Time- Priest in the Churchyard

1. Clean

Seeley Booth was a common man. Just an ordinary guy with heart and soul. He was compassionate, brave, and intelligent.

Yet, he was stuck in a place where nothing was right to him, and everything was rational.

So, just as his shrink had said, this ordinary guy just didn't know where to stand.

In front of the body, right in the middle of things?

Or maybe, behind his partner, watching her work (not that that would be so bad…)?

Maybe he should just stand out of the way of the craziness, like he wasn't a part of it.

And another thing. It didn't matter what they said- the place was just too clean. Death isn't clean.

Neither, in fact, is sex.

So when Booth ravished Brennan's bones against the cold metal table, he knew things were going to get dirtier than ever before.

Explanation: This whole series is mostly for me, to get creative juices flowing. It'll be short little drabbles, mostly BB.

xxSpecial Agent Pirate