My Darkness

Author: Tiger159

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Recap of Last Chapter:

"I know brother. If she doesn't die, why don't we take her as a new toy? I know how you like to break them," more laughing. Anko went still, knowing damn well what they were talking about. Well, they were dead wrong if they thought she was going to let them take her as a whore. She rather cut off her left arm than let that happen. She sure as hell wasn't going to take their shit, not without a fight.

I still believe in man
A wise one asked me why
Cause I just don't believe we're wicked
I know that we sin but I do believe we try
We all try, the girls try, the boys try
Women try, men try, you and I try, try, we all try

Frank Ocean - We All Try

The Sacrifices of Broken Soldiers

Tora was not a happy camper. In fact, she was so pissed off that her demon markings were showing, making her look less like her innocent facade and more like her lethal self. Her sharp gaze settled on the wounds on her arms as they burned closed, leaving puffs of smoke in their wake. She breathed in deeply and slowly, trying the best she could to calm down, but failing. The princess wished she was home, lying in the bed she shared with her lover. Instead, she had to face the reality that she was no where near the borders of her village and instead, was in a forest filled with unfamiliar dangers and killers. As a leader of a ninja village, she was always mentally prepared for a fight, planning out millions of tactics that she had drilled into the brains of her people, in the case that no one of the Royal family was there to protect them. She knew it would never come to that, or least she hoped. Better safe than sorry.

The anger was still coursing in her veins and flared at the sight of her wounded team. Each member of Team Seven had at least one mark that would leave a scar on their body. She smirked, at least the kids had earned their first battle scars. Her head turned towards Kakashi's direction, noticing the way his eyes were surveying the damage and calculating his next move.

"I hope we get out of this thing quick, my family and your village will begin to worry if we don't make it to our destination by the end of the week." Kakashi nodded at her words, lips pressing tightly together under his mask. Or at least that's what Tora thought his face was doing, the mask made things like that difficult. If she didn't already have a mask perfected, she would have bought a physical one.

"Naruto, can you stand?" The only male blond groaned, his hands gripping his sides, which were bleeding heavily. Tora didn't worry through, the demon inside of him would heal him soon. The boy stood, with as much energy as he could muster with so much pain raking through his body like merciless waves. He didn't bother speaking, so he nodded. Kakashi hoped the pain wouldn't be a hindrance.

Kakashi's eyebrows furrowed, as he thought back to the events that happened moments ago. They weren't expecting any kind of attack, at least not that soon. They had to get out of that forest soon. But to do that, they had to find the others.

His eyes found cold blue ones that belonged to a ruthless leader. He remembered the princess now, from the Bingo books from long ago. He didn't remember if she was removed, but he knew she had been in it once. People had labeled her insane since the death of her mother, but the truth was killing became her way of mourning the sudden separation from the only other human being that meant so much to her. Her mother wouldn't have been dead if Konoha hadn't gone back on their word and killed her. The sudden cruel smile that sprung on her face told him they weren't forgiven yet, if ever.

"We need to find the others and get moving. Fast." Kakashi picked up an unconscious Sakura, while the princess healed a badly injured Sasuke, before moving on to the girl in Kakashi's bleeding arms.

"As soon as Orochimaru came into play, it was no longer a battle. It became a war zone." What she said was true, but it was too late to keep dwelling on things. They had to keep moving forward, or die.

"Everyone's healed, let's go."


Anko licked her lips as she ran her fingers through her hair. She was painted in red, with two mangled; disfigured bodies laying beneath her feet. She didn't even want to look at them, those pale corpses were just a reminder of the near rape that she had almost been forced to go through. Her body was her sanctuary and she wasn't about to allow that.

The mark on her neck suddenly hurt, but she was far too use to the pain to acknowledge it. Instead, she breathed in deeply as she ran through the trees, in hope of finding the others. She knew it would be a difficult task not just because of the sheer size of the trees, but because they would most likely be hiding. She cursed, suddenly wishing she hadn't taken this mission. It had made no sense that a large group would be assigned to such a simple mission. It just didn't. She quieted down as she heard a noise near her, not making the mistake of thinking it was an animal. It was moments like these that meant life or death. It ended up just being an animal, but she couldn't even trust that. The animal could just be a ninja in disguise. Instead, she waited until the creature was out of view before moving from her spot. A ninja could never stay in one spot, unless they wanted to die. And as much as she hated her life, she wasn't ready to die just yet.


Iruka crouched on a thick branch, his ears alert for any unfamiliar sound. Not hearing anything out of place, he signaled the others to move from their hiding spot, and out the forest. They had escaped being attacked on various occasions and had been able to send out a messenger to their village. They weren't sure when help would arrive but they needed to stay strong before then. Their group had gotten smaller and smaller and now had to worry about the others. What was left of their group, which was too large in the first place, managed to reach the edge of the woods. They just had to cover a few more miles, at least, according to Iruka, that was all that was left to reach safety.

It was difficult to see pass the overgrown branches of twisted, bare trees, that shielded the bodies of unknown creatures and possible future murderers. Iruka breathed through his nose, his feet lightly pressing against the harsh bark. His eyes surveyed the area before jumping to the nearest branch, the sound of footsteps behind him, signaling that his team mates had done the same. He kept checking back behind him, making sure it was his team members and not an enemy following him.

He didn't know why he accepted to take the mission, this mission. He could have stayed teaching the children of Konoha the basics of being a ninja and how to survive when at every turn was a chance to fall to your death. But then again, that would defeat the purpose of being a ninja. A ninja took risks and did not cower in the face of danger. Instead, they followed their instincts to survive and didn't think twice about putting their lives on the line. And even if he was a school teacher, he was still a ninja under Konoha law. That meant that he would kill if need be, he would die if need be, in order to have the mission be a success.

But Iruka wasn't a heartless killer that only thought the mission came first. He cared about the mission, yes he did. And he knew a treaty was riding on it as well. But he also cared for the safety of his team members, and their survival. And he hoped against hope that they all made it back to safety in time.

If not... he didn't even want to think about it, knowing full well that everything would be lost if anyone of them died and if they failed the mission. They just needed a few days and they could return home. That was all, but it seemed like that was too much to ask. And as he kept running through the forest, the future seemed bleak and he hated that.

He hated a lot of things as of lately, one being a pervert and another being the uncertainty of their survival. The latter wasn't an unfamiliar hate, in fact, it was something he hated since he became a ninja. All shinobi knew what they were risking once they put on the uniform, once they left their civilian life behind and began a tool to their village. Every time, they risked their lives, in the name of their village. In the name of their Hokage. Because that was what they were trained to do, to protect and to kill. Kill the enemy and not get themselves killed in the process. That was why Iruka didn't hesitate to take the mission when he was given the mission scroll.

He knew what was expected of him.

And that was why he had to survive. Why they all had to survive. It wasn't a choice, it wasn't an option. No, it was an order. An order they all had to carry out til the end.


Tora's smile, Naruto noticed, gave off a false sense of security and hope. Surely that was the only reason she was smiling at the captured person. Or should he say people? He stared at the - he wasn't sure of their gender - two faces, as they hissed at the princess. In a way, Naruto wanted to laugh. It had only been two hours since their encounter with Kabuto and his master, and now the first thing they bumped into was not their teammate, but a double headed person. He was tempted to call them things, since killing off enemies was easier when you de-humanized them, but he resisted the temptation. It wasn't his first kill and it wouldn't be his last.

The blond's azure eyes scanned the area for the hundredth time, even though he knew the clearing by heart by that point. For a quick moment, he asked himself about his other teammates whereabouts and scoffed at himself. He knew they were out gathering food and wood for the camp they would soon have to set up.

"Now, I wonder... what shall I do with you?" For a moment, the princess didn't sound her age, in fact, she sounded years younger. If he had to guess her age just based on her voice, he would have guessed 5 or 7 at the most. Must be another one of her techniques at breaking her prisoners. Because, that what was Sakon and Ukon were, prisoners to be dealt with by the merciless princess of the Moon Village.

Tora barely paid their comments any mind, but seemed to pause for a brief second when they dared to call her "trash."

"You guys are so mean," she pouted, before another smile graced her blood caked face. Taking down those members of Sound Five, as they called themselves, was not easy. Sure, Sakon tried, in vain might Naruto add, to prolong the battle, but Tora quickly brought an end to them when she was forced to transform to her full demon form.

"Stupid whor-"

"If you finish that sentence, I'll cut off your tongue and shove it down your brother's throat." Tora quickly cut off with a glare. With her facade gone, she released as much killing intent as she needed, which wasn't much since she had failed to return to her human form. She hummed in amusement, taking out a small sword, the size of her forearm.

"I'll have fun scalping you."


Sarutobi paced in his office, hand pulling slightly on his beard, eyes glaring at the floor as if it were the source of his problems. Oh how he wished it was! It would have been easier to deal with the wooden panels than a crisis like the one presented to him. Taking his pipe off his file covered desk, he began to take long, deep puffs, filling his vision with bursts of smoke. With the smell of tobacco fresh in his nose, he started to pace harder. Damn, sometimes he hated being Hokage.

"Yamato," he ordered his secretary to get. Moments later, the man had appeared before him, having been in the tower for a new mission.

"You are no longer needed for the mission you were to be sent on. I need you for something far more important... and dangerous."


"Death, death to all of them. Death to all who stand in my way," she muttered to herself, hands dipping into a broken skull of the Siamese twins. With a twisted grin, her hands glowed blue, claws digging into an exposed brain. With a flick of her wrist, she extracted their memories. Naruto couldn't understand how she could do that without a jutsu, but he brushed it off as one of the many things to ask the princess about at a later date - preferably when they were out of the danger zone.

With a sigh, he took a sip from his canteen before passing it on to an exhausted Sakura-chan. The princess had taken the liberty of teaching her some healing techniques and it seemed to have drained Sakura of her energy. He pitied her. Her face was now flushed a dull pink that spread from the base of her neck to her ears and cheeks. A wide forehead was covered in sweat, causing pink strands to stick to flesh. He watched as she gulped down a generous amount of water before passing it onto a bored Sasuke.

His blue eyes turned back to the now still princess, who stood with a faraway look in her eyes. She had changed her outfit once again, in order to get rid of the blood that had covered her previous one. However, there was still blood splattered across her cheeks from her encounter from the dead twins, their cadavers laying limp and empty on the forest floor. It was entertaining to see her squash them with mere flicks of her wrists and fingers, something he too would like to do. And he found it extremely entertaining when she drew up her sword and scalped them, layer by layer. Of course, he didn't dare show his glee, knowing it wouldn't come off too well with the others.

Tora turned to the small group, minus an absent Kakashi, with a whimsical grin. "Wouldn't it be nice if we could burn this entire forest down and kill all the bitches who want us dead?" They stared at her, long and hard, waiting for her to laugh the comment off and say it was a joke. Instead, she hummed a little tune and gathered her things and the others were left to wonder if she was sane. But thinking back to all the things she said and done since they met her, they concluded that no, she wasn't sane. She was batshit crazy and perfectly good at hiding it from those she wanted to fool.

"Too bad that idea would get all the animals killed," she added later on, a faraway look in her eyes as she attached her sword to her outfit.

"Let's get moving. I feel that we will encounter the others soon." The others could be anyone. It could be their enemies lurking in the shadows of the forest or the animals awaiting their next meal. They wished the others meant their friends, their comrades, but they had more of a chance encountering people and things that put their lives in danger. With a nod, they set off in Kakashi's direction.

They found Iruka. He was lying in a pool of his own blood, a wounded arm gushing red liquid and lips tightly pressed together. He wasn't dead as Naruto had feared, but he would have been if Tora and Sakura had not gotten down to work. They had healed him in record time, with the princess fixing some of Sakura's mistakes that could have left some permanent damage to his body.

"Iruka, where are the others?" Iruka had taken a few deep breaths, it had been a long time since he was close to death. With a gulp, he whispered, "Further up west, 5 miles." The Moon royal nodded before creating a clone to send off in that direction. She advised Naruto to do the same.

"Can you tell us what happened?"

"I don't remember much, just flashes of a flute and yelling." Naruto's eyes narrowed, his brain working at a rapid pace. He had a memory, a brief one, of a conversation about a girl who played a flute and had red hair. She was lethal and she was from Sound. He didn't remember who was talking with who or her name, but he knew she was nothing but trouble if he was correct. He grunted and looked away from his previous sensei and wondered where his current one could be.


Anko grunted as she made her way through the forest, doing her test to avoid branches and wandering animals. She had found a stream not too long ago and had used it to quench her thirst and clean her hands of blood. Even with the color gone from her hands, the blood still stained her soul. She snorted, now was not the time to think of such things.

The snake mistress sat down at the base of the tree, well hidden from prying eyes due to the overgrown roots that sprawled in all directions. She looked through her gear and stopped at a scroll, a sudden memory jumping to the front of her brain. How could she have forgotten about that?

With restrained anger, she took out the scroll and bit into her finger before swiping over the seal. Once opened, a double edged sword was revealed, along with the small booklet that had accompanied it.

"And to think this could have come in handy," she grunted. Chakra surged through her palm, a familiar sensation that tingled her fingertips. The chakra consumed the sword and she thought hard of how she wanted it to look like. Well, that's what the booklet said she had to do: "Envision how you would like the sword to look like. The possibilities are based on your imagination, making the number of transformations of this weapon endless. Just push chakra into it and watch the change unfold before you."

Just for kicks, she thought of the sword transforming to a six bladed knuckle buster. She had seen Asuma try it on out of boredom and ended up liking them. Of course he didn't buy them seeing as adding chakra to any ordinary knuckle buster would sharpen it. She smirked darkly as the sword did as the book promised.

Oh, this would be fun.


Okay, Naruto was getting tired of it. All of it, down to the random attacks from anything that breathes. Down to the dirt and blood caked up on his entire body and in uncomfortable places that he really didn't want to think about. He glanced at the people around them, a red headed bitch with a flute and a chubby dude who hadn't said one word once so ever. Did he ever mention he hated silence? And because he was tied up to a tree stump no less, his weapons were useless and his body was immobile. And yes, he admitted they were smart to bind his mouth, but did they really have to use wire?

His mouth was still sore, blood still dripping and pure agony ripping through him when he even made a sound. Damn, it hurt like a fucking bitch. He looked to his right, where Sakura laid, unconscious with a possible concussion. On his left, was a rebelling Sasuke, pulling on his restraints, seeing as his limbs were tied to each other and not a fucking tree. Why did he get to be in a bark free zone? The damn trunk of the tree was digging into his neck and biting into his flesh. He was sure he was bleeding, the wetness trailing down his skin could attest to that.

At least Iruka had been able to escape with an angry princess. She wasn't one to abandon her comrades, especially in situations like these, but she was more useful gathering the others and just plain staying alive.

Kakashi was still a no show and no one knew where he went. He tried his best to push the panic and the bile that accompanied, down to the pit of his stomach. He no longer knew what to do, but he knew panicking got him nowhere. All he was ever good for was being reckless and unpredictable. But even his overly creative mind could not be put to good use if his limbs were tied at an odd angle, under the watchful eye of an overgrown oaf.


Naruto couldn't help but grit his teeth, eyes surveying the area. All he could see beyond the field he was in, was trees, just like the one he was tied to.

"Jirobo, keep watch, I'll be back," the red haired girl said before departing. Naruto watched her figure blend in with the darkness of the woods. Oh, how he hated her already. She had been the one to stitch his lips together while the big oaf watching them held him down. She was the one that told Jirobo to knock him unconscious while he was being tied. It was her fault that they were in the very clearing they were at.

Stupid bitch.

With her gone, Jirobo turned to them with a smirk. He wasn't a pretty sight, Naruto concluded, not with that weird hairstyle and those clothes. Like seriously, did Orochimaru have a fetish for over sized purple rope? It sure looked like he did.

"Hi loser," Naruto's eyes snapped up at the familiar nickname. Sasuke still called him that on occasion and the other village kids still hissed that when he was in hearing range. He frowned, eyes glaring at the standing male.

"Just wait til Orochimaru-sama gets a hand on you guys, he'll rip you a new one," the oaf had the balls to laugh, as if he said something funny.

Sasuke sneered from his spot on the ground, dirt sticking to his face and blood leaking from the friction of the restraints on his flesh. Jirobo just laughed harder as Sasuke began to struggle again, wincing when the wires cut deeper into exposed flesh. With a grin, the sound nin walked over to the brunette and kicked him in the stomach. Naruto watched, helplessly, as his friend bit his lip to keep from screaming in pain. Another kick to the chest and he heard the cracking of bones. Damn, that must hurt.

Growing up, the blond had his share of pain. He had several bones cracked and re-cracked, infected wounds, twisted limbs and internal bleeding. He suffered from other things too, such as acid burns and punctured lungs, but now was not the time for that. The point was, he knew what he was going through and he pitied Sasuke, but this was life. This was the experience of being a Shinobi.

Naruto bit his own lip and let his eyes fall on Sakura's form. She was still knocked out, oblivious to the situation. Another nin, a short brunette with six arms -six!- had been the one to render her unconscious, something that had caused him relief. If it had been Jirobo, she would had surely suffered from a concussion or even worse, internal bleeding of the brain, resulting in death. The rising of her chest assured him that she was still very well alive. He sighed and turned his attention back to Jirobo. The oaf had left Sasuke alone after two kicks and now was marching toward him.


"Hi loser," Jirobo had a shit eating grin on his face. Naruto knew this was not going to be a good conversation.

"You know, Tayuya never said I couldn't have some fun while she was gone." His grin only grew and Naruto confirmed his earlier thought, yep, not a good conversation at all.

"In fact, I think I'll have some fun right now." A fist connected with his stomach and he screamed behind closed lips, pain rushing though his body. The next punch was to his jaw and he heard an audible crack, his teeth connecting with one another. His lips tried to part without his permission and he groaned louder, feeling tears about to fall from his eyes. It hurt like a bitch.

The standing male laughed, a harsh sound to his sensitive ears and he wished that he could just hurt him. Hurt him to the point he was begging him for mercy. He growled, a deep feral sound that only caused the Sound nin to laugh louder. Naruto felt his nose flare before another wave of pain hit him. This time the pain was different, it caused his muscles to ache and his feet to curl as red consumed him. It consumed his eyes and his body and his soul and turned everything he saw and felt red. The pain surging through his body was ignored, even as his nails and the marks on his face grew longer and darker. His hair was still the same blond shade, only more untamed. He looked wilder overall, with his red silted eyes and sharp canines, once the wires on his mouth were ripped, the wounds they left burned close at once.

The wires holding him to the tree suffered the same fate.

During that time Jirobo had taken several steps back, an expression between shock and horror on his face, a stark contrast from his arrogant grin and smirk. His screams would be music to his ears when he rips him to shred, Naruto would make sure of it.

He stepped slowly to the bigger boy, eyes locked onto his unmoving form. Suddenly, Jirobo lurched forward, a fist raised and ready to connect with his body. Naruto moved quickly, causing the fist to connect with the tree trunk he was once tied to. He heard it crack behind him and moved out the way when he saw another fist come his way. The jabs and kicks came quick, but they all missed. It was Naruto's left fist that connected with a jaw, payback for the earlier incident. But he didn't stop there, the punch to the jaw was just the beginning.

He kept hitting.

He kept punching and kicking, his fist punching everywhere. At one point the Sound nin had managed to escape his grasp, but that was soon remedied. The next time he got his hands on him, his claws were ripping into flesh.

A low whisper of "Naruto?" was the only thing that gave him pause, his red eyes sliding over to a frightened and very much awake Sakura. He growled and would have attacked her too if Jirobo had not jumped away from him when given the chance. When his eyes landed on the male, his skin was turning a strange shade and his hair was growing at a fast pace. There were strange lines crawling over his body and face, reminding the blond of chains. The guy's eyes had changed as well, it went from a scarlet orange to a yellow almost golden shade. Briefly, Naruto wondered if he had a demon as well...

But that thought was erased as Jirobo explained that his master had given him power, them power and that he, Naruto, was going to die because of what he did to him. The Konoha nin growled, the sound as feral as before. He didn't bother to talk, to correct the fool and tell him that he was the one whose blood would be shed.

Naruto flexed his hands, claws itching to spill blood. A punch, so fierce and powerful, connected with his stomach. It knocked the wind out of his body and caused him to go flying high into the air. Jirobo wasted no time and dropped kicked him from above. Naruto landed on the ground with a loud sound, causing birds to fly away from their perch on near by trees. Sakura made a gasping sound. "Naruto!" She screamed after several moments passed and the smoke of dirt from Naruto's fall had cleared. Sasuke had remained silent on the ground, limbs still bond and mouth in a tight firm line.

With a smirk, Jirobo walked towards Naruto's limp form and hunched over him. "A loser, just like I predicted. Couldn't defeat me, even if you wanted to. I don't even see how you made Shinobi and if this is the best Konoha has to offer, then I guess it'll be easier to take over then expected." His smirk grew when there was no reply. He turned around and set his sights on Sakura, who was in the process of cutting the wires on Sasuke's arms. "I don't think so." He stepped forward.

A sound was heard behind him and he turned. When no movement was made from the unconscious - even possibly dead - body, he hunched over to get a closer look. Suddenly, the body before him popped and the ground crumbled. The fist caught him by surprise and sent him soaring through the air. Quickly, his hands formed signs, and the next thing Naruto knew, a shouted "Doton: Land Wall Flip" was blocking his attacks.

A Tackle Charge was the next thing used to knock him off his feet. A boulder was thrown at him and he barely had time to dodge it. Jirobo had dashed toward him, before thrusting his open palm and hitting him straight in the chest.

Fuck! That hurt.

"How you like my Rising Impact Palm blondie?"" Naruto could only cough into his hand. This was going to be a long battle.


"What the fuck? We have to go back!" Tora yelled, one hand fisted, the other in Iruka's firm grip. The man ignored her and she scoffed. How dare he ignore her? She didn't know how it worked in Konoha, but in Tsuki, they didn't abandon comrades, even if it meant failing the mission. It seemed that all of Konoha's pride in teaching that no comrade gets left behind was just a hoax to impress.

With hard eyes, she ripped her hand out of a tan palm, lips ready with an insult. Iruka turned to her, brown eyes cold and lips in a sneer.

"You think I want to leave them there? You think I'm proud to have to leave my old students and comrades in the field, possibly to die?"

No response.

"Do you?" He snorted after a moment of silence, eyes looking away before landing on an object Tora didn't care to see.

"We had no choice but to leave. I'm not proud to have to walk away from a battle, but what use are to we to them dead? Tora, we left to get help, to formulate a plan, to find the others. But we did not leave because we wanted to. We did not leave because I wanted to see children die on the field of battle. We did not leave without a reason, a purpose and having to explain this to you, is insulting to me. You are a princess, you should know as well as anyone that sacrifices have to be made as well as choices that we never want to consider. You have to take a chance and I am taking a chance. I am taking a chance because I don't know if they will still be alive or even in that field when we come back with reinforcements... Do you understand why now?"

Tora nodded, body stiff and hands tightly fisted together to the point that her nails tore into skin.

"Good, now let's get a move on. We wasted enough time as it is."


"I know how to locate them."

Iruka's eyes snapped to the once silent princess, resisting the urge to glare at her. Why couldn't she have said that earlier?

"I didn't say anything earlier because I was focusing my time on training the children while I had the chance." Well that answered his question. His pace faltered before it stopped all together. Iruka turned to her and asked her to go on and explain how she could make their mission easier.

"Before my mother's death, she had a friend of hers teach me to sense chakra signatures. Though most people can do it, the one I was taught requires chakra control and is a bit different. The best way that I can explain it is that I have to quiet my chakra, which in turn makes it tense but not active. This causes my awareness to heighten, because my sensitivity to chakra increases which has the added benefit of allowing me to sense people, animals, plants, and most especially, jutsu when they're being used."

"Then do it," Iruka urged her. They needed to find Anko and the others as soon as possible, if only for the children's sake.

Underlined Words: Words and phrases and ideas used and taken from other fics. This is where I can give them proper credit. They are organized by the order the underlined lines pop up. Note, not all fics named have to do with Naruto, yaoi or the likes. Thanks for reading :)

1. Ryu nodded, then took a deep breath, almost in preparation for what he was about to show them. Then he slumped and shrugged as he told them, "Well, actually, I wasn't taught a chakra control exercise. My family did finally teach me how to sense chakra signatures though, although my dad said that it was a bit different than the way most other people do it. Surprisingly though, it does require some actual chakra control to do it."

~Team One by Joshua the Evil Guy. Chapter 2, Naruto Fic. Action and Humor. Rated: T~

2. Ryu shook his head, then hesitated and nodded sheepishly, before hesitating again, finally he just shrugged. "I'm really not sure. My dad just told me that I had to sort of quiet my chakra flow, which then makes it tense, but not active. He worked with me until he said I had it, although I'm not sure how I'm going to teach Kasumi and Naruto how to do it..."

~Team One by Joshua the Evil Guy. Chapter 2, Naruto Fic. Action and Humor. Rated: T~

3. "It... it's hard to explain, Naruto," Kasumi slowly explained. "But using the basic theory, what Ryu just showed us, well, it increases your awareness roughly tenfold! By forcing your chakra to still itself, it creates a sort of... hypertension along your chakra network. Naruto, have you ever seen a wire when it's drawn tight?"

~Team One by Joshua the Evil Guy. Chapter 2, Naruto Fic. Action and Humor. Rated: T~

4. "When it's done to your chakra instead of just your body, however," Kasumi finished, "your sensitivity to chakra is increased, which has the added benefit of allowing you to sense people, animals, plants, and most especially, jutsu when they're being used."

~Team One by Joshua the Evil Guy. Chapter 2, Naruto Fic. Action and Humor. Rated: T~