Hello all. Basically, I haven't been really able to write this story lately. A mixture of real life (college is heating up) and some stuff I have to deal with. Mainly, I can't get in character to write this particular Harry right now. So this story is officially on HIATUS.

But, it will not be abandoned. Just set aside while I get my mind in order. I am going to hold on to it for a while, couple months at least and if I still can't do anything with the story, I will post that and anyone who wishes can take it over. I will email that person with my very very basic plotline and you can take it from there.

Thanks for all the wonderful reviews, I felt very loved by all of you. Writing DoB has been an experience for me and I feel like crap for having to drop it like this, albeit temporarily. Thanks again for the reviews, hopefully I will have some other stories up soon.

If you want to read more of my stuff, go to ficwad and look for an author named HarryGinnyTonks. All my stories there are smut so be warned!! I will be continuing a story on there. Thanks again for everything.