The Crimson phoenix and its angel aka My Darkness

Author: Tiger159

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People are born with some sort of history or legacy behind their name. Watch as Naruto must hold up his father's name and somehow show everyone how strong he is without Kyuubi. YAOI/YURI/ETC. Yaoi means boy love or boy on boy, yuri means girl love or girl on girl: YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

Warning for this story: Character Death, action (it might not be well written, that why it's a warning), LARGE AMOUNTS OF BASHING, CURSING, OOC, ETC.

Do not flame without good reason.

"This is so boring!" Naruto whined, as he walked down the hallway of an ancient looking house with his teammate.

"Oh shut up Naruto!" yelled Sakura, her green eyes filled with anger at the sight of her blond teammate. Just her luck to be stuck with this idiot. She sighed in annoyance, something she always did around him.

"This is suppose to be a C-rank mission right?" asked Naruto, swiping the sweat of his brow under the weight of the heavy boxes.

"That's what the Hokage said anyway" Sakura grumbled, carrying her own load of packages. She was a girl damn it! She wasn't supposed to do these types of of heavy lifting.

"Well maybe she was wrong! I mean cleaning out an old witch closet is like doing a another D-rank mission!" Now Naruto was getting on Sakura's last nerve, that was until she realized he was correct!

'OMG! Is the world coming to an end?' screamed inner Sakura in horror. Idiots like Naruto were not allowed their smart moments! It was against nature!

"Just shut up and get back to work!" screamed Sakura right next to his ear. She really needed to learn how to keep her temper in check.

"OUCH!" He screamed right back in her ear. "That hurt!" But he already knew that Sakura understood that, those were her intentions from the start, to cause him pain. He sighed, he was growing tired of this overused routine.

"JUST get back to work before I bust your head open!" screamed Sakura with a sharp glare. Kami, how he hated that look that just screamed ignorance and snobby. That look fitted Sakura just fine actually, it reflected her disgusting attitude. What a shame.

'Sometimes I even wonder what I saw in her...' thought Naruto with shame.

"Well shes a dirty banshee, so just shut up and get back to her!" said Kyuubi,the demon prisoner in his mind. Naruto rolled his eyes and grumbled harshly under his breath a couple of curse words.

'Your actually agreeing with her?' asked Naruto, his right eyebrow twitching in agitation. He couldn't believe this, even the overgrown piece of fluff that hated her guts from the get-co, was agreeing with that bitch, if only slightly.

"...Maybe..." Kyuubi answered back with an amused chuckle, knowing he was agitating the ninja. This was a fun day for him, seeing the gaki or brat fume with rage at the bubble gum hair girl, at the rest of his team, or embarrasses himself later on. Ha! What joy!

'WHAT DO YOU MEAN MAYBE!' yelled Naruto, clearly annoyed. He knew this was the reaction that damn fox wanted to pull out of him, and he had fallen into that trap.

Seeing as the fox wasn't answering he decided to cut the connection off just in time to hear Sakura's annoying voice. Damn how he hated that bitch!

After getting hit in the head repeatedly, Naruto went back to cleaning with a massive headache. 'That's it! I hate that good for nothing bitch! I rather be paired with Sasuke then be with her good for nothing ass!' shouted Naruto in his head. He soon regretted it as his headache just got worse.

Naruto was just cleaning the attic closet just to get away from Sakura, who is somewhere else cleaning thanks to Kami, and he was just minding his own business when he saw this huge trunk that looked more like a treasure chest from his point of view. It had some kind of strange marking on it and he neared it with curious eyes and uncontrolled tan hands. Curiosity killed the cat as you know.

He tried to open the trunk but it wouldn't budge. I tried again but it still didn't budge. He tried once again with more force, the only difference was that something actually happened. The markings on the trunk glowed blue and the hood flew open!

Once he got over my state of shock he carefully walked over to the trunk. Naruto saw that the trunk contained some very old looking books along with a couple of old scrolls. Before he could put the trunk back in the closet an old lady stood behind his small figure. The old lady was wearing a black dress, she had warm brown eyes, silver hair, and this kind but powerful aura around her. All he could do was stare in shock at her.

"Oh I see you found my old books eh young man?" asked the old lady with a small smirk.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to go through your stuff Ms..." He trailed off, trying to avoid the subject.

"Oh, where are my manners? My name is Honey nice to meet you," said the old lady now known as Honey. She smiled gently at him, but her curious gaze never left him.

"While hello Honey, my name is Uzumaki, Naruto!" Just because he grew up without parents, and was rude to other people didn't mean he had no manners.

"Would you like to see whats inside the books?" asked Honey with a kind smile that was visible on her wrinkled features.

"Is that alright?" asked a unsure Naruto, biting his bottom pink lip.

"Well of course!" answered Honey with another smile. 'She was a smile machine wasn't she?' Naruto thought with an annoyed sigh.

Honey walked over to the trunk and told Naruto to close his eyes and to take any book out. Naruto did as he was told and he ended taking this strange looking book out. It was a large book that had a cover with a deep wine color, a skull shaped lock, rusty gold pages.

Naruto looked at Honey with curiosity and an unsure gaze. Honey just smiled at him softly, and took out a skull shaped key from a pocket inside her garments. She handed the key over to Naruto, and he took it and with fidgety fingers, he opened up the strange book with a 'click'.

When Naruto opened the book, dust flew all over the place and he started coughing. When he stopped coughing he saw that the book was written in a strange language that he was unable to understand. Honey then decided to explain to him that the strange language it was written in was actually a secret language passed down through her ancestors. Naruto was excited when Honey had told him to come to her anytime he wishes, so she could teach him everything she knew. She needed some kind of company, since she grew lonely, and she was bored and had nothing to spend her time on. Naruto was a solution to this problem, and he would be able to learn something new, for free. That is if he accepted the offer.

"No! I'm just probably going to waste your time. I'm not a fast learner and plus I'm just a dobe, but thanks anyway!" said Naruto with a forced smile that didn't reached his azure orbs. Ms. Honey frowned.

"Don't you dare ever think of yourself like that! I love to teach people who are willing to learn and use their knowledge for good, and I will not teach any one but you," declared Honey with a very serious look on her face.

Naruto still wasn't sure if to believe her words but he sighed and gave him. He got up and hugged her and he was pleasantly surprised when Honey hugged him back. He felt safe and loved, if only for a moment.

"I'll come as soon as my mission is over OK?" asked Naruto with a small smile.

Honey just grinned, she knew he would come back. They now had a deal and she had a feeling he would not back down on his word.

"Of course." said Honey with a huge smug smile on her face. She bent down and kissed his forehead, and hugged him even tighter. She treated him like a child, but that was okay with Naruto for now. He never got this type of love from a mother figure, because he never had one.

Rewritten as of 6/24/10