Whoot! iPod shenanigans, take two!

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Light pushed L out of the way.

"No way am I letting your iPod anywhere near speakers ever again." L simply gave him a wry smile as a red iPod was connected to his impressive sound system.

"I assume your taste in music is better?" Light simply nodded his auburn hair as he stripped off hi shirt. Once they were both settled into their respective stalls, the play button was pressed on the same white remote from their previous endeavor.

Sharp, quick notes were struck. A harsh guitar opening, followed by powerful chords and the passion of a double bass.

"I'll be hiding in the shadows, I'll be waiting in the dark to drive this blade straight through your heart!"

A smirk was passed through opaque glass. Oh, Light's secret wishes. However, setting his iPod on random might have been a bad idea. This song was rather incriminating.

I'll drag your body to the car, as blood races down my arm, and every one will wonder where you are!"

Ok, so more than a little incriminating. Brown eyes are cast over towards the splotch of black bathing next to him. L was slowly massaging shampoo into his hair, listening intently. Hmm, yes, this was a bad idea.

"I'll hide you in my walls. your body will never be found. I'll wear your skin as a suit, pretend to be you, your friends will like you more than they used to."

Light nearly gasped. L's baritone voice…. Was singing along.

"You…. Like From First to Last?"

"Yes, actually. They are a nice stress relief. Listening to rather violent music helps me keep my temper in check."

"Dear diary my teen angst bullshit has a body count. I believe it's 6, going on 7 now…"

Light smiled. So, L did have a big temper like he did. They got into fights, so it was fairly obvious, but it was hard to imagine what life would be like if L didn't have this kind of release.

"I've been dreaming about you in a pool of your own blood, with your eyes gouged out by the work of my thumbs. The scent of your insides from under the floorboards, the perfect perfume for settling a score."

They finished out the song together, Light's voice taking on a slightly higher pitch to accommodate the tone of the singer. L stayed with his monotonous bass.

Light didn't have much luck with the next song.

A sudden chord was struck, cuing in the drums.

"Don't say a word, don't be grateful if I ever made you laugh. Let's make believe what's at stake here's more than just your reputation. She's got the photos but no recollection…"

He swallowed. This song was veeeeeeeeery much like his current situation.

He was absolutely sure that by the end of this shower session, he would be 15 percent closer to being Kira.

"Turn away your head. What do I deserve, what do I deserve instead? It's a surprise you haven't caught on yet. It's nothing personal, you're an embarrassment! Don't cut me out."

L was now looking directly at his roommate through the glass. Light was ready for the accusations to come spewing out, the percentages to go up and up, but instead, a voice around four octaves lower came out.

"We're offering nothing but the best accommodations, just tell us who you are. Just tell us who you are."

The smirk was visible. Yes, L was relating this to them. Light sang the reprise, an octave higher than L. He was more of a tenor than a bass. The line works both ways, he supposed. L's fantastic amount of money offering excellent living conditions while trying to reveal Kira, and Light's humoring of L's security in exchange for…. Well, it'd be nice to know his real name. It'd be nice to know him better. Not the character L, but the actor.

The song finished. Both boys were lost in thought about hidden messages in the songs. Light's eyes widened though when a gentle tune drifted through the steamy air. He loved this song. So what if he had a hopeless romantic side?

"Love of mine, someday you will die, but I'll be close behind. I'll follow you into the dark. No blinding lights, or tunnels to gates of white, just our hands clasped so tight, waiting for the hint of the spark."

L was now rubbing conditioner into his hair. He paused at the sudden change in musical genres. It was rather strange, he never imagined Light to have anything other than crazy violent music in his reservoir.

"If heaven and hell decide that they both are satisfied, illuminate the no's on their vacancy signs. If there's no one beside you when your soul embarks, I'll follow you into the dark."

Well now, that was rather depressing. He looked over to Light. He was standing still, slowly lathering his body in body wash. He seemed….somber. Like he wanted to have someone to sing this to. Well, L had felt the same way yesterday with Samson. They both were apparently lonely. At least to a degree.

"You and me, we've seen everything to see, from Bangkok to Calgary, and the soles of our shoes are all worn down. The time for sleep is now, it's nothing to cry about because we'll hold each other soon in the darkest of rooms…"

As the song finished, they were both left in a pregnant silence.

L wanted to ask him the significance of the song.

Light wanted to ask L to sing with him next time.

Neither question came.

Because Light's iPod decided to betray him in the worst way.

A happy synthesizer came through the speakers and teddy bear eyes widened

"Oh…. Hell…"

"I made it through the wilderness! You know I made it throuuuuuUUUUUuuugh! Didn't know how lost I was until I found you!"

Light found himself once again jumping out of the shower naked to stop the havoc that was being wrecked upon his dignity. Covered in bubbles, he ripped his iPod from it's place.

"We're seriously never going to have music in the shower ever again."

"But Raito-kun, I was hoping you'd have more music I knew. Personally, I find Madonna to be hilarious. Like a virgin, hey! Touched for the very first-"

"SHUT THE HELL UP!" L was now stepping out of the shower, pants on, smirking. He knew how badly Light was embarrassed, and he loved it. Also, he would be more humiliated when he would realize he's still naked.

In 3, 2, 1.… Light ran back into his stall with an infuriated yell.

"Well, I could sing something more to your taste. The last time that I saw you, August of '99, I should have had my hammer and a few rusty spikes to nail you on a wall and use bottles to catch your blood, display you for the neighbors so they know your time has come! Hmm, I've just realized that the entire first verse is a run on sentence." His companion stepped back out, now presentable, but still a nice shade of red.

"I'm sure that that was the thing they were trying to divert your attention to."

"Much like how since you are often naked in front of me, you are obviously trying to divert my attention to something?" A towel came at his face.



That was a little dull, wasn't it? Sorry about that! I just really wanted Light's iPod too, because I find a lot of songs that can be related to the series. Also, The Used "It's hard to say" is very neat to think of from Light's POV.

Anyway, list of songs used: From First To Last's "Ride the Wings of Pestilence", Circa Survive's "Holding Someone's Hair Back", Deathcab for Cutie's "I'll Follow You Into the Dark", and Madonna's "Like a Virgin".

L's nice paragraph of violence at the end is Save the Day's "As Your Ghost Takes Flight", and Light's last quote was from a local sca band from a while ago named No Regrets, I'm not sure what the song was called.

They were a local band, so they broke up after a bit, like all local bands in NJ. Except for My Chemical Romance anyway. I'm going to a concert of theirs at the Electric factory in Philly this month! WHOOT! Been a fan for over six years now, and I haven't managed to go to single one of their concerts -.- Wish me luck!

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