Well, this is a humor story. My first ever, at that. I was in the shower one day and said to myself "How awkward must that have been for L and Light…" and several scenarios popped into my head as my imagination and iPod ran away to elope together. This is the result! For now, no music is involved, but soon. Hee……


Light looked at L.

L looked at Light.

They both looked at the bathroom door.

One with boredom.

One with panic.


"L….aren't you going to uncuff us?" Amber eyes turned onto deep black as the panic in Light's stomach was just itching to come up his throat to make him scream… and maybe throw up.

"No." A pale hand reached towards the door knob, the silver cuff around it making the chain between the two boys jingle.

"….Why not? We're going to shower now, right?" That same pale face turned once again to face a much tanner one.

"Yes, Raito-kun, we are going to shower. We. I cannot remove the handcuffs for extended periods of time. You are lucky I take it off long enough for you to remove your shirt." They both stood there, still exchanging glares.

One gave off that "Are you stupid?" look.

The other gave off that "Fuck no! You've got to be kidding me!" look.

This is the reason Light had forced himself to go three days without showering.

This right here.

The ghostly hand finally opened the door to the bathroom that Light had so far resolutely abstained from using. Light looked inside with fear in his heart.

And sighed.

At least there would be heavily frosted glass between them.

"Couldn't you have just build a wall between the two stalls?" A click and the cuff came off, telling Light it was time to get naked.

"No, I still need to be able to see you to some degree." Another click and Light's mouth fell open with the cuff.

L would still be staring at him….

While he showered?!

"And no Raito-kun, I will not be staring." Light glanced over to the dark-haired man next to him with wide eyes. Wide enough to almost be a match.

"….Good." With that, he started removing his shirt as L began turning the water in both stalls on, warming them up.

"Unless…" A faint, mischievous voice came out over the sound of rushing water.

"Light wants me to stare?"


With a furious blush on his cheeks, Light viciously threw his shirt to the ground. Not only had L just said something completely invasive, he used the English pronunciation of his name and chopped of the honorific. It was humiliating! It also didn't deserve any sort of response, so light simply stood there until L finally stripped himself of his own shirt.

Light couldn't help but stare.

His chest was far more masculine than Light thought. His stomach was even more muscled and lean than he had ever believed was possible for a roughly 110 pound, 5 foot 8 man.


"L….are you….Taller than me?" The man in question turned, going from simply standing up straight to towering at his full height. He looked Light up and down with a smirk.

"Yes…I suppose I am. Roughly by three inches." His smirk broadened at Light's obvious displeasure at this news. So, L was actually 5'll".Light never liked being inferior in any way, even in height. So now, L was older, taller, and skinnier than Light. Great.

In his frustration, Light began to undo his pants, letting the comfortable fabric slide down his legs with his boxers. He was determined to get this shower business done with as soon as possible.

"Well, at least we're the same in everything else." He opened the frosted glass door that lead into the shower stall he deemed would be his, and he paused, still watching the detective.

Watching L as his smirk widened.

Watching L as his eyes traveled down Light's body.

Light's naked body.

His smirk was at it's peak as he too opened the door to his shower.

"Well, not quite everything, Raito-kun."


And Light stayed frozen to that spot for a long, long time.

L had the brains to take his pants off after he was behind the door.


Hee! Chapter one done, I hope you all liked it! It was a little dull to begin with, but hopefully the end was rewarding. Ha! Light is inferior to L in ALL WAYS!! We all know who would be seme if this ever turned into a yaoi fic now, yes? Bwahahahahahha…anyway, please read and review, the coming chapters will be even funnier, I promise.