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A.N. This story is based around Hope Partlow's song Sick Inside even though the song will not be put into the story until the last chapter. This is going to be a Kataang and Tokka story with hints of Zuki. The mild Taang does not last long. Oh and Toph isn't blind for reasons explained in the story. And now… on with the story!

It was the middle of May, and I was looking forward to the end of the school year. My friends and I always had a crazy time during the summer in our little-known town. It was a simple mountain town that was far away from all the bustle and hustle of the big cities. Everybody knew each other and most were friendly.

My friends Katara, Sokka, Aang, Zuko, and Suki are my constant companions. We do practically everything together: parties, walks, outdoor activities, movies… we are inseparable.

Aang is the sweet one of the group. Katara and he have been dating since 7th grade (we are all currently in 10th grade except Zuko, who is in 11th). Aang always has a grin on his face and never seems to get upset.

Katara is in a category of her own. She has the looks that would make any boy stare, even without makeup. Despite her looks, she is a very athletic girl with a good heart. She loves Aang, as he loves her. I doubt anything could ruin their relationship.

Sokka is Katara's brother. He is the smart one. I've been crushing him for a long time, but he's with Suki. He loves history and engineering. Plus, he enjoys sword fighting and throwing around the boomerang he received when he was nine.

Zuko is the oldest. He's the bold one. He became our friends after he quit being a popular jerk because it wasn't who he wanted to be. He used to date Mai back when he was a git, but she decided to remain a popular. She dumped him when he became our friend. He lives with his uncle because his father, Ozai, is an evil criminal in a nearby city. Zuko was supposed to inherit the "family businesses", but he refused. His father banished him from the city. Zuko doesn't really seem to mind though. He and Aang are practically brothers. He also crushes Suki, but I doubt anyone but me knows.

Suki is the brave one. She and Sokka are together, but it isn't exactly "serious." At least, not yet. Suki wear the weirdest make-up. She calls it her "warrior paint." I find it rather amusing. She, like Sokka, loves to fight. She inherited her mother's metal, weaponry fans. They say that they were once used by the Kyoshi Warrior many years ago, but it has never been proven.

And me? I am the tough one. After being blind for over 10 years, one usually does. I had an laser eye surgery when I was ten, so I can see fine now. I am skilled at a version of Kung Fu that I altered during my years of blindness. In fact, all of my friend are skilled in at least one martial art. In Aang's case, four. Despite my stubborn reluctance, I also have grown to enjoy singing and writing.

But that May, everything I value, everything I hold dear, was almost destroyed.

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