease it up Hot Shot. This time him and his team's gotten into a big mess," said Sentinel Prime. "They somehow managed to find the allspark. They crash landed on an alien planet call Earth. Ultra Magnus has ordered you to go to earth and retrieve the allspark relieving them of their duties."

"Whoa, and dad said being a repair 'bot was the boring life," smiled Hot Shot.

"Just get the allspark before the decepticons do," said Sentinel.

"They're there too ah?" smiled Hot Shot. "Heh, this just keeps getting better and better . . . alright Sentinel. I'll be on my way 'cause I'm the 'bot for the job."

"Yea, yea," sighed Sentinel angry that he didn't get picked to go. "Oh and be careful Hot Shot."

"That word just isn't part of my vocabulary," smirked Hot Shot.

"Very funny," sighed Sentinel Prime. "I heard Megatron's down there. Even a 'great' 'bot like you can get pretty banged up."

"Don't worry about it," smiled Hot Shot ready to leave. "I'll be back before you know it and there ain't no decepticon that's gonna stop me."

And so Hot Shot left and headed to earth.

Optimus, Prowl, and Ratchet had their hands full as they battled a giant rat of some kind. Optimus Prime struggled to hold the monster down as Ratchet lifted heavy metal objects and threw them at the screeching monster as Prowl searched to find a weak spot on the creature, but failing miserably.

"Ratchet!" Optimus cried to him. "Have you gotten through to Bumblebee and Bulkhead yet to tell them of our . . . situation?!

"I've radioed those blockheads 5 times!" said Ratchet barely dodging a swing from the tail. "And I still got nothin'!"

"What could they possibly be doing that's more important than thi-IS?!!" groaned Optimus.

"Sari noooooooo!!" cried Bumblebee seeing his partner get shot and killed.

"Yehes!" smiled Bulkhead.

"Hey no fair, you cheated!" cried Bumblebee turning his head to Bulkhead who continued to gaze at the tv screen. "You killed my partner. Now I who am I supposed to play with?!"

"Bumblebee . . . I have no partner to play with, now I made it even, and you say I'm cheating?" asked Bulkhead raising his metal brow.

"Hhh, guys just play the stupid game!" sighed Sari tired of them fighting all the time.

As they fought and yelled at each other no one heard Ratchet trying to radio them.

"Bulkhead, Bumblebee!!!" he shouted at the top of his lungs, but nothing seemed to work.

"Try yelling . . . err! . . . harder!" strained Optimus.

Ratchet smiled remembering he had done something to the comlink earlier and so said-

"I got this. I just remembered I put loud speakers in the comlinks. let's see if they work shall we?"

He flicked the loud speakers on and readied to 'radio' them.

"Come on, come on!" sweated Bulkhead as he and Bumblebee were on the edge of their seats so close to finishing the game.

"BUMBLEBEE, BULKHEAD, GET YOUR TAILPIPES DOWN HERE NOW!!!!" cried Ratchet through the loud speakers on their comlinks.

"AHHHHH!!!" they cried as they fell out of their seats now deaf.

"Guys," said Sari coming up to them. "Did you hear him?! They need your help!"

"We're on our way doc 'bot!" said Bulkhead as he got up and ran off.

"Hey, uf!, wait for me!" shouted Bumblebee tripping over the couch, but Bulkhead was gone. "Thanks alot BUDDY!!"

Bulkhead and Sari got to the battle just in time. Optimus Prime had gotten tossed across the streets and Ratchet buried under a flung back car.

"Where's Bumblebee?" asked Prowl turning to them.

"Ha, ha, he's stuck tripping over himself," chuckled Bulkhead.

There was no time for words after that. The creature struck again but Bulkhead used his wrecking ball and shot it straight in the mouth getting it stuck in its jaws. He then pulled it to him just in time for Prowl to leap up and throw blades at it in the eyes finding the weak spot. When Optimus Prime came to, Prowl told him and so he took his axe and sliced its eyes causing it to fall down defeated.

"Nice job autobots," said Optimus turning to his men.

"What took you so long?" asked Ratchet coming up to Bulkhead.

"Long story," smiled Sari.

"Hey, what was with using those loud speakers?" asked Bulkhead. "You caused us to lose the game."

"You would have lost a lot more if you didn't-!!" cried Ratchet, but he was cut off as some sort of meteor landed behind Prime.

All turned and just gazed at it as smoke filled the air. When they all gazed at it closer they found it was not a meteor but a landing pod and it was opening to reveal someone inside.

"Decepticon!" cried Bulkhead as he shot at it.

"Bulkhead wait!" cried Optimus not knowing if he was firing on their own ally.

Bulkhead's wrecking ball hit the pod and demolished it, but the being inside it jumped in the air with such speed and grace even Prowl's mouth dropped. The figure came down behind bulkhead and hit his knees causing him to fall. Immediately after he stuck Ratchet in the chest knocking the wind right out of him. Optimus and Prowl now had no choice but to fight him.

"Prowl to your left-ughn!" Even he had gotten Optimus Prime.

Prowl jumped up high and threw his blades at him only to have the person dodge them and try to strike from behind. Prowl saw this coming and so turned around quickly to find . . . he wasn't there?

"Huh?!" gasped Prowl confused.

"Up here," came a voice from above.

When Prowl looked up he was suddenly struck to the ground. All ached.

"Man he's good!" gasped Bulkhead still paralyzed from the strike.

It then came to the human watching it all . . . Sari. Ratchet managed to lift his head up to see this and so cried out to her-

"Sari RUN!!"

She couldn't though. She was greatly intimidated by this person. Her legs wouldn't listen to her brain. The figure knelt down to her and emitted a smile and one word-


"Huh?" gasped Sari seeing he was apparently interested in humans.

Bumblebee soon came running up saying-

"What'd I miss?"

He froze where he stood seeing all the autobots down for the count and a strange figure ear Sari.

"You!" he turned to him.

The figure only straightened just gazing at Bumblebee. He just smiled and said-

"Hello little brother."

"Hot Shot what did you do?!" gasped Bumblebee motioning to his fallen comrades. "They are autobots!"

Sari was evermore confused. Hot Shot turned and looked at the flawless damaged he had done and said-

"Oh . . . they were . . . oh!

"Err . . . someone's shoulders are going to miss their head!" grumbled Ratchet getting up.

When all managed to get back up on their feet Hot Shot tried apologizing-

"Sorry about not radioing in first so not to alarm you guys."

"Uh . . . that might have been the wiser choice," moaned Optimus.

"Bumblebee you have a brother?" asked Bulkhead. "I thought you said you were the only child?"

"Yea I wish!" grumped Bumblebee crossing his arms.

"You and me both brother," sighed Hot Shot. "Bumblebee here was the accident."

"Oh shut up Hot Shot, just shut up!" cried Bumblebee his anger spiking.

"So how'd an academy 'bot get sent all the way out here?" asked Bulkhead.

"I've been given orders to retrieve the allspark and relive you autobots of your duties," straightened Hot Shot.

All the autobots froze and just gazed at each other wondering what to do or say. They didn't expect on this so soon. What could they say? Hot Shot then turned at the sound of his landing pod blow up for good this time. He narrowed his optics and said-

"But apparently I'm gonna have to stay with you guys a little longer than expected since SOMEONE ruined my landing pod!"

"Don't worry son. We'll fix ya a new one, but it might take a while since I'll be the ONLY ONE building it," said Ratchet glancing over at the young 'bots.

"Hey, I'd help you and everything but frankly . . . I just don't know anything about machinery," said Bumblebee crossing his arms.

"Well that's strange seeing how you ARE a machine!" grumbled Ratchet.

"Don't mind him," whispered Hot Shot to Ratchet to where Bumblebee could here him. "He came up short on the smart chip . . . well . . . he always comes up short thanks to grandpa."

"I heard that!" shouted Bumblebee. "If you make fin of my size one more time mom said she'd-!"

He suddenly stopped seeing how awkward everything had just gotten. All gazed at him as if he was insane. He was so embarrassed and Hot Shot wasn't helping.

"Let's just get back home first," said Ratchet walking off.

"Can you keep up Hot Shot?" asked Bumblebee seeing he didn't ave a vehicle mode. "You don't even have a vehicle mode!"

Soon a very nice sports car drove by and in a flash Hot Shot scanned and transformed into it leaving yet another jaw dropping.

"Can you keep up Bee?" smiled Hot Shot spinning off.

"Oh yea!" growled Bumblebee transforming and chasing after him.

Both sped past Ratchet leaving him bowing his head and sighing-

"Oh great . . . two Bees."