Charles Xavier is dead. The X-Men have not assembled in ten years. After Iron Man led a mutant registration campaign, war broke out between man and mutant; there were casualties. Who lived? Who died? Who registered? What happened? The United States is close to WAR with Wakanda, the country's only ruler, Queen Ororo, in opposition with Stark and the U.S. Government. The remaining X-Men wish to make contact with Munroe in hopes to make their agenda her own.
What happens when they do?

chapter fourteen, conclusion: storm


"You did the right thing," Storm led Ms. Marvel and Spider-Man into her chambers. "We are of little use to one another aboard the Helicarrier."

Parker shook his head. "I wish there had been another way. Jen, Gambit, Hank, Vance… Nori. He has them all."

"And we have each other," Storm nodded.

"How are we going to get them out?"

"Everything you told me leads to only one point," Munroe began. "Stark will come to Wakanda."

"And he'll have them with him," Ms. Marvel turned.

"Stark is bringing his army," Storm smiled. "But he's also bringing ours."

Jennifer Walters pulled her fist back from the door, leaving traces of red against the titanium from her assault.

"How long you gonna do dat, chere?" Gambit asked, pulling himself from the ground.

"As long as it," Jen grunted, "takes!"

Her fists slammed into the same spot, Walters doing her best to hide the pain in her face. She turned, defeated, falling back to the floor beside Hank McCoy.

The Beast said nothing; he didn't have to. It had been seven years since Tony Stark had captured him last -- and afterwards he'd blown up Stark Tower. He'd never felt more like a terrorist... but never less like a hero, either.

"We're gonn' get outta here," Gambit surveyed Walters. "I'm tellin' ya."

"I know," she stood again, ready for round seven. Her fists connected with the titanium yet again, this time Jennifer screaming in pain. She pulled her hand back.

Underneath the blood, her hand was still white.

Sue Storm stared at her reflection, from the black-lined collar down to the "4" on her chest. She pushed herself away from the mirror, turning and heading to the rooftop.

"What else can I do for you people?!" ran through her head. The look in Carol's eyes ran through her head.

Tony Stark's face ran through her head.

Her husband never left her head.

"Tell my children I love them," Sue nodded at one of the robots as she climbed the staircase to the top of The Baxter Building, pulling a tiny remote control from her pocket.

Susan watched the hatch of the small craft flip open as she pressed one of the buttons, sliding the control back into her pocket as she climbed in.

The hatch closed from overhead, The Invisible Woman grabbing at the controls as it fired to life and left the safety of her home, darting into the New York skyline, above it, and into the clouds.

"Wakanda," she said softly, a tiny screen displaying the country's name as well as the heading.

"Here we go," she took a deep breath as her speed tripled.

The skies around the Helicarrier grew darker the closer it got to Wakanda.

If it was one thing Stark remembered about the country, it was that the only prediction one could make about the weather was that it was unpredictable.

"How's Madrox?"

Forge had appeared in the Director's office several moments ago.

"He's doing well," Forge nodded. "He's rejecting the cure in spirit more than anything else."

"And Surge?"

"Still unconscious."

"What about the others?"

"In their containment cells. They won't be giving us any trouble."

"I've heard those words before," Stark found himself staring at the picture of The Avengers again. Sometimes he felt like he'd never heard the words leaving his lips, though.

"Keep me updated, Forge."

A smile slid across Forge's face, and after a nod, he disappeared again.

Rogue's boots slammed firmly against the roof of The Baxter Building, quickly making her way to the keypad near the door and entering a few clearance codes. The panel flashed red.

"Damnit, Sue," Rogue said to herself -- but before she had turned completely around she noticed an illuminated monitor to the keypad's left. One of Susan's robots stared back at her.

"Ah'm here t'see Susan."

"Mrs. Richards has already left for the evening, Rogue," a metallic voice called.

"Where'd she go?" Rogue asked, surprised the robot not only knew her name -- but that it was so personable. The life of the fantastic, she mused to herself.

"…en route to Wakanda as we speak," Susan looked down at the small monitor. "How fast can you fly, Rogue?"

The robot had patched Rogue through to The Invisible Woman's jet.

"Ah'll meet you over the Atlantic. Keep yer phone on."

Hank McCoy stood for the first time in what felt like days. His joints cracked.

"That sposed t'happen when you're an X-Man?"

"I'm practically an X-Grandfather," McCoy smiled -- again, for the first time in what felt like days. "If we've stopped, I want to know why."

"I'll just page the guard," Jennifer arched an eyebrow.

"No need," The Beast quipped. He took a few steps forward, stopping firmly in front of Vance.

Hank pulled his "X" brief forward, pulling out a thin needle. He lodged it into the metallic piece running across Astrovik's forehead. The device began to smoke before simply popping off.

Justice's eyes went wide.


"It's the ace up my sleeve, Jennifer," McCoy grinned again. "Or down my pants, rather."

"What in de hell?"

"Didn't they search you?"

"That's the advantage to simply wearing your underwear as a uniform," The Beast slid the needle back into his brief. "You didn't think I've done it all these years for the sake of style, did you?"

"To each their own," Walters shook her head.

"So you've been carryin' around a needle in your underpants?" Gambit looked at him. "No wonder Trish left you."

"Your humor never rests, Gambit," Hank shot him a look. "It isn't a needle -- it emits an electromagnetic pulse. It's Wakandan, as it were."

"And when were you planning on telling us about your pinprick?" Walters glared at his "uniform" with a devious smile.

"I was concentrating," McCoy turned. "Biding my time, running a few calculations… surely, after all these years, you didn't think I was just brooding, did you?"

"Well," Gambit shrugged. "Yeah."

Justice concentrated on the cell door. He took a few steps toward it, concentrating harder and harder. It began to shake, to shimmy…

Simon Williams, Wonder Man, made his way through the halls of the Detention Center with his eyes on the floor. He thought about Carol, about Tony, about Wakanda, even about The Scarlet Witch.

What a mess all of this had become.

He turned left, effortlessly; he knew these halls too well. And to think, after all this time, he was going to check on three detainees he'd fought with, served with, for years as an Avenger.

"Just a drone now," he mumbled to himself -- falling backwards as the titanium door slammed into the wall with a cloud of smoke a few cells away.

Justice flew into the hall, the Beast leaping out after him -- behind him, Jennifer Walters and Remy LeBeau.

They turned, made eye contact, and lunged the other direction. Wonder Man flew forward, not even thinking to contact anyone else aboard the Helicarrier -- and slammed into a telekinetic wall at full force.

When he woke up he would consider changing his codename.

Lightning skipped through the dark clouds overhead as Storm, followed closely by her personal guard, made her way to a single podium at the end of a large stage.

Wakandans assembled below her -- various members of the court, of the press, and every citizen the arena could fit.

"The great nation of Wakanda," Ororo wrapped her fingertips around the edges of the silver box, "lives today in a difficult time."

"And yet, we live strong. Stronger than ever before. We do not waiver, we do not bend… People of Wakanda," Munroe continued-- her image spread across the television screens of her citizens as well, "War is nearly upon us. Take heed, but do not fear.

Tony Stark has brought his war to our homeland, but we are strong. T'Challa is with us. The Panther God is with us. I am with you."

Electricity left her eyes as the wind blew across her face.

"We will not fall -- we still stand. And we shall stand victorious. We have spoken of this day, my people, and I urge you not to fear. Remain calm. Our army is strong, and our resolve is stronger. Please, make way to your safe houses; take refuge and take care. I will defend Wakanda's honor -- I will defend you."

"So much for not making any statements," Peter turned away from the television from within the palace. "Should we have been there?"

"And been booed? Have you ever been to Wakanda, Peter?"

"Well," Peter shrugged, "no."

"It took them long enough to accept Ororo," Danvers looked at him. "They're not avid fans of America -- especially after what happened with T'Challa."

Parker thought for a moment. "Carol…"


"What did happen with T'Challa?"

"Why would you ask me that?"

"You were Tony's right-hand woman," Peter watched her face sink. "You had to have been there. I mean, I've heard the speculation, but…"

"It doesn't matter," Danvers replied. "It was a long time ago."

"So were the Avengers," Spider-Man stiffened. "So were the X-Men. But here we are, running around in tights and defending the innocent and all that."

"What happened with Mary Jane?"

"Maybe we should have another glass of Wakanda's finest," Parker ran his hand through his shaggy hair. "I'm feeling a little drunk."

"It was tea, Peter," Danvers smiled.

"I know," Parker shook his head. "What do they put in that stuff?"

Ms. Marvel laughed, keeping a mindful eye on any exposed skin of hers as she sat beside her friend. Ororo had loaned her one of her old uniforms.

"It isn't the same," Peter turned back to Mary Jane.

"She died."

Danvers nodded in concerned agreement. She could still see the pain in his eyes.

"So did Tony."

He could see the pain in hers, too.


The doors to the med-lab burst open, Forge and Madrox turning instantly to find the Beast and Gambit flooding in, Jennifer Walters and Justice behind them.

Forge's eyes went wide before he simply disappeared, the group ignoring it as Madrox charged at them. Telekinetic energy surrounded him, Justice sending the bubble toward the back of the room and straining to hold its integrity as Jamie began to multiply.

"Great idea," one of the dupes moaned as the bubble remained the same size.

"He can't hold it forever," Madrox glared.

The Beast rifled through some cabinets, Walters at his side. "I don't know much about this stuff," she admitted, McCoy remaining silent on the matter.

"We gon' talk about how Forge -- dead Forge -- well, again dead Forge -- just up 'n disappeared like dat?" Gambit asked.

"No," Jen and Hank replied in unison, McCoy pulling a vial from one of the cabinets, inserting it into a small gun on the counter, and injecting it into the woman on his right.

Walters smiled as the world went green.

"They've escaped," Forge appeared in front of Iron Man.

Stark stood, his helmet clicking into place he walked out of his office.

Ms. Marvel hadn't seen Storm wearing her X-Uniform for years.

"Most of the Wakandan army is stationed around the perimeter of the city," she nodded. "Follow me."

Neither Danvers or Spider-Man hesitated, the two bounding out after the Queen and following her to the War Room.

Various members of Munroe's cabinet were spread along the long table, an image of the approaching Helicarrier hovering above it.

"They will be at the Wakandan Border within ten minutes at their projected rate, my Queen," one of the men said.

Munroe nodded and closed her eyes. Spider-Man watched her intently. Her arms rose slightly, the woman calmer than ever, and then she simply nodded again as her eyes opened and surveyed those gathered before her.

"The guard," Munroe said simply.

"As you commanded," the man replied, "stationed around the perimeter."

"Let us hope we do not need them," she nodded again. "I wish to jeopardize no Wakandan's life.

"Carol," Storm turned. "You will join me in the skies. Spider-Man, my analysts will need to know everything you've learned about Stark's armor, the Helicarrier…"

"Carol would know more about the Helicarrier," Peter looked at her. "I've only been on it a handful of times, and mostly as a prisoner."

The Wakandans in the room looked around disapprovingly.

"Which is precisely why I'll want Carol in the skies with me," Storm acknowledged Danvers' smile. "I've no intention of letting them leave them."

With that, Storm made her way from the room -- Carol behind her.

Parker's eyes went wide as his spider-sense flared, confirming what the radar and the others in the room already knew.


"--here, Director Stark," Maria Hill turned from the monitor in front of her, Iron Man standing behind her.

The Helicarrier broke through the darkness, jolting a bit from the thunder, lightning and harsh winds.

"Ready everything we've got," Stark turned from her. "We have a few rogue prisoners I'm going to see to."

A S.H.I.E.L.D. member flew into the cockpit, She-Hulk ripping the door from the wall and hurling it across the room and into Iron Man.

"Is that how it's gonna work?" she glared.

Agents in the room ran toward Walters, She-Hulk batting them away until Stark called them off.

"Not in here!"

She-Hulk leapt through the room, slamming hard into Iron Man. The two fell backwards, through the main window, and out into the night sky.

"Have you lost your mind?!" Iron Man screamed, the two plummeting away from the Helicarrier and down toward Wakanda.

She-Hulk's fists slammed into Iron Man's armor -- and she had to admit that she'd missed the way it felt.

Stark grabbed at her wrist, propelling them upward. "You're going to kill us both!"

She-Hulk brought her other hand up, slamming it into Stark's side and sending the two back down. She pulled her legs into the air, the two still falling, and slammed them into Iron Man's chest plate, pushing herself away from him and toward the ground.

Iron Man watched her descend into the dark clouds and below his visual range, stabilizing himself with his thrusters and taking back off toward the Helicarrier.

It shook again in the night sky -- was it night? -- and an explosion rang from the bridge of the vessel. Gambit, Beast and Justice, an unconscious Surge in his arms, flew from Jen's makeshift hole as Iron Man flew back into it.


Ms. Marvel grabbed at She-Hulk, Jennifer slamming into her and pulling the two women down and into the ground below. Pavement splintered and flew into the air, and after a moment, both women pulled themselves from the crater.

"Are you insane?!"

"I would've been fine," She-Hulk arched an eyebrow, wiping some blood from her lip.

"You would've been a Hulk-cake!"

Walters stepped back. "Did you really just say that?"

"Enough," Storm approached them, her eyes on the sky. A pink bubble emerged from the clouds, piloted by Justice, each of the men inside screaming something inaudibly.

"What are they," Ms. Marvel began as she left the ground and headed toward them, her eyes growing wide as the realized they were offering a warning: a giant missile right behind them, breaking through the darkness and right on their trail.

Danvers flew forward, around the bubble, and grabbed the missile with a grunt. She spun herself around, launching it back in the other direction. Munroe dissipated the clouds to reveal another onslaught of missiles.

She brought her hands up, the dark clouds shifting and twisting into tornadoes -- they grabbed at the missiles, some exploding immediately while others were carried away.

Storm flew into the air as Justice erected a shield around he, Gambit, Beast and She-Hulk to avoid a straggler.

The wind split around her, it was its duty. The missiles had stopped for the time being, and Ororo could now see the Helicarrier as she continued her trek upwards.

"Ororo!" Carol called from behind her, but Storm did not answer.

Munroe stopped right outside of the Helicarrier.


Rain began to pour, Danvers struggling against it as she tried her best to trail Storm.


The Helicarrier sat in limbo.

Aboard it, Iron Man could see the look of terror in most eyes. "Report," Stark acknowledged Maria Hill as she approached.

"Most systems are down, sir," she shook. "It's a miracle we're still in the air… any power that wasn't taken out has been rerouted to ensure we don't crash into Wakanda. Some sort of electro-magnetic pulse, it spread throughout the entire ship slowly… but we've traced its origins to the med-lab, it was internal. We've already fired everything we run manually, we're out of options."

"Electro-magnetic pulse? That's impossible."

"It's Wakandan," Madrox made his way to the bridge beside Wonder Man. "I watched McCoy do it."

A repulsor ray left Iron Man's palm, slamming into a nearby station which exploded immediately.

The Helicarrier shook violently, most agents loosing their footing as Storm called Iron Man's name yet again.

Stark turned, the hole in the bridge now a ready-exit, and couldn't help but note that none of his agents were trying to stop him as he left.

Iron Man blasted away from the lifeless Helicarrier, wondering to himself how long it would stay afloat, and stopped in front of Munroe.

The rain continued to slice through the air, hitting everything but Storm as it made its descent.

"It would appear things are not going as well as planned," Munroe's voice boomed, her eyes glowing white and electricity sizzling about her hands.

"You sabotaged me," Iron Man glared.

"You've no right to be here."

"You should talk to the President."

"He is not mine," thunder leapt from cloud to cloud.

Danvers broke through a cloud beneath them, pulling herself to a stop as her eyes met Stark's armor. "Ororo?"

Munroe remained silent.

"This isn't your fight, Carol," Iron Man pointed at her.

Danvers narrowed her eyes, throwing her fist back but stopping as Storm flew in front of her.

"Stark believes I am unaware that three cloaked mini-carriers have just left his ship, making their way toward the ground," she kept her eyes on Iron Man. "I could feel it in the wind."

"Can you…"

"I'll be fine," Storm nodded. "Alert the others, take care of S.H.I.E.L.D."

Danvers sighed, hesitantly making her way back down.

"It doesn't have to be like this," Iron Man hovered toward her.

"Surely," Storm glared, "you tire of your voice as much as I do."

Stark brought his hands together, two large blasts flying forward at Storm who darted upward to narrowly avoid them.

Lightning left her fingertips, connecting with Stark as she flew up and over him, calling forth the wind to send him through the air and back toward the Helicarrier.

Stark grunted and then pushed himself away from his ship, flying back toward Storm while switching to night vision. He grunted again as hail pounded into his armor.

"You can't hide behind the weather forever, Storm!"

The clouds above him parted, Munroe's cape trailing behind her as she lowered herself toward him, a small tornado descending upon him in all of its fury.

"Know this, Stark!" Storm screamed.

"The weather hides behind me!"

"We've got incoming!" She-Hulk screamed as the three mini-carriers de-cloaked and landed on the ground. S.H.I.E.L.D. Agents leapt from the vessels, guns at the ready, and opened fire on the group.

Wonder Man, Madrox, The Wasp and Giant Man were amongst them.

The Beast leapt forward instinctively, his elbow connecting with an agent's face. He grabbed at the gun, turning instantly and letting off a few rounds of laser fire toward the ever-growing Giant Man.

Pym stumbled at the assault, mostly batting it away, until She-Hulk grabbed at his foot, sending him tumbling back to the ground. Pym reverted to his normal size, charging at her until Wonder Man swooped in-between them.

"Don't be an idiot, Pym!" Williams shouted as he sent slammed his fists into Walters. "You can't take her -- focus on Gambit or something!"

LeBeau turned at the sound of his name, She-Hulk and Wonder Man locked in battle. The two exchanged blows like trading cards.

Gambit pulled a rock from the ground, charged it, and launched it toward Pym who'd already turned and began running at him. It exploded in his face, Pym doubling in size for good measure.

LeBeau ran forward, hitting the dirt and sliding between his legs. He turned instantly, his own legs slamming into Pym's. Giant Man hit the ground again, Gambit diving on him. Gambit's fist slammed into his face, Pym's into Gambit's.

A telekinetic bubble surrounded the tiny Wasp, Justice only laughing as he hurled it into the air.

"I'm tired of those things," Madrox's foot connected with Vance's back, the mutant stumbling forward. Jamie pounded his fists into his chest, Justice turning to find ten Madrox's glaring back at him. "Y'know, I never really liked you, Vance."

"That's a shame," Justice glared.

"Truly!" Ms. Marvel descended, grabbing four S.H.I.E.L.D. Agents by their uniforms and hurling them into the air as she landed beside Justice.

"I guess you're cured," Marvel glared at Madrox.

"In more ways than one!" He charged forward.

She-Hulk flew into the Madrox crowd, Jamie multiplying again as Wonder Man landed. "Give up yet?!"

Walters pulled herself up, standing beside Ms. Marvel and Justice. "I dunno," she looked to the two. "Do we, girls?"

Vance glared at her as Ms. Marvel and She-Hulk leapt into the Madrox sea.

Blast after blast erupted from Iron Man's palms, his chest plate, everything he had, but to no use. If it wasn't thunder, it was lightning. If it wasn't lightning, it was hail. If it wasn't hail, it was ice -- and all in the downpour. He couldn't hit her -- he couldn't even get close. He ignored the screen in front of him -- 'WEAPONS FAILURE' -- and let his rage leave his lips:

"You can't keep this up forever!"

Stark flew backwards and into the Helicarrier, hitting the ground of the control room hard. The vessel shook violently yet again as Storm followed him, landing inside. Agents raised their weapons, Munroe's cape flying forward from the wind behind her -- the same wind which knocked each gun from their grasp.

"If you value your lives," Storm began -- but the agents scattered, leaving only Stark and Munroe.

The rain poured into the Helicarrier, and Stark swore he watched Storm nod as the temperature dropped, the floors and walls freezing. Iron Man pulled his arm from the floor, the ice connecting his armor to the ground snapping and shattering.

Storm walked toward him slowly, the ice melting before either of her heels could touch it. She stopped in front of him, the rain following the wind which soared from behind her, seemed to go through her, and then in front of her toward Iron Man.

As it neared him it froze -- and Iron Man found his systems failing. He'd never taken such a beating, fought so many elements at once… he wasn't prepared for it.

His arm fell back again, firmly against the ground, and froze there. He tried rerouting any power to his thrusters -- if only he could melt something…

But it wasn't enough.

Munroe's hair batted forward along with her cape until the wind stopped suddenly. The ship jerked again.

"I can blow this ship up if I have to," Stark spat. "With both of us on it."

"Why have you come here, Stark?"

"I'll take both of us out if I have to, Storm."

"Why. Have you come here."

"I didn't start this."

"I do not wish to kill you," Storm glared down at him. "I will give you one opportunity to withdraw."

Inside of his helmet, Stark's teeth grabbed at a small wire. He pulled it forward.

"We can't," Danvers grunted as she batted away a few of Madrox, "keep hitting him like this!"

She-Hulk, Justice, The Beast, Gambit and Ms. Marvel found themselves amidst, by Hank's call, sixty versions of Jamie Madrox and one of Giant Man and Wonder Man, respectively.

Pym smiled down at them as his size tripled, pushing back thoughts of Jan -- she was a big girl -- and then his eyes went wide.

The group watched him grab at his throat before he fell atop about twenty of Madrox, flattening them and sending each Jamie into a frenzy.

He wasn't moving.

"Hank?!" Wonder Man flew to his side.

The group was no longer cornered -- Giant Man down, Wonder Man seeing to him, and each Madrox grabbing at their stomach, disoriented.

Ms. Marvel jolted forward as she felt the heat from a small jet from behind her -- and watched the dust on the ground scatter as if one were landing.

"We've got another mini-carrier!"

She-Hulk turned, at the ready, and Gambit and Justice had already begun fighting a few regrouping Madroxes.

The hatch to the cloaked jet flew upward, Rogue sailing out and The Invisible Woman leaping over the side.

Susan glared at the fallen Giant Man.

Carol flew at her; Rogue had already assumed battle beside Gambit. "Susan! I can't believe you're here!"

"I had business to finish with Pym."

"If I pull it again, we're both dead… and this entire vessel sails down into Wakanda. That will be the legacy you leave your people."

Munroe glared down at Stark. The winds ceased and the ice began to melt, Stark ripping his limbs from the ground; pieces of his armor still attached to it.

"Though I have to admit," Tony flexed his fingertips, rubbing at his unarmored arm, "it's more of a legacy than your husband left."

Electricity flew from Storm's hands, from her eyes, into Stark's helmet and all over armor; into the melted ice which surrounded him.

Stark howled as what was left of the armor fused to his skin, and when the smoke cleared, he panted loudly.

His eyes surveyed the destruction around him and then made their way to Storm above. Storm would never know if he was crying from the pain -- or the reality.

The Beast leapt atop Wonder Man, the two rolling to the ground and trading blows. Hank flew back, pulled a gun from an unconscious agent, and fired -- the laser slammed into Wonder Man, creating little more than an annoyance, and he fell back into She-Hulk's arms.

Jen grabbed at each of his wrists and began to run. She spun around, sending Wonder Man flying into the air.

"That's one way to get rid of him," Walters smiled as several Multiple Men leapt atop her.

Rogue smiled at Gambit -- the two locked eyes; it was all they needed to do. But she had a mission.

She sailed through the air, avoiding a few Multiple Men here and there, until meeting up in the center of the chaos with the original James Madrox.

"Good t'see you," he glared at her.

"Sugah," Rogue smiled, pulling the glove from her hand as she walked toward him, "you'll be seein' a lot more'a me in just a minute."

Rogue latched onto his face, grabbing at it again with her other hand, Madrox screaming as she turned away from his fallen body.

She slammed her fist into her chest, another version of her appearing to her left. Each of them did it again -- and again -- and again -- until there were as many version of Rogue as there were of James Madrox.

The group looked dumbfounded.

"Why didn't you think'a that?" Spider-Man landed beside Ms. Marvel. "And thanks for the invite. Stay with the Wakandans, we're just gonna have a chat, blahblahbla--"

"Shut up," Ms. Marvel ignored him, surveying the countless versions of Rogue slamming into the countless versions of Madrox. "Susan," she turned, "we need to get up to the Helicarrier."

Richards nodded, Carol grabbing at her friend and sailing into the sky.

Gambit had stopped fighting. Each Madrox was consumed by each Rogue.

"My God," Beast said from his side.

"…I swear t'God, Hank," Gambit stared blankly at all of the Rogues, "I've had dis dream before."

Storm flew from the Helicarrier, stopping just in front of it to see Ms. Marvel and The Invisible Woman.

"Fall back!"

But it was all she could say -- The Helicarrier exploding, thousands of pieces scattering into the dark sky -- the three women propelled downward.

Ms. Marvel and Storm grabbed at each of The Invisible Woman's hands. Explosions on top of explosions riddled the sky, the women continuing to fall.

Ms. Marvel grabbed the two women, stabilizing the three of them with her strength.

"Sue, can you--?!"

The Invisible Woman nodded, an invisible shield covering not only the three of them, but the city below as fire erupted all around them.

Storm called forth the winds, the rains -- some of the debris was carried away, some of the fires called to rest.

The three women lowered themselves to the ground beside Beast, Gambit, Justice, She-Hulk, Spider-Man and the Rogues.

The sky was red now, The Invisible Woman grabbing at her head as the invisible shield spun the length of Wakanda's perimeter.

Susan screamed, the shield dropping -- various pieces of the Helicarrier slammed into the ground around them, into Wakandan structures, into the trees.

And it was over.

The rains continued to douse the fires, the ground was covered in defeated Multiple Men, and it was over.

The Beast helped Richards to her craft, The Invisible Woman leaning against it. Storm turned back to gaze at Wakanda. Gambit limped to a group of Rogues, smiling from cheek to cheek.

Spider-Man threw his arm around She-Hulk, Justice ripped the cape from his shoulders and Carol stared blankly into the sky.

It was really over.


The doors to the throne room hissed open, Queen Ororo standing at the sudden change in silence. Her gown was full, a soft pink; her headdress lined with various jewels native to only her country.

Ororo stood, walking toward Ms. Marvel, The Beast and She-Hulk.

The three stopped, standing next to one another, Munroe at their opposite. "I'm happy you could come," she surveyed Carol's S.H.I.E.L.D. uniform, "Director."

Danvers smiled, running her fingertips along the DIRECTOR DANVERS sewn into her chest. "We're going to make the world a better place again, Ororo. The President's official word is that Stark was operating without his authority."

"Stark," Storm thought back to his final day. "He killed himself rather than face the truth of what he'd become."

It was a discussion they'd never had -- and perhaps never would.

"You can count on Wakanda's support for S.H.I.E.L.D.," Munroe looked to Carol, then to She-Hulk, "and for the Avengers."

"And, of course," Storm smiled at the Beast, "for The X-Men."

the end.

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