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Ages for this fic:

Sasuke: 17

Neji: 17

Gaara: 16

Kiba: 16

Shikamaru: 17

Temari: 15

Hinata: 16

Naruto: 16


"…this is ESPN SportsCenter reporting live from San Francisco. I'm Dan Cookman and this is Mike Stageman. It's time for our seasonal high school football overview."

"That's right Dan. Lots of competition this year. You're going to see high school players that are NFL draft material already, they seem to have come out of nowhere so many surprises underway, you should expect the unexpected which will make for an exciting very tough year. Let's get straight down to it. At the top of the list: quarterback Sasuke Uchiha."

"Quarterback Sasuke Uchiha," Mike nodded. "There's a reason Konoha has won the national championship for the past 4 years in a row. Uchiha, first on the draft and still with a year left in high school."

"Sasuke made 599 passes last year earning 4, 663 yards and 50 touchdowns. What makes him special: he is knowledgeable about the offense and where the open receivers are. Back in the shotgun, which is so beneficial for him, he is able to get rid of that football even with a free rusher."

"It is a gift the ability he has to slow down and simplify a rapid and chaotic environment with a great feel for how much time he has."

"And the best thing is he doesn't seem to have days off. I don't think I've seen him miss a pass, Mike."

"I can't say that I have, Dan. With such accuracy and formidable line protecting him it's difficult to miss. When you have tight ends like junior Kiba Inuzuka gaining 1,145 yards while scoring 9 touchdowns and running backs like junior All-American Gaara Sabaku who rushed for 1,815 yards and accomplished a league-record 28 touchdowns plus set another record by finishing with 186 points and 31 overall touchdowns it's hard to think otherwise."

"Then you add a wide receiver like also junior All-American Neiji Hyuga, also entering the draft, earning over 1,200 yards with 23 touchdowns adding up to a 62 percent catch it only adds up to the one and only factor that makes a huge difference between every other high school football team and Konoha: Uchiha."

"Sasuke has proved that he can perform under extreme pressure. He has always been able to keep the chains moving while the clock is ticking. Last year's National Player of the Year, this year promises to be interesting. High School football begins today…"

Underneath It All

He understood the occupational hazards that came with being a doctor, not so much a writer (and a perverted writer at that!) enough to move to a big capitalist city with his godparents and leave Ochiba--the small town in Japan he had grown up in--behind.

Not that he would miss it.

Truth be told, Ochiba was a dead-end. People there lived in a perfect utopia--no goals, no dreams--because their lives were perfect enough as they were with their unbroken families and their well-paying jobs with which they could afford their nice little houses and keep them warm in the winter and cold in the summer.

They had no idea what hell was like.

Having been an orphan for as long as he could remember people had despised him like they despised sick stray dogs, they shooed him with wrinkled noses and overwhelming disgust, called him names that ran among the lines of 'demon'; orphans were simply unheard of in the small Town of the Ochiba. He wasn't ignored though he bent out of his way not to be, worse, he was given a shit less about. He could die today and no one in Ochiba would care, no one would miss him, they'd probably be grateful to finally get rid of him.

So imagine his surprise when his godparents announced they were moving to California since his godmother had accepted the job offer she had been pondering about for weeks to be the head surgeon of a newly founded hospital. Naruto had been crossing his fingers for her to accept and was ecstatic about the news to the point he felt he could jump and touch the sky itself for all it was worth.

Tsunade was provided a home for her 'family' with all utilities paid for along with two cars, one for her and one for her husband in addition to the substantial paycheck she'd be receiving every month in return for her services. They had expected many things and even speculated what seemed like illogical ideas but nothing could have prepared them for what they found when they were dropped them off at their new home. They had moved into a mansion 30 acres big made of grey stone and marble with outbuildings in the same structure, a lake, a vast pool with waterfalls falling out of sculptured rocks everywhere, forest-like surroundings, the insides furnished and decorated in Japanese themes so beautiful they seemed as if cut out from one of those decoration magazines.

After the shock had passed they kindly moved their stuff in. Their belongings were so few they managed to move it all within the hour. They proceeded to pick out their rooms. Naruto was so energized he ran down the hall and was able to count there were 24 rooms total before Tsunade and Jiraiya could even check the first one. In the end the couple settled for the master bedroom right in the middle of the hall while their godson settled for the room across. Both were just as big with two bathrooms, two walk-in closets and a king-sized bed. The walls in Tsunade's bedroom had a cherry blossom tree drawn in the background with cherry blossom petals drawn all around the room. Naruto's had bright jasmines, he could swear the room almost smelled like them too. Dark Victorian doors stood tall at the side of his room which he could open whenever he felt like doing so to sit in the small porch with a nice view of this foreign city he had just moved into.

It was the reason he had picked this room out of all.

Later that night Jiraiya offered to make dinner while Tsunade and Naruto waited as they were so accustomed to. Both settled at the 24 person dinning table the house had come with.

"Ne, Obaa-chan," called Naruto with a wide grin and Tsunade looked up slowly breaking from a daze. She had been staring at her fingers lost in thought.

"Naruto," she started in a tone that clearly indicated this was a serious conversation. "The fact that we've moved to this big house with nice fancy things does not change that we are a humble family. You will do your chores like you are supposed to, you will attend school and do your homework daily and your curfew will remain the same. Is that understood?" Naruto nodded.

"Ossu." Tsunade smiled gently and tousled his hair earning a sour look from him.

"Can you stop messing up my hair? I'm not 11 anymore," Naruto shook his head and every bright yellow lock fell back to its original place. Tsunade rolled her eyes.

"You're still a brat," she smirked superiorly. He stuck his tongue out childishly and she rolled her eyes again. Who would ever think he was actually 16?

The following morning found the handsome blonde, dressed in the school uniform which consisted of a white blouse, a dark blue blazer atop the blouse, dark blue trousers and dark blue leather moccasins for shoes, standing before the cars Tsunade had been granted with Tsunade and Jiraiya at his side.

"Since Jiraiya can't drive," Tsunade glared at her husband who replied with a nervous grin rubbing the back of his head in apology. "And you can I guess it's only fair to let you use the other car, brat." Naruto widened his eyes in surprise. He was going to be driving a BMW to school? "Get as much as a scratch on it and I'll have your head," warned Tsunade and he fidgeted nervously in place. Realization didn't dawn on him until he was handed the keys for the silver limited edition transport. His lip twitched at the corner.

He was going to drive a BMW to school. Unreal.


Naruto followed the directions Tsunade gave him to get to the school. All in all it took 5 minutes to get there. There were so many BMW's in the school's parking lot it looked like a BMW dealership not a student lot. Hearing his car beep while it momentarily flashed its lights to signal the alarm was turned on he fixed his schoolbag on his back and faced the school building.

'Konoha High.'

So this was where his new life started. He couldn't help the swirling emptiness in his stomach. A flashback of his schooldays back in Ochiba made him shudder. Kids laughed at him, called him names he'd never even heard off, names they themselves didn't understand but knew hurt, they spit at him, the hallways cleared with just his mere presence and no matter how much time he spent in the shower trying to wash off the best he could before going to school they would wrinkle their noses and say he smelled of old dirt and sweat. He swallowed.

"It can't be worse than that," he muttered to himself breathing profoundly. "It cannot be worse than that," in one very courageous move he lurked forward.

A small clique was first to view when the blonde entered the premises. Naruto could immediately tell: this was no ordinary clique. The guys, a shaggy-haired brunette, a pale redhead with kryptonite eyes, a long-haired brunette with striking lavender eyes and a very bored-looking brunette with his hair tied in a high ponytail, wore white and dark blue letterman jackets on top of their school uniform. The only girl within the group had her hand entangled in the guy's with a ponytail. They seemed to pay no mind to those who didn't own letterman jackets. Those who didn't own letterman jackets didn't even risk a glance. They quieted down whenever they walked past the clique and tried not to make too many sudden movements around them as if desperately hoping to go by unnoticed. Naruto had an epiphany. Those who didn't own letterman jackets reminded him of someone: himself.

Different sets of eyes peeked outside the clique's little bubble to examine the blonde newcomer up and down and back up again said blonde closing in on them his darker toned hands inside the pockets of his blazer.

"Hm," Neiji Hyuga was first to react.

"What?" Gaara frowned at him.

"Nothing--" Neiji was cut off.

"You're checking him out," claimed the redhead.

"I'm not," the Hyuga smirked. Lavender and emerald clashed and engaged in a silent death-glare match. Shikamaru yawned already used to the antics. Ever since they had become a couple this had become the way they argued. They would stare at one another in a silent war until they were forced away by someone. Shikamaru drew his girlfriend closer to him. Temari, Gaara's younger sister, was well-known because…well, she was Gaara's sister. Kiba was still staring at the new kid.

"Gay," he called.

"Bi," Neiji contradicted his eyes still locked on Gaara's.

"Neither," Gaara huffed unblinkingly. Temari rolled her eyes.

"Idiots," she muttered. Shikamaru smirked.

"Sasuke's." Everybody turned to him. "A 100 percent sure." Kiba snorted.

"Bullshit," he watched the kid shyly grin at all the faces staring back at him. "Nah, you're right, man. Sasuke won't let up a nice piece of ass if he can help it," they chuckled in unison. Naruto swallowed. They were talking about him, he knew it, those judging eyes on him were enough not to think otherwise. He was about to beeline past them when,

"Hey kid!" he stopped dead on his tracks. His breath got hitched in his throat, his heart was pounding so hard he thought it was going to break through the ribcage. Why him? "What's your name?" Naruto looked up towards the source. Long and tangled strands of brown hair framed the face of the instigator along with a toothy grin which helped him relax if only a little bit. When called out so suddenly he was used to meeting eyes full of malice and lips turned in either evilness or repulsion.

"Naruto," the blonde's voice was soft and steady. His eyes were so bright they were blinding and he had three scars along each of his cheeks that gave him a rare but rather attractive appearance.

"Naruto," the brown-haired boy moved towards him. "I'm Kiba," he signaled the boy straight behind him. "Shikamaru," then the girl. "Temari," then the redhead. "Gaara," and, "his boyfriend Neiji. Nice to meet you. You new in town?" Naruto nodded. He felt sweat building up at the hairline, underneath his arms and through his hands. All attention was on him now.

"Cool. Where'd you move to?" Kiba grinned wider.

"The Hills. It's about five minutes from here--"

"The Hills?" Temari interrupted with a snort. "So you're Sasuke's new neighbor?" she smirked. The rest seemed stunned at the revelation.

"Who's Sasuke?" Naruto asked with a furrowed brow. Neiji smirked knowingly and so did Gaara, Shikamaru almost joined only it was too much of an effort. Temari and Kiba chortled.

"Oh you'll meet him," the blonde girl responded in a fake sweet tone of voice. Yes, you'll meet him soon enough…

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