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Harry goes to Beauxbatons story, will be HarryFleur, and somewhat SuperHarry. Definitely HeroHarry. In this story, Fleur is Harry's age (currently 7th year) and Gabrielle is 3 years younger then she was (so the same age that she was in Goblet of Fire).

August 30th, 1991

Madame Maxim strode through the halls imperiously, eyes roving over everything. The students would be arriving the next day and she wanted the school to be perfect as it always was. She paused just inside the entrance doors and opened them silently. Her eyes swept over the lawn and gardens in front of the school. Beauxbatons School of Magic was her pride and joy; the center of her life. She worked endlessly to ensure the safety, knowledge and happiness of her students and faculty. She was proud to say that unlike Hogwarts, there was no need for Houses and her school ran much more efficiently than its English counterpart.

Her eyes roved over the horizon once more before she prepared to close the doors and return to her chambers. Just as she finished her scan of the grounds, she noticed a dark figure slowly moving towards the doors. She tensed, prepared to slam the doors and retreat in to the safety of the school. Habits from 11 years ago had yet to disappear.

She slowly relaxed as the figure moved closer. It was revealed to be a young man, just the right age for a first year with a white owl on his shoulder. The boy was carrying a small knapsack on his back as he trudge wearily up the path.

Finally, he reached the doorway and stepped in to the light of Madame Maxim's lantern. He had short cropped black hair and as he looked at her, she saw intense green eyes behind ancient-looking glasses.

She opened her mouth to speak as he lifted his head further and his hair parted on his forehead. She snapped her mouth shut at the lightning bolt scar that was visible above his eyebrows.

"Hello Madame Maxim. I believe we need to talk." The boy spoke confidently with a quirky smile on his face. Madame Maxim could only nod and gesture for the boy to enter. He slipped inside and with one last look around the grounds; she closed the doors and locked them for the night.

September 1st, 1997

Dumbledore stood up and raised his hands for silence. The Great Hall quieted down immediately even the raucous Slytherins, led by Draco. Dumbledore's eyes flickered towards the Gryffindor table. Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger sat patiently and as always during the opening feast, the aged Headmaster felt a pang of guilt as Harry Potter wasn't present.

Harry never showed up to Hogwarts, nor responded to his owl on his eleventh birthday. A trip to the Dursleys found stories of them being gone, disappearing mysteriously a few years before Harry was set to attend school.

Dumbledore shook his head to clear his thoughts and began the pre-term announcements. "Welcome back to Hogwarts. I hope everyone had a pleasant trip on the Express today." A few grumbles from the Gryffindors and Slytherins echoed out; another fight had broken out between Ron Weasley and Draco Malfoy. "As usual, the Forbidden Forest has earned its name; it is strictly forbidden. Mr. Filch can update any who wish to know on the lengthening list of forbidden items to possess in this school." Dumbledore noted that the older years had tuned him out as these announcements were quite redundant.

His eyes twinkled mightily. "Finally, I have a fresh announcement." The students stirred and attention was refocused on the Headmaster. "Everyone knows of the attack of Beauxbatons School in France this June. They were attacked by the French Dark Wizard Jacques de Marquise. Though Marquise was quickly subdued by an contingent of French Aurors, the damage to the school will take at least a year to fix." Dumbledore paused as the students waited for the imminent news.

"To accommodate our French allies, and in the spirit of inter-school cooperation, the faculty of Hogwarts immediately volunteered our humble castle to house the entire Beauxbatons school." Whispers broke out through the hall at the news. "They will attend classes with all of you and will be taught by Hogwarts teachers. Outside of the Headmistress, and a few head teachers, the rest of the staff will remain in France to help rebuild the school. They will arrive tomorrow evening. Goodnight." With that, the prefects stood and gathered the younger students. All headed off to bed.

Ron and Hermione sat in the Headmasters office with Professors McGonagall and Snape. The door swung open soundlessly and Dumbledore stepped in gracefully and sat himself behind the desk. Ron and Hermione fidgeted for a moment before they spoke.

Hermione broke the silence first. "Why did you call us here Headmaster?" Dumbledore smiled at her for a moment.

"Ms. Granger, Mr. Weasley and yourself are our Head Boy and Girl. I also asked you to come as this bit of news concerns the Order of the Phoenix. With Beauxbatons here, security for the students will be harder to maintain and I wanted to let you know that."

Ron leaned forward. "So what do you need to tell us?" Hermione elbowed him and he choked for a second. "Er...Headmaster."

Dumbledore smiled. "Beauxbatons is an all-girls school as everyone knows." Both students nodded slowly. "However, rumor has it that there is in fact one male student who attends there. The staff of the school managed to swear the entire student body as well as their families to secrecy as to his identity. I was recently able to confirm it due to the Headmistress needing to inform me for sleeping arrangements. I was unable to find out the identity of the mysterious boy though I know he is a seventh year." Ron and Hermione watched the Headmaster quietly.

Dumbledore leaned back and steepled his fingers. "I need both of you to find out everything you can about this student. None of the other students have any record of possible Dark activity but this student is a question. With the Dark Lord rising again, I will not risk the security of the school on a matter such as this." Ron and Hermione took in this information before Hermione leaned forward.

"Headmaster, how much can we tell the other students?" Dumbledore contemplated the question for a moment before responding.

"You may tell them about the male student, though nothing about keeping an eye on him." Both students nodded and were dismissed.

A few moments of talk passed with the teachers before they were dismissed as well. Dumbledore stood and gazed out of the window on to the grounds. Voldemort had risen again 2 years ago, kidnapping a student from the grounds and with the help of Peter Pettigrew, had come back to a body using an ancient ritual.

Both Gryffindors were silent as they walked back towards Gryffindor Tower. Ron and Hermione had tried going out in 6th year but parted amicably after they began to fight more as a result of their relationship.

They stepped in to the common room to see it still mostly full outside of the few first years who were too scared of the new school to brave the Gryffindor crowd. Everyone awake was talking about the arrival of the Beauxbatons students the next night. Ron and Hermione collapsed on their couch alongside Dean, Seamus, Parvati and Lavender.

Dean spoke first. "What did the Headmaster want?" Ron and Hermione exchanged a look before Ron spoke.

"Just some Head Boy and Head girl stuff about the Frenchies." Hermione rolled her eyes and lightly smacked Ron's arm.

"Don't call them that." Everyone smiled at their actions; despite wide-spread differences, they were the closest of friends.

"It's an all-girl's school right?" Seamus Irish brogue was voiced with a sly smile and all three girls rolled their eyes while Dean and Ron shook their heads. Seamus was a notorious ladies man and had failed relationships with every non-Slytherin seventh year girl besides Hermione.

"Yeah mate. But Dumbledore just confirmed those rumors spreading around." The common room quieted instinctively as people realized that a juicy piece of gossip was about to be confirmed. "There is one male student, a seventh year." Whispers broke out all over the room.

Dean smiled at Ron and Seamus before turning teasingly towards the girls. "Lucky bloke huh?" All three girls simultaneously rolled their eyes as everyone broke out in to good-hearted laughter.

"I wonder what he's like." Hermione asked speculatively. Lavender and Parvati exchanged a glance before arching an eyebrow each.

"Probably a chauvinistic pig, who thinks he's all that because he's the only guy in a school full of prepubescent girls. Ugh." Everyone broke out laughing at that as Hermione nodded approvingly at Parvati's vocabulary. The three girls found a close friendship after Parvati and Lavender were able to bring Hermione out of her shell a bit.

Ron leaned back and smiled. "Still a bit jealous though. Really doesn't matter what you're like. Only boy in a castle full of girls, you have to get a date sometime." More laughs followed that statement.

Ginny sat on the arm of Lavender's chair. "That's because you can't get a date otherwise Ronald."

"Oi!" Ron yelled and flung a pillow at Ginny but couldn't hold in his laughter at her joke. The pillow caught Ginny's shoulder and she fell on to Lavender. The room broke in to laughs at that statement and soon the Gryffindors fell in to their beds waiting the next day.

In the Headmaster's office, Dumbledore was still gazing out of the window at the lake and Forest, deep in thought. The Headmaster's musings were interrupted by someone stepping noisily in to the room. Sirius Black collapsed in to the chair in front of the desk. Sirius was the Flying instructor for Hogwarts. His best friend, Remus Lupin was the DADA teacher. He had originally been suspected of betraying the Potters all those years ago but Dumbledore had bailed him out of the trouble. Still, the 30 days he spent in Azkaban were still visible on his face.

"Hello Sirius. How was the train ride?" Sirius glanced up tiredly at the Headmaster. He had been enthusiastic about teaching until Harry hadn't shown up 6 years ago. Since then, both he and Remus had fallen in to the jobs but lost all of their passion.

Sirius sighed in his seat. "Fine Headmaster. Still no sign of Harry though." Dumbledore gave Sirius a sympathetic look. The Animagus held hope every year that Harry would appear on the train. All seven rides had been exhausted and still no sign of the Boy-Who-Lived. After a few more words in preparation of the new term, Sirius was dismissed and Dumbledore wearily retired to his rooms.

All through the next day, the school was buzzing over the imminent arrival of the Beauxbatons students. The news about the sole male student was a secret. So in typical Hogwarts fashion, everyone knew before breakfast. Breakfast was a bit subdued as a few students received black envelopes, a message from the Ministry informing them of a family member's death in the fight against Voldemort.

The day passed agonizingly slowly as even the teachers snuck occasional glances towards the clocks. No teachers gave homework except for Snape and even he allowed an extra day until it was due.

The Gryffindors exited the common room talking excitedly about the arrival of the French students. As they turned off the stairs and approached the Great Hall doors, a group of green-robed students blocked their path. Ron and Hermione groaned and rolled their eyes.

Draco Malfoy stood confidently in the front of the group, flanked by Crabbe and Goyle. Pansy Parkinson and Daphne Greengrass stood behind Draco, accompanied by Theodore Nott and Blaise Zabini. Behind the two seventh year boys stood a variety of a Slytherins.

Ron exchanged a glance with Dean and both boys shook their heads and awaited another verbal tirade. Since coming to Hogwarts, Draco Malfoy had used his father's power to assume control over the snake house. By fourth year, he was the bully of the school and only the main Gryffindor group stood up to him.

Draco sneered haughtily before speaking. "Look who it is, the Weasels, Cloverboy, two mudbloods and the bimbo twins." The entire Gryffindor group simultaneously yawned and Dean and Hermione glanced at their bare wrists.

"Look Malfoy, let us go in. Your jokes are tired and repetitive." Draco glared at Ron for a moment before regaining his usual sneer.

"Shut it Weasel. Your whole group certainly is a poor excuse for wizards. Practically squibs the whole lot of you." Draco blatantly smirked at Neville who was passing by at the moment. The timid Gryffindor wilted under the glare and slipped inside the hall.

"Leave Neville alone Malfoy. You'll get what's coming to you." Hermione snapped at Draco, enraging the Slytherin.

"10 points from Gryffindor for threatening a student Ms. Granger." Snape didn't even stop as he entered the Great Hall, his robes billowing behind him. Hermione rolled her eyes and the Gryffindors shoved past the Slytherins and finally entered the hall.

Inside, there was a fifth table between the Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw tables. It was bare and the banner above it held the twin wands that were the Beauxbatons crest. The Gryffindors made their way to their table and sat down, grumbling about stupid Slytherins and greasy gits.

Finally, everyone was settled at their tables and silence reigned in the room. Dumbledore rose and gazed around the room. Sure, there was the occasional fight between Slytherins and Gryffindors and rumors of bullying were heard, but on the whole, Hogwarts was the same magical place it always was. He let out a small smile as he spoke.

"Thank you all for coming to dinner tonight. Our guests will be here momentarily." Just as he finished speaking, three resounding knocks echoed from the oak doors to the Hall. Everyone watched the doors as Dumbledore waved his wand and the doors opened silently.

From the shadows of the entrance hall, a large woman entered the hall smiling at Dumbledore. Madame Maxim led her students in to the Hall, the first years behind her, the second years behind them, all the way up through the years.

The girls who entered started out being precociously cute. As the fourth years entered, the girls became older. More than one Hogwarts boy started silently gaping at the beauty of the girls. As the seventh years entered, all of them with long hair in shades of blonde, brown, red and black, drool slipped unnoticed from the mouths of the majority of the boys and a few of the Hogwarts girls. The final girl who entered drew everyone's attention, her silvery-blonde hair cascading down her back in a waterfall. She strode elegantly up the aisle before settling in her seat at the end of the table by the teachers, leaving one empty space at the end of the table next to her. Her sky blue eyes shined as she surveyed the hall, occasionally whispering in French to the redhead next to her.

The girls were clad in elegant light blue uniforms that left many of the Hogwarts students breathless. Madame Maxim went to a seat next to Dumbledore. "Hello Hogwarts. May I introduce, Beauxbatons School of Magic?" Applause burst out from the English crowd.

Dumbledore rose and graciously kissed Madame Maxim's cheek. "Hello Madame. Welcome to our humble castle. May I enquire to the whereabouts of your final student?" The hall fell silent at the question. Madame Maxim elegantly arched an eyebrow at the Headmaster's bluntness.

"He will be here momentarily. He was helping to settle the Abraxans. He has a gift with animals, especially magical animals." Hagrid's eyes widened at the news and he vowed to converse with this mysterious student.

With that, the doors opened again and a single student walked in confidently. He was a solid six foot with jet black hair. He wore stylish sunglasses that covered his eyes. His hair was short but long enough to cover his forehead. He wore the same blue robes, though his were trimmed and cut in a masculine way, giving a hint of the muscles that lay underneath. His robes were primarily blue but had emerald green threads running through it.

"Headmistress, the Abraxans are resting in the stables. Tonnerre was in a bit of froth but I settled him." His French was flawless. He waited in front of the staff table smiling at the Headmistress.

She smiled at him and responded in French. "Very good. You may take your seat." The young man swept off his sunglasses revealing bright green eyes. Dumbledore started for a moment, recognizing those emerald orbs.

The student winked at the Headmaster before turning around. He ignored the open seat next to the blonde girl. He smiled as he went up the opposite side of the Beauxbatons table. For each Beauxbatons girl, he leant over and kissed either her forehead or her cheek. The younger girls got a kiss on their forehead while the older students relished the kiss to their cheek. The hall sat silently as he made his way around the table and made his way back towards the front of the hall. As he neared the seventh year girls near the blonde girl, he kissed their cheeks and whispered a few words in their ears, eliciting a laugh or a giggle from each girl. As he neared the final girl, he straightened up.

In English, he asked Madame Maxim. "Madame, I have forgotten something in the carriage. Permission to get it?" The Headmistress sighed, seeming to know what he forgot. She wearily nodded and he turned, leaving the beautiful blonde girl frowning playfully. He jogged out of the hall, disappearing for a moment. The hall remained silent outside of whispered French from the Beauxbatons table.

After a minute or so, the boy came striding in to the room. He was not alone though, as a young girl with the same silvery blonde hair was perched on his back, legs around his waist and arms hooked around his neck. The girl was giggling as he walked easily up the aisle, showing no strain from carrying the eight-year-old.

He reached his seat and slipped the girl down. He turned back to the Headmistress, speaking in English with a hint of an American accent. "I got it. Thanks." She nodded and smiled at him.

He turned to sit but Dumbledore rose and got his attention. "May I enquire the identity of the mysterious male student of Beauxbatons?" The man considered the Headmaster for a moment before glancing at Madame Maxim. After a receiving a nod from the Headmistress, he faced the staff table completely and smiled.

The smile turned in to a smirk and he flipped his hair back, revealing a thin lightning scar on his forehead. Gasps broke out through the hall. "Potter, Harry Potter." The Beauxbatons table giggled simultaneously at his announcement. "And since we are introducing people, may I introduce Fleur and Gabrielle Delacour?" The two silvery-blonde girl stood and bowed slightly to the table. Harry pulled Fleur up and shocking everyone except for Madame Maxim and the other Beauxbatons teachers, pulled her in for a searing kiss.

The Hall gaped at them before they broke apart and Fleur slipped in to her seat in a daze. The rest of the Beauxbatons students gazed lovingly at Harry. He slipped down next to Fleur and Gabrielle jumped on to his lap, leaning back against his chest. He smiled and shook his head, kissing the crown of her head.

The hall was silent for a moment or two before it burst in to whispers as food appeared on the table. Eyes were centered on Harry who was talking quietly in French with Fleur, Gabrielle and the other Beauxbatons students around him. Dumbledore sat shocked in his seat as Madame Maxim shook her head smiling.

The hall gradually fell in to the food and soon it was exhausted. Madame Maxim rose and made her way around the staff table, and stopped in front of Dumbledore. Harry saw this and rose gracefully, slipping Gabrielle on to the seat he had been sitting in.

Madame Maxim cleared her throat and the hall quieted. Harry stood next to her. She spoke in English. "Hogwarts, thank you for welcoming us. I have a few announcements. First, I have heard rumors that there are occasionally fights and bullying amongst your students." A few members of the hall shifted uncomfortably.

"I will not tolerate any of my students being included in these actions. Mr. Potter here is the equivalent of our Head Boy and I have given him permission to…" Her voice lowered dramatically and her glare shot at the four Hogwarts tables. "…take action any perpetrators of those actions." Harry looked out at the hall, his eyes searching for potential threats.

Dumbledore rose to speak but someone beat him to it. Draco shot out of his seat and yelled out. "How dare you! You can't do that to us! This is our school and we shall act how we feel." A few grumbles of agreement broke out from the Hogwarts students. The Beauxbatons students shrank in to their table.

Madame Maxim sighed but didn't respond. Harry snapped his head up and met Malfoy's gaze. His eyes burst in bright green blazes as he spoke. His voice was low and hard.

"Draco Malfoy, do not push me. When it comes to the safety of my fellow students, I will not hesitate to use force. Now you will sit until you are dismissed by your Headmaster." The Hogwarts students couldn't ignore the sigh of admiration from the Beauxbatons students. Draco looked apoplectic, nearly shaking with anger.

Dumbledore stood and spoke. "Mr. Malfoy, return to your seat. Mr. Potter, please do the same. Madame, why has your student been given such freedoms?" Malfoy sat back down but Harry remained motionless. Madame Maxim opened her mouth to speak but Snape cut her off.

"Potter! Return to your seat and listen to the Headmaster!" Harry turned and glared at Snape.

"He is not my Headmaster and I will follow the instructions of my Headmistress." His green glare pierced the black eyes of Snape, and Harry's eyes narrowed even more as he felt the force of a Legimens attacking him. He snarled and snapped up his defenses and Snape howled in pain.

The Potions Professor collapsed in his seat. Madame Maxim laid a hand on Harry's shoulder and he relaxed. She turned back to the Headmaster. "Dumbledore, Harry here is more than qualified to have such responsibility. You all remember the Dark Wizard Marquise who attacked earlier this year?" Dumbledore nodded, his face not comprehending the seemingly random question.

She smiled at him. "He was not subdued by French Aurors. By the time they arrived, he was dead and the majority of his followers bound. Those that weren't, were dead as well." She paused before placing a hand on Harry's shoulder. "That was due to Harry here, who has defended our school for the past 2 years." Dumbledore gaped at Harry for a moment before recovering.

"Madame, I cannot believe that a seventh year student managed to subdue a Dark Wizard and his followers." Harry sighed and ran a hand through his hair exasperatedly.

Madame Maxim narrowed her eyes at Dumbledore. "Believe it Dumbledore. Harry could have graduated years ago, but chooses to remain in his year to be with his girlfriend, friends and to stay at our school. He has successfully defended us from vampires, manticores and even a Basilisk 5 years ago." Dumbledore looked at Harry and found his intense green eyes boring in to his own.

Harry stepped forward and spoke. "Professor Dumbledore, I can assure that I can handle anything your students can throw out at me. I have the full backing of Headmistress Maxim, the French educational system and the Policiers in this right." He turned and swept an arm at the Beauxbatons table. "Our school has many beautiful girls and I do not put it above you Englishmen to try something. I will respond with full force." The Hogwarts students and professors could only gape at the hard young man who had moments before walked down the center of the room carrying a small child on his back and smiling. No one mentioned that Harry was technically an Englishman as well.

Madame Maxim nodded to Fleur who stood, followed by Gabrielle. The rest of the Beauxbatons copied them and stood waiting. Madame Maxim swept out of the room and the Beauxbatons students followed her. Fleur was last, followed by Harry who held Gabrielle's hand. As they walked out, Harry glared at Malfoy, who sunk in his seat.

Ron and Hermione watched the entire proceedings with open mouths. When they saw Harry, they exchanged a look of disbelief. As the Beauxbatons students left, they watched Harry stride powerfully out of the hall.

The doors slammed closed and the hall was silent before it exploded in shouts. Screams ranged from fear of Harry destroying the school to outrageous angry yells that Harry should be arrested and thrown in Azkaban. Draco was heard yelling that his father was going to hear about this. Dumbledore made no movement to quiet them and sank in to his seat.

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