"Not if we can stop you!" said Optimus stern and tall.

Ratchet saw this and so quickly took Sari and placed her in with Bumblebee saying-

"Stay here Sari."

"But—" started Sari, but had nothing to say.

She then turned around and saw Bumblebee laying on a bed Ratchet had put him on the rest. She gasped seeing him like this. She hadn't seen him since a few days ago when he last got taken. She wondered how he was.

She jumped up and climbed in next to him to get a closer look, but he seemed to be offline. She tried shaking him a little to get him to wake up but he wouldn't.

"Bumblebee," she said shaking him a little but got nothing out of it.

She then took her key and placed it on his body and hoped to heal him, but no matter how much she tried he wasn't waking up or healing from his state. He was offline for good and so Sari was afraid.

"Bumblebee," she cried to herself saddened about her friend.

"Now we want the allspark as well," smiled Megatron motioning his hand for it.

"You'll neither have Bumblebee or the allspark!" shouted Optimus ready to fight to the death for them.

"Have it your way then. We'll just destroy all you autobots till nothing is left," said Megatron looking at everyone his gaze even passing by Blackarachnia. "And I mean all."

He then took out his sword and the other decepticons readied to shoot their weapons on his leave. Megatron stood in his battle stance and readied to strike at any moment knowing the autobots had nowhere to run and they were surely going to lose this time.

"Decepticons," he smiled foreseeing the defeat. "Attack!"

It was on. The battle broke out in the building as if a devaluation team had broken through it. The building was almost torn apart from the fight, but they weren't concerned for the building at the moment. It was something more precious than that.

Optimus and Megatron clashed weapons with loud clinks and tinks. Sparks shot off their blades as the collided with each other. Hard and sharp sparks that burnt into the building. Optimus was struggling to keep him away and Megatron just decided to play around for a bit.

"Come on Megatron . . . is that all . . . you got?!" strained Optimus baring his teeth taunting him to get him away from where they kept Bumblebee.

"You wouldn't want to know," grinned Megatron kicking him behind the knee causing him to fall flat on his black and lose his axe.

Optimus gasped seeing Megatron hold his blade up to his throat. He was helpless and had no more moves left and no more weapons that he could possibly defend himself . . . or did he?

"Time to die Prime," smiled Megatron raising his sword to pierce him in the spark.

Optimus then shot up his arm and sprayed Megatron with his foam right in the face interrupting quite a few new optic sensors.

"AHHH!!! MY OPTICS!!!" he cried holding his sparking face that was malfunctioning from the unexpected foam blast.

Optimus quickly got up and saw his sword was still out of reach. Megatron quickly turned to him and growled as his red optics flared and sparked. His anger was spiked and so he decided to ease Optimus by killing him FIRST!

"Now you die!!" he growled charging him not wanting to kill him the old fashioned way, with a blaster, but with his very own blade up close and personal.

Optimus prepared for the worst, but it didn't come. Megatron came flat on his face because something or someone had shot a substance at his feet that was tight and strong causing him to not be able to move any more. Just as Megatron fell Optimus looked behind him and saw Blackarachnia. She had shot Megatron with her web to save him.

Optimus was, in a way, shocked she did this but why wouldn't she? She gave a nod to him and so he did the same as he sprinted off towards his blade. Just as he slid to get it Starscream had come down right upon it. He looked up and saw Starscream's smirking face and knew this couldn't be good.

"Ah, ah," he smiled swishing his finger to and fro. "Can't let you have that Prime."

He then tried to shoot Optimus with his blaster on his arms, but Optimus was quick and like all academy 'bots, well like all smart 'bots that had commonsense, dodged. He had to dodge Starscream's blasts while try and get his axe back. It was the only weapon to effectively use against the decepticons if he was to hurt them. He needed help while Megatron was down, but everyone else had their own hands full.

"Prowl! A little help!" called Optimus to him dodged a few more blasts from Starscream.

Prowl looked at his leader and then dodged a hit from Lugnut and so jumped up high and threw his ninja stars at Starscream's blasters right on his arms short-circuiting them in an instant.

"AHH!!" cried Starscream as the electricity from the short-circuit shot up through his whole body and into his mainframe causing him to have a hard to time to react to anything.

Optimus saw this as the perfect opportunity to get back his blade and so jumped behind him and took it up, but once he did his backside was met with a rather malicious flamethrower. The heat of it nearly melted off his back armor, but he got out of it in time before any real damage could have been done.

"Ratchet!" Optimus gasped growing weary from the ongoing fight that seemed to get nowhere. "We need . . . we need to get Bumblebee out of here. I don't think we're winning."

"How'd you figure that?!" said Ratchet with sarcasm as he tried blocking off a mad Hot Shot from getting anywhere near his unconscious brother.

"Just hurry Ratchet!" called Optimus.

But soon Optimus was tackled to the ground. It was Megatron! And he had him pinned well.

"Now you're mine Prime!" smiled Megatron sitting up and taking his blade down upon Optimus Prime right through the shoulder blade.

Optimus cried out in pain and this only satisfied Megatron hearing him scream in pain. It was music to his audio receivers. Now to make him scream some more.

Ratchet saw Optimus was down and Megatron upon him. He knew they had to do something or else their leader was scrap, but what could he do? He had his hands full, Bulkhead had his hands full, Prowl had his hands full . . . Blackarachnia; she was the last and only choice. She had to help.

"Blackarachnia!" he called to her finding a safe place to call out to her.

She turned to him and listened with care. Ratchet pointed straight at a pinned down and dying Optimus and shouted-

"Your bonded's in trouble. Go help him! You're the only one who can at the moment!!"

Blitzwing and Hot Shot then attacked Ratchet knocking him hard back and across the room. Hot Shot soon shot up at the ceiling and caused it to fall right down on the doctor.

"Aw slag!!" cursed Ratchet bracing himself for the impact.

After this happened Blackarachnia turned to see Optimus get stabbed once again, but this time more close to his spark. His cries seemed to get louder and louder as Megatron twisted and turned his blade inside him. She wasn't going to stand for that. Megatron was no longer her leader and so she did not fear him anymore.

Optimus needed her help and so she was going to help. She jumped from the rafters and kicked Megatron right off Optimus leaving the blade still stuck in Optimus. Blackarachnia kicked him once more this time nice and hard right across the room and into some ruble. She came to Optimus after seeing it fit Megatron would be down for a while and looked at him in pain and gasping.

"Optimus!" she cried placing one hand on the back of his head and the other on his chest.

"The blade!" gasped Optimus in pain barely being able to point to it. "You need to . . . take it out."

"But I'm no doctor," said Blackarachnia shaking her head.

"Elita!" gasped Optimus taking her hands in his letting her know he'd be okay. "You have to . . . to do this."

Blckarachnia looked into his optics as he did hers. He then shook his head and prepared for the pain. Blackarachnia took a hold of the blade with firm hands and quickly pulled it out leaving Optimus turning on his side and gasping in more pain. She was now afraid she did something wrong or upset a wire inside him.

"Optimus!" she cried afraid of losing him. "I didn't mean to—"

"No, no!" gasped Optimus pushing himself up with his arms. "You did right."

He then struggled to his feet with her help as she let him lean on her. He inhaled and exhaled trying to regain his strength, but soon Blackarachnia cried out in pain and she fell to the floor.

"Elita!" gasped Optimus seeing her back armor smoking and half melted from a plasma blast.

He then turned around and saw Megatron standing tall with a smoking blaster. Optimus gasped knowing he himself was defenseless and that it would be all-too-soon till his death came. He could tell Megatron was tired of playing games and now he meant business.

"The allspark Prime . . . where is it?!" he asked stepping closer and closer to him.

Optimus held his wounds as he slowly limped back and back away from the oncoming Megatron. He tried to think of something, anything to do, but he couldn't think of anything at the moment. All he could do was stall him a little from Bumblebee.

"Wouldn't you like to know decepticon!" said Optimus showing no fear.

"Try and hide your fear Prime, but I can see it as clear as day. You shall fall Prime whether I get the whereabouts of the allspark from you or not!" rumbled Megatron.

As everything else went on Hot Shot managed to get his way through to where they kept Bumblebee. He entered the room and saw Sari in there as well. She turned and gasped seeing him. Even though she didn't know about his condition yet she could tell by the look in his optics . . . and by the cold red color that he wasn't himself.

"I've come to get my brother Sari," smiled Hot Shot coming to him. "So if you don't mind stepping aside and getting out of MY WAY!!"

"Hot Shot what are you—?" asked Sari as she watched Hot Shot come in and take Bumblebee in his arms.

"Optimus hasn't told you yet?" smiled Hot Shot cocking his head a little to the side.

"T-told me what?" gulped Sari a bit guessing.

"We are decepticons now Sari," smiled Hot Shot holding Bumblebee close. "Me . . . and my brother."

"No you're not!" said Sari not wanting to believe it. "You're lying!!"

"Do I look like I'm lying Sari?" asked Hot Shot poking his face close to hers showing her the signs on his face.

Even though Sari didn't want to believe it she saw it on Hot Shot's face, but Bumblebee she couldn't tell. Why would the autobots bring him back if he was a decepticon? Hot Shot could tell the questions shown on her face and so smiled-

"You are partially right Sari. Bumblebee's programming messed up during the reprogramming process. We've just come to finish things up. Save you all a lot of stress."

"No!" cried Sari seeing now Bumblebee was still Bumblebee and that Hot Shot was going to take that away. "No you can't do that!!"

"Watch me," smiled Hot Shot devilishly.

Then, before anyone knew it, Ratchet came right through the door behind them and pushed Hot Shot forward a couple ways. Hot Shot lost his grip on Bumblebee and so he fell right back on the bed again beside Sari.

"Sari! Get outta here!!" cried Ratchet knowing she was in more danger than she thought. "Hot Shot's a—"

"Decepticon!" growled Hot Shot cutting off Ratchet and shooting him right in the leg this time causing him to fall.

Sari knew she had to do something or else Bumblebee would be lost forever. She took her key and so quickly jumped up on Hot Shot found the right place to put it and so placed it inside him and prayed it'd fix him. Hot Shot turned and saw the little human on him he laughed as he saw what she was trying to do.

"Ha! It's no use kid. Once a decpeticon . . . always a decepticon," smiled Hot Shot taking her off him and the key out.

He just smiled and tossed her and her key away as he went to go back to Bumblebee, but as he did so Ratchet grabbed his legs and pulled on them tripping him right to the ground next to him.

"Why you annoying autobot!!" growled Hot Shot looking at him.

Hot Shot quickly got to his feet to shoot the circuits out of Ratchet, but soon the whole room shook and Hot Shot knew this wasn't good.

"Oh Frag!" moaned Hot Shot knowing it was coming.

Through the room came Lugnut who was tossed hard and long by Bulkhead and still kept going. Anyone who was on their feet in the room would get caught up in his fall and would get tossed away with him. Lugnut hit Hot Shot and so the both were tossed away from the room to the other side of the building where more ruble covered them. Ratchet picked his head up and looked at the carved room sawn in half.

That was a close call, but he, Sari, and Bumblebee made it. He got to his feet and limped over to Sari to see if she was okay.

"You okay kid?" he asked shaking a bit from the rough fight.

"Yea," shook Sari shaking herself from how close she could have been joining Lugnut and Hot Shot.

"I think we're winnin'," smiled Ratchet looking back at the main fight in the living room.

"I hope so," said Sari seeing Megatron about to kill Optimus.

Optimus tried his hardest to escape Megatron, but Megatron grabbed him by his shoulders and squeezed a little too tight than his armor could take. The pressure was too much. Megatron made sure it was just tight enough to see the sparks fly. Megatron was tired of getting nowhere.

He had lost the allspark, the key, and a new soldier. He couldn't afford to lose any of them. He wanted them all and he wanted them all NOW! He wasn't the type of leader to say please neither.

"Now Prime!" growled Megatron not really in the mood to do things the old fashion way and look. "Where is the allspark and Bumblebee?! I won't be leaving without them!"

Sari saw this and knew she had to do something. She looked over at Ratchet and saw that he was in no condition to even think of helping so what was she going to do? She looked down at the key resting on her chest and knew that could help. It always had before so why not now, but how was it going to help?

If there was ever a time she needed to pray it was right now. She tried to think of something, ANYTHING, but couldn't. She looked around the place for any fallen comrade. The only one she could think of was Bumblebee behind her. It was a long shot but she had to try.

She took the key off her neck and rushed to him taking up his arm.

"Sari, what are you doing?!" asked Ratchet turning to her.

"Giving Optimus a little miracle!" said Sari placing her key on Bumblebee's stingers and aiming them right at Megatron.

The power of the key strengthened Bumblebee's stingers so much and so far that they shot a giant pulse right at Megatron. It hit him hard and quick causing him to drop Optimus and cry out in pain.

"AHH!! What have you done?!!" cried Megatron turning to see Sari the cause of it.

He slowly made his way to her, but just as she backed up the allspark activated where the humans hid it and sent out a wave of power to the key boosting it even more causing the blast to overreact and change matter itself. Sari shot out one more blast that changed everything. Megatron cried out in pain as he was hit and went to pieces falling into . . . a portal. After the light faded all saw Megatron nowhere to be found.

"Megatron!" gasped Starscream seeing him disappear. "NO!!"

Starscream then flew off and whenever everyone else noticed Megatron was gone they all left too. Even Hot Shot. All watched the once autobot leave and feared he'd never be the same . . . again. Sari jumped over to Optimus and quickly placed the key in him to heal him. Ratchet limped over to them and Sari looked up at him asking-

"Will he be okay?"

"Yes," said Ratchet. "But I think you'll need to use that on her as well," he said gazing over at Blackarachnia.

Sari still didn't feel right about her since she was a decepticon and that she tried to kill her and all life on earth, but she was their friend now and . . . one of them. Sari did as she was told and used the key on her, but carefully knowing what happened last time. Since it was in Sari's hands she guessed the key's power was limited on Blackarachnia so it healed her quit well. Sari had to use her key on them all, but it couldn't heal one . . . Bumblebee.

Bumblebee had woken up . . . the normal Bumblebee and he wasn't doing as good as everyone hoped. He was still on his autobot side, but all had to keep an optic on him and make sure he didn't go decepticon on them much like Blitzwing's personalities moods. He was still a bit weak from everything that had happened and wasn't in the mood for visitors, but Optimus needed to see him.

"Bumblebee," he came in the dark place. "Bumblebee how are you feeling?"

Bumblebee just turned over away from Optimus and wallowed to himself. He didn't want to talk about it, but he knew Optimus wouldn't leave unless he did.

"How do you think I feel?" said Bumblebee in a sad tone still clinging on to that sorrow of remembering having to watch his own brother be turned into a decepticon. "I watched my own brother die."

"He's not dead Bumblebee," said Optimus. "He's still out there."

"No . . . Megatron killed my brother," said Bumblebee casting his optics down at the remembrance. "I . . . saw it all."

"I'm sure there's some way of helping him," said Optimus trying to be optimistic.

"Like me?" asked Bumblebee very well knowing what happened to him, what Megatron did to him.

Optimus was silenced. How was he supposed to speak to Bumblebee about his, or his brother's condition? There was nothing more he could do. Optimus couldn't help Bumblebee any more than he could Hot Shot. Optimus soon left him alone and Bumblebee fell into angst.

As the night progressed something happened to Bumblebee. His gaze shot up turning red like that of a decepticon's. He soon sat up and left the room and the building. To the top he went and gazed into the city part of his programming longing to be with Megatron and serve him, but the other part confused and angered by so much.

He didn't know what to do, but he knew he was searching for something. Was it Megatron? Or was it something else? His optics then changed once again to blue autobot and Bumblebee's whole body shivered in sadness.

"Hot Shot," he cried his sorrow showing him it was him he was looking for.

Bumblebee bowed his head and cast his gaze away from the moon that was bright and large that night. He looked into the city and still searched his optics searched and searched till he saw something. A pair of two ruby optics. He knew who it was even though the optics weren't familiar to him . . . he knew who it was.

"Bumblebee what are you doing out here?" asked Optimus coming to him.

"I . . . I don't know," said Bumblebee confused by so much. "It . . . wasn't me."

Optimus sighed and let his body ease knowing what it was. He came closer to Bumblebee and sighed to him saying-

"I know Bumblebee. You can't be doing this though. Bumblebee I know I ask so much of you, but you need to try and learn how to control this . . ."

"Disease?" asked Bumblebee knowing that's how the autobots spoke of it.

"Programming," corrected Optimus not wanting him to make it more than it was.

"I don't know if I can," said Bumblebee tossing his gaze away from Optimus and his head to the right.

"You can't alone," said Optimus placing a hand on his shoulder. "But perhaps . . . together, with your friends . . . then maybe."

"Yea . . . maybe," sighed Bumblebee turning around to look back into the city to find no more pair of red optics. "I miss him Optimus."

"Losing family is like losing a part of yourself," said Optimus.

"Then I'm long gone Optimus . . . long gone," sighed Bumblebee aching so much and in so many ways.

Hot Shot's girl: And that is 'The End of Transformers Animated: Big Bees And Little Bees'. The sequel will not be up till the second season of transformers animated is over, or when I watch it so I can get all the autobots or decepticons', who are coming in soon, their personalities right :) so yea you'll have to wait a while. Well till then bye ;D