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The rest of school passed slower than a turtle in a three mile race. Katara glared at me every time I glanced at her. My heart sank lower and lower. Everybody looked at me with disgusted looks. I was a cheater. When Jin became a cheater by kissing Jet, she was an outcast for months. Only her friend's forgiveness saved her ass.

Finally, school ended and I walked slowly out of the building. Zuko was waiting for me. He smiled at me. I hung my head, "Don't pretend to be my friend, Zuko. They were your friends too. And you practically love Suki."

Zuko sighed, "I may love Suki, but I know you made a mistake. Maybe it isn't affecting me as bad because it doesn't hurt me directly, but I feel you need some help and advice."

I kept my head down to prevent him from seeing my eyes. They were leaking tears of heart break. "Zuko," I said, "I value our group's friendships, but I have destroyed it."

"No, you nearly destroyed it," Zuko said, "I think there is hope left. We need to talk to my uncle."

"Iroh?" I said in surprise.

"Yes, he can help. Now come on, I could use a cup of Jasmine tea."

Before I knew it, I was in the pizza parlor. About a dozen people were there. Most were adults and only two kids from my high school were there. Zuko walked up to Iroh and started whispering. After a few seconds, Iroh nodded his head in agreement over something. Zuko walked over to me as I stood there waiting. "Come on. You could use some advice from the master."

I hesitantly walked to a booth and Zuko sat across from me. Iroh appeared five seconds later with several cups of tea. He handed me one and said gently, "Tell me of your troubles, Toph."

I told him everything. He just watched me. When I finished, he stared at me again. After a while he spoke

"Love is a powerful thing, Toph. There are many versions of love. However, the most powerful of the varieties are the love of friendship and affection. I have watched you and your friends for many years. I have never seen such a close group of people. That is the love of friends. All the anger and sadness in each of your hearts will only last as long as you make it last. Katara and Aang love each other. Love conquers all other feelings. They can get back together easily if this is resolved between you and everybody else. I understand you made some terrible mistakes. I know many people who have made mistakes. My brother and Zuko are examples. Each had a choice. Each chose a different path. You need to decide what to do about this terrible event. Just remember: There is still hope. Your group's friendship will be very hard to break completely. I know you will do the right thing."

I looked at him and smiled. He was right. I could fix this.

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