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Misa Amane: The Owner's Guide and Maintenance Manual.

Congratulations! You are now the owner of a fully-automated MISA AMANE unit. To ensure that you get the full use and benefits of your Model/Actress, please pay close attention to the following instructions.

Basic Information:

Name: Misa Amane, aka Misa-Misa, Misa-san, Blondie.

Date of Manufacture: December 25, 1984.

Place of manufacture: Shinigami, Inc.;Japan Division.

Height: 5'

Weight: 79lbs

Your MISA unit will come with the following accessories:

Several Dozen Gothic Lolita Outfits

One Death Note

Two Ponytail Holders

One Makeup Kit

One Hair Brush

One Video Camera

One set Shinigami Eyes

When you first unpack your MISA AMANE unit, she might be a little mussed. She will require a bathroom to tidy up immediately.


Your MISA AMANE unit is a fairly amiable unit, and if she likes you, she will probably perform the following functions:

Makeup Artist: Need a makeover? Well, the MISA AMANE unit is the one to do it. This unit is a model, and knows fashion quite well. She'll gladly do your makeup, and perhaps your hair, if she's in a good mood.

Bodyguard: The MISA AMANE unit has absolutely no experience with martial arts, guns, or self-defense. However, she does posses both the Shinigami Eyes and the Death Note. Nothing else necessary.

Actress: Need someone to be in your class play or your movie? Well, your MISA AMANE unit is the one to do it. As a professional actress, the MISA AMANE unit loves to act and will do it anytime you ask. Unless it interferes with her time with the LIGHT YAGAMI unit.

Spy: Although your MISA AMANE unit doesn't look it, she's a first-class spy, able to fool almost anyone with her cute, ditzy act. She's quite clever, however, and will gather any information you need.

Date: Male owners of the MISA AMANE unit, do you need a date for the prom, or any social function? Well, this unit will go with you to any place, so long as it's clear there's no romantic connection between you two.

Your MISA AMANE unit comes with seven different modes:







Second Kira(locked)

The MISA AMANE unit is usually in it's default cheerful mode. However, upon seeing a LIGHT YAGAMI, she will enter Love-struck mode. The only way to get her out of this is to take her away from the LIGHT YAGAMI unit. Deal with it.

The Squeeful mode is different from the default Cheerful mode, no matter how similar they may seem. In this mode, the unit will dance around and, well, squeal. It is activated by something which makes the MISA AMANE unit especially happy, or too much sugar.

The Angry mode is activated when something ticks the MISA AMANE unit off. It's best to run. Don't ask any questions.

The Depressed mode is extremely rare, and only occurs when something happens to a unit the MISA AMANE unit is fond of, or she's thinking about her parent's death. Avoid if at all possible. If this mode is activated, comfort her and take her to see a LIGHT YAGAMI unit. She'll feel better in no time.

We feel that the Sneaky mode is self-explanatory. Keep your diaries and any other personal, private things locked up tight when the MISA AMANE unit is in this mode. Trust us.

The Second Kira mode can only be unlocked by a LIGHT YAGAMI unit. The MISA AMANE unit will then use her Death Note to punish criminals and commit herself totally to the LIGHT YAGAMI unit.

Relations with other units:

LIGHT YAGAMI: The MISA AMANE unit is in love with this unit. Any exposure to him will result in the activation of the Squeeful mode.

L LAWLIET: The MISA AMANE considers this unit to be both a friend and an annoyance. The L LAWLIET units may develop small crushes on the MISA AMANE units, but nothing will come of it. However, once your MISA AMANE unit is put into Second Kira mode, the L LAWLIET unit will eventually arrest your unit. Caution is advised.

KIYOMI TAKADA: Your MISA AMANE unit's rival for love. Keep them apart. Catfights will ensue.

REM: This unit is the Shinigami attached to your unit's Death Note. The REM unit is fond of the MISA AMANE unit and will protect her at all costs.

RYUUK: The Shinigami haunting the LIGHT YAGAMI unit. Your unit does not know this unit well, but seems to like him well enough. No system incompatibility here.


The MISA AMANE unit is perfectly capable of washing herself. Do NOT try to help her, especially if you are male. It will result in injury to your person and possible death by heart attack. Thank you.


The MISA AMANE unit is a little picky; she will not eat sweets except in small portions, and likes to eat healthy to maintain her figure. Make sure she eats normally.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: I asked for a cute blonde, and I ended up with a gun pointed to my head by a guy in leather eating chocolate.
...someone help me...

A: Ah... You've got a MELLO unit instead. Easy mistake, they look a lot alike. Simply lure the MELLO unit back into his box with the promise of more chocolate. Send him back and we'll give you the right unit immediately. Sorry for the mix-up.

Q: My MISA AMANE unit is in Depressed mood and won't come out. What should I do?

A: The LIGHT YAGAMI unit has probably died. You'll have to reprogram your unit. Unless you happen to be exceptionally good at cheering people up.

Q: Would it be alright if my MISA AMANE unit and I, well, got together? I'm nineteen and male.

A: As long as she's willing. Congratulations on getting her disinterested in the LIGHT YAGAMI unit.

Q: I have both an L Lawliet unit and a MISA AMANE unit. They are getting on each other's nerves in a major way. What do I do?

A: Keep the L LAWLIET unit out of the MISA AMANE unit's bubblespace. That should take care of it. If you can't manage that, you'll just have to keep them away from each other.

Q: My MISA AMANE unit won't get out of Angry mode. It's really start to scare me, and I'm considering confiscating her Death Note.

A: Don't confiscate the Death Note, she'll find another way to kill. Has she been around the KIYOMI TAKADA unit a lot? Try asking her what's wrong, she'll probably tell you if she trusts you. If she doesn't? Your problem, not ours.

Q: I can't get my unit to do anything but stare absently out the window and mope around the house. What's the matter?

A: She's probably just missing the LIGHT YAGAMI unit. Find someone who has one and take her to see him. That should put her back in Cheerful mode.


With proper care, the MISA AMANE will live until the numbers above her head run out. However, if you decide you no longer want this unit around your house, just tell that the LIGHT YAGAMI unit wants her to live with him, and she'll be out in a moment.

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