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It's here! Finally here! I'm talking about the ultimate vacation! Exams are over and the professors are off doing…whatever it is professors do as we kids run to our dorms and pack our crap up as fast as we possibly can.

It was the summer before my Junior year of college and as I said before, I was about to embark on not only a vacation that would go down in history, but a journey that would change my life forever.

Yes, yes, I realize that's been said so many times, that you are hesitant to believe me, but I guarantee you won't be disappointed.

You see, there comes a time in everyone's life when they change. This was my time. Over the course of that summer, I stopped being who I was, and reached the full potential of who I could be. And it all started with a phone call on our last day of school.

Exams were over and I was in my dorm, packing up the remainder of my things to take home. Obviously, being a twenty year-old young adult, I was beyond excited for the vacation ahead of me, but what made it even better was the fact that I would be spending the entire summer with my best friend, Alice, and her family.

Alice Cullen has been my friend since freshman year of high school. She was the first person to befriend me when I first moved from Phoenix to Forks, Washington. We got along right away; although, I have a hard time imagining someone not getting along with Alice. She's this short, pixie-like girl, standing just short of the five foot mark. Her short, spiky, black hair resembles the spunk in her personality and she has a face that would make any Cover Girl envious. The complete opposite of me.

I'm Bella Swan and I'm plain as can be. I say plain because that's the truth. I'm not hideous or anything, and when I'm by myself I could even be thought of as "cute". It's just that always being joint at the hip with someone as stunning as Alice it makes me look like nothing special.

I have brown hair and matching color eyes, standing at the average height of five feet, four inches. There's nothing really special about me except my ability to turn about 84 shades of red when I blush...which I do quite often. Not exactly a good trait. Oh, there's also the fact that I'm so clumsy, it may cause people to question if I'm mentally handicapped and in serious need of a helmet. But despite all of these faults, the Cullen family has always accepted me as one of their own...minus the unimaginable beauty that the entire family seems to posses...curse those fantastic genetics.

Alice's family consists of her parents and two brothers. Her parents, Carlisle and Esme are the sweetest people imaginable, and with the looks they posses, its no wonder that their children turned out so damn gorgeous.

Her oldest brother (three years older than us) is Emmett and god knows I love him. He is this huge muscular boy that could beat the shit out of any wrestler. But once I got to know him, he was just a big cuddly teddy bear and seemed to be the big brother I never had. Of course, just like a real brother, he jumps at any chance to make fun of me and bring that ever famous blush to my cheeks. Fortunately for him, I know it's all in good fun and I hardly ever retaliate (not that I pose much of a threat to him anyway).

Her older brother is Edward and he's only a year older than Alice and I. Oh, and did I mention he's perfection in a human form? Think I'm exaggerating? I'm not! Tall with a lean, toned body and muscles in all the right places. Biceps, triceps, abs, pecs, buttox (I so did not just say that!)...um, anyway, his hair is a beautiful bronze color that seems to have a mind of its own giving him the messy 'I just gout out of bed and still look this sexy' look. His jaw line is chiseled at an amazing angle that makes me want to stroke his face and lick the sharp edge (that's not weird at all). And my favorite, his eyes. They're like two emeralds that sparkle when he smiles. His beauty has rendered me speechless on more than one occasion, and if it isn't obvious, I have been completely and utterly in love with him since day one.

He and I used to get along as well as me and Alice. He was also my best friend until he left for college. And now, here I am three years since the last time I've seen him and I am still hopelessly in love with him. I know I should get over it because nothing will ever come of it, I mean, he was my friend, he thought of me as a little sister! Of course back then I didlook a bit different...okay, a lot different.

I used to have braces and wild and frizzy hair. Not to mention my body was that of a ten year old boy's.

Now, the braces are off, I've grown into my wild mane and discovered the flat iron, and I actually managed to get curves. Apparently, I was just a late bloomer.

But what's past is past. I am now 20 years old and at the end of my sophomore year of college, and so ready for summer!