Author's Note: Written for Cressida's birthday; inspired by her wonderful drabble under the same title and a gorgeous tune called Archibald MacDonald of Keppoch, played by John Cunningham.

Standing Silence

At the hour when the sun casts its last evening light,
Ere the gold of its rays yields the world to the night,
We who here in the fair land of Gondor do dwell
Stand and ponder on things that a silence can tell.

And the scribe lays his quill for a short while to rest,
And the guard turns his eye from the East to the West,
And the scout slows his steps in a woody green dell,
All to listen to stories a silence can tell.

Maidens as fair as day, children as young as spring,
Though we know not what trials the next day will bring,
We will stand firm and strong, for we know all too well:
There is more than past stories this silence can tell.

We who fight, we who plough, we who sew, we who write
Stand in silence and pride in the face of the night,
For the light of our hearts no fell foe can dispel –
This is too in the story this silence can tell.

Have no fear, you wayfarer, – we welcome a friend
To stand with us before the day comes to its end;
Come partake of a spirit no darkness can quell,
Come and listen to stories a silence can tell.