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By the time they had made it back to where everyone way, Raven had managed to fall asleep in his arms. Robin smiled as he looked down at her.

'You found her!' Arella gasped as she jumped up from where she was sitting and ran over to him. She frowned when she saw he daughter sleeping and cuddling up to Robin.

'You know, she must really like you. She doesn't let most people hold her like that and let alone sleep in their arms.' Arella smirked as she looked back up at Robin. He simply smiled before following Arella back over to the table. Taking a seat, he let Raven get herself comfortable before settling back down again.

'He's someone special.' Gerry whispered as he watched how relaxed his daughter was in Robin's arms. Robin didn't even bother to look, he simply watched the girl snuggling up to him.

'You know Rob, she's probably going to kill you when we get back home.' Cyborg laughed.

'W…what?' He asked as he glanced over at his friend.

'Isn't it obvious? Rae's gonna remember all of this and she's gonna kill you for holding her like that.' Cyborg smiled. Robin just shrugged before he began to play with Raven's hair. 'I wish that she would let me hold her like this back at the Tower.' Robin thought to himself as he sighed. He liked having Raven in his arms. Even though she only eight, he still liked it. He was caught up in his own thoughts that he didn't hear anything until Beast Boy waved a hand in front of his face.

'Oh…uhh…yeah?' Robin asked as he looked up and rubbed the back of his neck nervously.

'We're going back to the palace, you coming?' Gerry asked him as he and Arella stood up. Robin agreed before shifting Raven in his arms sod that he could carry her properly.

Back at the palace, Robin had set Raven down on one of the sofas.

'She'll probably sleep until it's late and then be full of energy which means…no rest for us.' Arella smiled softy as she watched her daughter's peaceful form.

'Really?' Robin asked.

'Yes, she's done it countless times and then asks why we are so tired in the morning.' The Titans couldn't help but laugh. The Raven they knew would never be like that.

'Make yourselves comfortable, I'll go fetch something to drink.' Gerry told them before making his way into the kitchen. Arella followed to help him. The Titans made there way over to the sofas and sat down. No one spoke; they all simply watched Raven sleep.


Back on Earth, at the Tower.

Raven was in the middle of making her herbal tea the alarm sounded throughout the tower. Growling, she quickly stepped over to the control panel and computer. A wave of relief ran washed over her when it turned out that it was just some thugs who had broken into a jewellery store downtown. Pulling her hood up over her head, she left the tower and flew downtown. She landed swiftly to see people scattering in all directions whilst several of the thugs stood outside the shop with their guns pointed. 'This is too easy.' Raven thought to herself as she rolled her eyes. Using her powers, she levitated a lamppost and sent it smashing into them. Not bothering with them, she ran into the store to find jewel cases broken and glass cabinets smashed open. She smirked upon seeing someone shovelling the jewels into an open bag. Raven stepped forward causing the shattered glass to crunch under her feet. The thief quickly looked up and gasped. Turning on his heel, he planned to run out of the fire exit.

'You're not going anywhere.' Raven said as she surrounded the bag in her black aura and yanked it away from him.

'Hey!' He yelled as she pulled out a gun and fired at her. She quickly put a shield up in front of her before disappearing into the floor. Moments later, she re-appeared straight behind him. Smiling slightly, she kicked him in the back of the kneels causing him to fall forward. Grabbing hold of his arm, Raven yanked the gun away from him and threw it out of his reach before pulling both of his arms behind his back and using her powers to form and clamp around his wrists and ankles so that he didn't escape. As is on cue, police ran into the building. A few of them ran up to Raven whilst the others hauled the thieves outside into the police car.

'Thank-you Raven. We can take it from here.' The chief smiled at her before focusing on the man at her feet. Nodding, Raven quickly left the building.

'Hey, where are the other Titans?' A voice asked from behind her. Looking over her shoulder, she saw a boy about her age with surfer style blonde hair and striking green eyes.

'I'm wondering that myself. I haven't seen them in days.' Raven told him as she turned to fully face him.

'Really? Well it's good that you can take care of yourself then. Oh and by the way, I'm Shane.' He smiled at her as he took a step closer.

'Raven.' Was all she said before looking back to see them shoving them last of the robbers into the car and driving off.

'Yes, i know that. I admire you.' Raven just raised an eyebrow at him.

'Strange I know. I was just heading to the Black Sun café, you wanna come?' Shane offered. Raven eyed him cautiously before shrugging.

'Got nothing better to do at the moment.' She told him before the two of headed down to the café.

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