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"Night mom." Jen said to her mother before she went to sleep.

"Night honey." Her mother replied as she closed Jen's bedroom door.

Within minutes she was asleep. Jen could always fall asleep anywhere at anytime.

Later that night

"You are so broken"

Suddenly Jen bolted awake. She could have sworn that she has heard something. She sat in her bed absolutely still for what seemed like forever but it was probably just a minute or so---

"You're nothing now"

There was that voice again. Jen was officially freaked out. Where was that voice coming from?

"I will end all your suffering"

That was it. Jen ran from her room screaming for her mom. When she got to her mom's door she banged on it over and over until her mother finally opened up. "What? What is it?"

"I heard something. A voice."

"Jenifer come on I have a meeting in the morning."

"Mom I'm serious."

"So am I. Now go back to bed."

"But mom---"

"Now Jenifer!" Then her mom shut the door in her face just to make her point more clear. Jen slowly crept back to her room. When she came to her room she stopped in the hallway and looked into the room. Everything looked fine but Jen still felt that something was off. She decided to turn on her light and close her door so that her mom wouldn't notice. She slowly climbed into her bed, careful not to make a sound. She sat there waiting for the voice to haunt her again, but it never came.

The next morning Jen couldn't remember when she had fallen asleep, but she was grateful that she finally had. She was so happy that it was Saturday. On her way to the bathroom Jen saw her brothers door was closed which meant that he had come home sometime after she had flipped out last night. Jen stared at herself in the mirror. Her blonde hair was so crazy in the morning. She reached over for her toothbrush and toothpaste.

"Jenifer..." Oh no! The voice was back.

"Leave me alone." She quietly whimpered.

"Broken. You're broken."

She thrusted her toothbrush down and ran to her brother's room. Instead of knocking like she would usually do, she just ran straight in to his room. Her brother,Max, was in a deep sleep, but that didn't stop her now. Jen was terrified.

"Max!...Max, wake up. Max. Please."

"What? What is so fucking important that you had to wake me up on a Saturday at..." Max glanced at the clock. "9 in the morning."

"I keep hearing her."

"Her? What do you mean."

"I keep hearing some girl's voice. She wont leave me alone."

"Well did you piss off any one's girlfriend recently?"

"Max be serious, please."

"Wait are you serious about theses voices." Max suddenly looked at her as if he just realized she was there.

"Yes." She whined.

"Jen. Stop it. That's not normal. Your imagining stuff thats all."

"No, I'm not. Okay? I mean at first i thought i was too, bit there's no way I still am. Please Max, you've got to believe me."

"No Jen, you have to believe me when I say get out before I beat the shit out of you."

"Thanks, Max, Thanks a lot." Jen glared at him and walked out of the room.

"Any luck on the case so far?" Dean was getting impatient. He really wanted to get out of here.

"Ya, actually. Nicky Seamstress. She was 18 years old. Her Father was an alcoholic who beat her mother and little sister, Jamie. In 1968, her whole family was found dead in their living room and she was missing. 10 days later they found her body about a mile away with slit wrist." Sam read off the article to dean.

"So after she kills her family she runs away and what? Couldn't deal with the guilt of it so she kills her self also?"

"Ya i guess. And now it seems that if her spirit ever comes in contact with a broken family here in Lansing then she kills the family, but doesn't kill who ever she thinks is the victim in the family."

"So the last person she thought was a victim was Jane?"

"I think so. Jane was 17 years old she grew up her whole life hating her mother, for always cheating on her dad, and rarely ever spoke to her dad even though they all lived together."

"So Nicky thinks she can help Jane out by taking her parents out of the equation. Okay so then how do we figure out who is her next family."

Sam's face dropped. "I don't know, man."

The boys went silent for a while neither knew what to do next. There were probably a hundred families out there with problems that Nicky thought she could fix.

Sam got up and walked over to the door. "I'm going to go to the local library and see what else I can find out." Dean nodded in response.

Sam was sitting at the back of the library when he started to hear some girls talking.

"Sara I'm not making this up. I heard her. I swear I did."

"Come on Jen. Voices? You've got to be kidding me."

"I mean it she keep saying I'm broken and that she can help me."

"Jenna you are not broken."

Sam couldn't believe what he was hearing. He got up and slowly walked near to the girls.

"We need to go or else we'll be late."

"Fine, but I need to stop at m house." The one named Jen said.

Sam quickly got his PC and followed the girls out. He was happy the girls were walking since he didn't drive the car to the library. 10 minutes later he saw Jen and Sara walk into what he assumed was Jen's house. Sam rushed back to the hotel to tell Dean what he had found out.

"Dean. I think I know who Nicky is going after next."


"Some girl named Jen."

Dean looked even more confused than before. "And you know this how?"

"I over heard her and her friend talking. She was saying that lately she's been hearing voices telling her she's broken. A woman's voice."

Dean thought for a moment. "Well let's go talk to her then."

"Excuse me ma'am. Were with the state police, we got a phone call about a possible child abuse. But we don't know which house it was from so were doing a random check in the area." Sam explained to Jen's mom.

"Oh." Mrs. Anderson didn't look to happy.

Sam and Dean were both dressed in a suit and tie. They quickly showed her their fake ID's.

"Yeah, so if we could just speak with your daughter, now. Is she in her room?"

Mrs.Anderson looked suspicious but nonetheless she signaled for the officers to follow her. "Jen?" She said as she knocked on her daughter's door. "These men here would like to ask you some questions." Jen opened her door and stared at the two strange men. She noticed one was freakishly tall.

"Mrs.Anderson do you mind talking to me downstairs?" Dean led her away from Sam and Jen. Sam glanced at Jen.

"So Jen...um...where's your dad?

"He died a year ago in a car crashed." Jen didn't look up. She just kept starring at her bed.

"Are you okay? You seem out of it." Sam's voice was reeking with concerness.

"I'm fine. I just haven't slept in a while."

Sam knew he was getting somewhere now. "Why's that?"

"You wouldn't believe me if I told you." Jen still didn't look up.

"Try me."

Jen finally glanced over at Sam. She looked scared and nervous. "I keep hearing this voice." Jen whispered.

"A voice? What voice?" Sam was intently focusing on her now.

"This women. She won't leave me alone."

"What does she say to you?"

"She says she can end my suffering." Jen's voice was becoming more frantic with every question.

"Are you suffering?"

"No, I don't think so."

Sam had to figure this out. What in her life wasn't right. 'Think, Sam, think.' He told himself.

"What has life been like since your dad died?"

"Fine." Jen didn't wan't elaborate.

"Any big changes?" Sam kept pushing.

"Mom works more now."

"So you don't see her as much." Sam stated.


Sam started to finish up the conversation. They both said goodbye and then Sam went downstairs to meet up with Dean. Dean said goodbye to Jen's mother and walked over to the car where Sam was waiting. "Find anything?" Dean asked Sam.

"Her dad died a year ago and since then her mom has been obsessed in her work. You?"

"Uh...not much, but in my way downstairs I think I saw some pot in her brother's room."

"She has a brother?" Sam didn't think to ask Jen that.

"Ya, apparently."

"Oh and her dad died in a car crash."

"Alright, so life is good. Then one day her dad dies. Now all her mom does is work, so she never sees her. And her brother, who she was close to, is all about drugs now, so he doesn't have time for his little sister anymore. So Jen feels like her life is falling apart."

"I guess. So Nicky thinks that she'll solve all Jen's problems if her mom and brother are out of the picture."

"Here we go again." Dean said sarcastically.

The Winchester boys were hanging outside of Jen's house waiting for something to go wrong. "Are you sure something we'll happen tonight?" Dean was beginning to question his brother's research.

"Ya, all the murders happened on a Sunday night and tonight is Sunday."

"Ya, I kinda figured that, Einstein. Well where is she then. This is her target, so she should be here."

"Relax, she'll come."

Hours had passed and nothing seemed wrong. When it was 5:30 in the morning the boys decided that they were wrong. "It just doesn't make sense." Sam kept mumbling.

"Let it go, man." They both fell asleep easily, because they were so tired.

"Dean. Dean. Wake up." Sam was pushing his brother awake.

"What?" he yelled back.

"We were wrong. She did come last night, just quietly." Sam went over to the TV and turned it on. There on the television was a picture of Jen's mom. The reporter was saying that the women was found dead in the bathtub. Police believe that she drowned there.

When the boys got to Jen's house they found her screaming at the police. "No! You have to listen to me. She was killed. I saw her. She came and forced my mom under the water." The police man just shaked his head in pity and pushed her away. Jen ran over to another police man."Please. Help me. She's going to kill me. She killed my mom. Please!" Jen was screaming and crying frantically.

The police man said "Kid it's okay. You're just suffering from post traumatic distress. Every things---"

"No! I saw her." Jen cut him off. The police man tried to lead her over to an ambulance to sit down, saying everything was going to be okay. "No it won't." Jen tried to release herself from him, but he wouldn't let go. "Please." she cried. Then Jen started to pound in the man's chest and push him away. Another cop was coming towards her to help. Sam and Dean rushed over to help her.

"Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey." Sam said as he went to separate them. He got a hold of Jen and pulled her away.

"Don't worry were with the state police. We'll handle her." Dean said reassuringly to the police.

"Jen. Jen. What happened?" Sam tried to ask Jen but she kept looking around and couldn't focus. "Jen." Sam said sternly. She snapped her neck back around and looked at him. Sam wiped away a tear on her face with his thumb. "What happened?" He said calmly again.

Jen looked up, but her vision was blurred by her many tears. Dean moved himself behind her her so no one could see them, he had his back to the police now.

"She came." Jen whispered.

"Who did?" Dean questioned.

"That girl. The one I keep hearing. My mom went in the bathroom. And a little while later I saw her, standing in the hallway. She smiled and said 'It will all be better soon' and then she walked into the bathroom. I ran after her and when i got there she shoved my mom under water." Jen was having trouble getting all this out. She kept seeing it happen again and again in her mind. And she couldn't comprehend what had happen next. "Then, I don't know how how, but something pushed me back and the door slammed in my face. I could-- I could hear--," Jen started to cry harder. "I could hear my mom screaming and trying to breathe. I tried to open the door but it wouldn't budge. I hit it over and over but it wouldn't open. And then it stopped and everything was just quiet. So I opened the door and she was dead and that freak was gone. She killed my mom." Jen looked really angry now, but she was still crying. Dean didn't really know Jen but he had a new understanding about her once she said that.

"I know, Jen." Sam looked at her with so much sympathy. 'Another persons life destroyed' he thought to himself.

"Listen we gotta figure this out. When things start to die down we'll get you outta here and you can tell us the whole story." As usual Dean took control.

1 Hour Later

"Nice car." Jen commented as she got in.

"Ya, she's a beauty." Dean admired his car at the thought.

"Don't get him started." Sam mumbled.

"Ignore him. He just doesn't understand the special bond a man has between him and his car."

"You're a man?" Sam said sarcastically.

"You're one to talk." Dean shot back.

When they got to the motel Jen slumped down on to one of the beds. Dean got straight to it.

"So...when did you start hearing her?"


"Nicky? The voice you keep hearing."

"It has a name?" Jen looked disgusted.

"Ya, when did you start to hear her?" Dean was getting impatient.

"Um...a week or so, I think." She was starting to feel stressed.

"And she says the same stuff every time?"

"Ya, usually. Whats going on? Who is she?" Jen couldn't take this anymore.

Sam was shifting on the chair uncomfortably. "Listen, I don't know how to tell you this, but that woman you saw was the spirit of Nicky Seamstress."

Dean went on for Sam "She died in 1961 and now she goes around killing off families except for one person."

"Wait, what?" Jen couldn't even begin to explain how crazy they sounded.

"I know it sounds insane," Sam began "but you saw her. You know were telling the truth."

"Why?" She said softly.

"Why what?" Sam said.

"Why does she do it?"

Sam was taken back a second. He wasn't expecting her to accept the truth so quickly. "When she was alive, her family wasn't all that great, so she killed them and later she killed herself."

"Wait, is she going to kill me?" Jen looked horrified.

"No." Dean quickly said "She kills off the family except for one person who she thinks is the victim of the family."

"The family..." Jen was beginning to understand.

"Ya, your brother, too." Sam, said quietly.

"No!" Jen screamed. "No! She can't just do that. No!"

Dean and Sam got a hold of her and calmed her sown. "we're gonna save your brother." Dean said confidently.

"How?" She whined.

"Well to get rid of a spirit you dig up the body, pour salt over it, and burn it." Sam told her.

"And then she'll be gone?"

"Yes." Dean answered.

Two hours later Sam and Dean dropped Jen off at her house. "Here." Dean handed her a piece of paper.

"What's this?" She asked.

"Our numbers." Dean went on.

Jen raised an eyebrow in their direction.

"In case anything happens." Sam added.

"We'll still have to find her body and destroy it. And since we don't know when she'll strike next, there's nothing we can do. But will call you once once we finish."

"And then this should all be over?" Jen said hopefully.

"Ya, but call us if anything weird happens." Dean reminded her.

And with that Dean and Sam got in the car and drove off.

"Found it." Dean and Sam had been searching the internet for the last hour trying to find out where Nicky was buried; and Dean had finally done just that.

"Where is it?" Sam asked in a rush.

"Grace Caring Cemetery. 15 miles from here."

"Great I'm gonna call Jen and let her know. Sam walked over to the table and grabbed his cell and dialed her number. After three rings he got her voice mail. "Hey Jenna, its Sam...um we found Nicky's body so we should have this done in an hour or so. So call me back." Sam hung up the phone.

"She didn't answer?" Dean seemed suspicious.

"Nah, guess not."

"Well we should go then."


At the same time that Sam had called Jen she was busy trying to get a hold of her brother. She got it that he was pissed and upset about mom but how dare he just leave her like this after all she'd been through.

"Max, come on, please call me back, please." She begged in to the phone. As Jen hung up she felt very defeated. Then her phone started to beep. She had one new voice mail. Jen prayed it was from her brother as she pressed '1' to play, but it was from Sam. Once she heard the message she quickly called Sam's cell.

"Ya?" he answered.

"Sam? It's Jen."


"Hey, I got your message, did you do it?"

"Not yet were heading over there now."

"Okay, well call me when it's done."


Jen closed her cell. Just then she heard the front door open and slam closed. Jen raced from her room downstairs calling out "Max?". But when she got there she didn't like what she saw. "Max!" she said appalled. In his hand was a beer bottle.

"Hey Jenna." he said plainly.

"where have you been?" she asked.

"Just out with some friends."

"What? Mom's dead and you left me to go drinking with your friends? What's wrong with you?"

"Jesus. Just relax." Max said annoyed. He wasn't really drunk yet, but Jen could tell he was only a beer bottle away from being drunk.

"Relax? Max, mom's dead. Okay? Dead! Do you get that?" she yelled at him.

"God Jen." he mumbled as he went upstairs to his room.

Jen had been watching TV for a while when suddenly she heard "Don't worry, I'll end all your pain." Oh no, she was back. Jen's head snapped back wards but no one was their. She raced up to her room and searched for her phone. Once she found it she dialed Sam. Her first two tries she kept miss dialing the number, but then on the third try she got it right. Right when Sam picked up she immediately yelled in to the phone "Sam!"

"Jen, what's wrong?"

"She's here."


"Yes, now!" She said annoyed. "Are you almost done yet?"

"Ya, were digging up the body now."

"Hurry!" She screamed. Jen was getting anxious.

"We will." Sam and Jen both hung up quickly. Jen had no idea what to do now. What could she do?

"Dean we gotta finish this. Now!" Sam yelled as he and Dean picked up the pace.

"You won't be broken much longer." The voice said as it haunted her. "I'm here for you." Over and over it kept repeating these twisted things to her.

Jen ran to her brother's room and knocked wildly on it till Max finally opened up. He looked stunned from all the sudden commotion. "We gotta get outta here." Jen yelled as she bolted in to his room.

"What are you talking about?"

"Now, Max, we gotta go, now!"

Max grabbed a hold of his sister. "Jen, listen to me--"

"No, Max, she's going to kill you." Jen said as she tried to pull max out of his room.

"Who's gonna kill me?" Max wouldn't move no matter how hard Jen tried.

"That girl. The voice I keep hearing."

"Oh not this again."

"Max! She's real. I've seen her. She killed mom."

"Jenna, mom drowned. Okay. No one killed mom. I know it's weird but--"

"Wait, did you hear that?" Jen said as she put her hand over his mouth.

"It will all be over soon." The voice said.

"Oh no." Jen whispered. "She's here. Max, please, we've got to leave. Now!"

And then in one instant Nicky appeared. She moved towards Max, her eyes only focused on him.

"No! Please don't." Jen begged as she moved even closer.

The spirit walked through Jen and on to her brother. Max couldn't move paralyzed by fear. He couldn't believe what he was seeing. Nicky looked back at Jen who was trying to to get closer to Max. But she couldn't because suddenly she was pushed to the side by an unknown force. In Nicky's hand appeared a sharp, long knife. She gave off a wicked smile. "No!" Jen screamed. Nicky gripped on to Max's shoulder tightly and in one quick move she plunged it in to his stomach and twisted it around. Jen screamed and cried while her face twisted into unimaginable pain, hate, and sadness all at the same time. 'Not again.' she thought to herself. And as if that wasn't enough Nicky brought the knife up to his neck and slowly began to slit his throat. But just when she got the knife dragged to the center of his neck her feet burst out in flames. The fire spread up her body as she screamed out in pain. She looked full of anger and fear. And in one instant she was gone. Jen looked around confused, searching for the spirit, but then she saw Max. He was holding on to his stomach, trying to breathe as blood came out of his neck, pooling on to the floor. Jen put her hand over his stomach, where his hand was and began to cry. "Max. It's okay. She's gone. She's gone." Jen couldn't stand to see her brother like this.

"It's okay." She mumbled.

Max's eyes began to roll back slightly.

"No, Max! Stay with me." Jen begged. "Don't leave me here. I need you."

Jen sat with her brother crying for awhile.

Dean and Sam drove over to Jen's house. When they got there and nobody came to after they repeatedly knocked on the door, they gave each other a worried look and Dean knocked down the door. The boys raced up to Jen's room, but what they found they weren't expecting. There on the floor they saw Jen crying over her brother's dead body. At first the boys didn't know what to do, but then Sam walked over to her and Dean followed.

"Jenna?" Sam said softly.

Jen looked up, with tears streaming down her face. "He wasn't suppose to die." she said

"I'm sorry." Sam said.

"Ya, me too." Dean agreed.

Suddenly all three of them heard a wicked laugh. "My, my, my. What a treat. The great winchester boys. And Jenna Anderson. I've heard a lot about you. Sam and Dean instantly knew it was a deamon possessing someone. She had pale skin and jet black hair.

"What are you talking about?"

"oh you'll find out in time." she said confidently.

Sam and Dean moved in front of Jen, blocking her from the deamon's eyes.

"What do you want, bitch?" Dean asked.

Just came for some fun."

'You've got to be kidding me. What is it with this girl. She's a magnet for the supernatural.' Dean thought to himself.

The deamon looked at the boys with a smile and waved her hand. Dean and Sam both flew against opposite walls. The deamon zoned in on Jen. She walked towards her as Jen became very nervous. Jen looked around her and slowly edged herself near the wall. The deamon grabbed Jen around her neck and raised her up against the wall. Jen tried to pull the girl's hand off her as she gasped for air.

"Let her go." Sam yelled.

"Well I must say you don't live up to your reputation." The deamon said coldly towards Jen.

"Wha--wh--wha--t" Jen tried to say 'what' but she couldn't speak.

"Oh you don't know yet, do you? Well, he'll come visit you soon. I'm sure of it."

Who would come? The deamon tightened her grip on Jen's neck and held it tightly for a moment before she releases her and Jen fell to the ground. The deamon turned her back on Jen as she breathed deeply. The deamon glanced at Jen's brother and spoke " Don't worry about him, he was nothing to begin with anyway."

As the deamon continued talking Jen became more and more angry. She slowly tried to get up. "Besides," the deamon continued "he's just your brother and he would have died sooner or later."

And just as the deamon turned around to face Jen ans continue to speak Jen got up and punched her in the face. In the deamon's moment of weakness Jen spun around and kicked her in the gut. But she wasn't done yet, Jen grabbed her and threw her against the wall."You little, bitch." The deamon said angrily. She walked towards Jen with her fist ready to hit Jen. But Jen was ready, she ducked from the deamon's fist, grabbed a hold of her and kneed her in the gut, then punched her in the face.The deamon stumbled back wards and said "Huh, nice punch. But trust me, I Can o better. So don't push it."

Dean and Sam just starred in amazement at what Jen and just done. Jen starred while the deamon calmly walked towards the door. When she reached it she put her hand on the frame of the door, turned around an gave a creepy smile. Her hand lit on fire as she dragged it out of the room and walked away in no pain. When the deamon left the boys fell to the ground. The fire spread across the room. Jen was starring at her brother's lifeless body and she began to cry. "We gotta go!" Dean screamed.

"I know." Sam replied.

Sam went over to Jen. She was holding on tightly to her brother. Sam tried to pull her off, but she wouldn't let go. "Jenna, we gotta go." Sam yelled.

"No! No I'm not leaving him. Not like this." she replied.

"Jenna we have to."


"Sam! Now!" Dean yelled at his brother. Sam didn't know what to do. They had to get out of there now! But Jen wouldn't leave. "Sam!" Dean yelled sternly.

In that second Sam picked Jen up and began to carry her away.

"No!" she yelled as she was taken from her brother. "No! Put me down. Don't!" She yelled while she kicked her feet and tried to push herself away from Sam, but he was stronger. Sam ignored her begging no matter how much she tried to free herself and yelled at him. Dean opened the back car door and Sam put her in the car. Him and Dean both quickly got in the car. Sam was in the back with Jen so she wouldn't be able to try to run out of the car and so he could attempt to calm her down. They would have just stayed outside the house but Dean was worried that Jen would run back in to the house, so they drove to the motel. Jen was quiet the whole ride which really worried Sam. Jen refused to even look at them. She looked out the window the whole time crying. 'This is the worst fucking week of my life.' she thought numbly. Sam and Dean exchanged a few glances but that was all.

When they got to the motel Sam lightly tugged on Jen's shirt. She followed him out of the car. When she got out he put his hands firmly on her shoulders and guided her through the door to the bed. Jen just sat there starring into space. " Jen?" Sam said lightly.

"Don't talk to me." Jen ordered.

After a minute or so Dean suggested " Why don't you got take a shower." he said to Jen. Wordlessly she got up and went in to the bathroom. "Sam, what are we gonna do, now?"

"I don't know, man." Sam ran his hand over his face.

10 minutes later Jen came out in the sweat pants and and the hoodie she had been wearing today. Sam saw Jen come out first. "Here Jenna, you can sleep on my bed." He was pointing to the bed closest to her. Jen walked over and got under the covers, she turned her back to Sam and Dan, facing the wall. Sam grabbed his laptop and sat next to her. Within 5 minutes Jen was asleep. That night she had a dream where she saw her brother die over and over again, but every time she came to save him she was always a second to late.

The next morning Jen woke up to the sound of the news on TV.

"Last night there was a terrible fire that killed two people, Max Anderson and his sister, Jenifer Anderson. Neighbors said they saw Jenifer come home around five and heard her brother come home in his car around ten. There was no sight or sound of them leaving afterwards. Both are presumed dead." finished off the reporter.

"Great. How are we gonna explain this one, now?" Dean asked Sam.

"I don't know. It will seem odd that she didn't show up sooner."

Jen pretended that she had just woken up and didn't hear what they had said.

"Hey. Mornin'." Dean said.

Jen didn't respond.

"You okay?" Sam asked.

At that Jen did respond. She gave Sam a cold look. "Ya, I'm just great."

'Awkward.' Dean thought. "Um well, I'm just gonna go get us all some breakfast. Be back in twenty." Dean said in a rush walking out the door.

For the next twenty minutes Sam typed away on his computer and Jen flipped through the TV channels. 'Finally.' Sam thought as Dean walked in. Everyone ate their food in silence until it was all gone. The boys noticed that Jen knew how to eat. Jen got up and threw away her trash. "Well I better be heading." she said matter-of-fact.

"Here we'll give you a ride. Police should still be at your house."

"Oh, thanks. But no thanks. I'm not heading there."

"Wha'd ya mean?" Sam asked.

"I mean I'm not going home." Jen said confidently.

"Why? We've got to get you back to where you belong." Dean said.

"Belong? Are you kidding me?" Jen's voice was beginning to get louder. "Do you know what their gonna do with me? NO? Cause I do."

"No, what?" Dean yelled.

"My dad's whole family is dead. SO, no doubt they we'll send me off to live with someone on my mom's side. My family doesn't get along with them. Ok? I haven't talked to them in like five years. And when I get there they're gonna send me to school and expect me to do homework and go see movies and hang out with other people and act like every things okay, just to please them They'll want me to pretend like my family never died.

"Jenna..." Sam said softly.

"No! And no one we'll know the truth. They'll think that my mom somehow drowned herself and that my brother lit himself on fire. Alright? They'll think they left. That...that they chose to leave me." Jen was becoming passionate in her words.

"Ya and how do you expect to make it out there. It's not a fairytale like your little textbooks tell you it is. It's the real world Jenifer." Dean yelled back.

"I'll find away. I'm pretty good at poker and pool. And anyone will play a 14 year old girl thinking it's and easy win. So i'll make make some money like that and stuff. But I will not go live with those freaks." Jen explained. "I refuse." she growled the last part. Jen walked to the door and grabbed the handle.

"Wait." Sam said as she turned the handle.

"What?" she said annoyed.

"Stay. Stay with us." Sam said defeated.

At first Dean looked a little surprised and confused, but then he started to think more about it.

"What?" Jen said, she was taken back a step.

"Sam's right, you should." Dean kind of liked the idea of Jen with them. She was cool, in a little sister sort of way.

"I don't know..." Jen didn't know what to say. Yes or no?

"C'Mon. You'll be fine." Sam pushed her.

"Ya a little training and you'll be there. Cuz I mean you really nailed that deamon." Dean said proudly.

When Jen heard this she couldn't help but smile slightly.

"Besides Jen, it's either them or us. I mean were not really gonna let you go off on your own, and even if you did we'd probably just follow you, to make sure don't get yourself hurt." Dean said half jokingly.

Jen still wasn't completely convinced.

"And ya know, Jenna," Sam began seriously "You could really help a lot of people."

At that Jen got real interested. "Wait, hold on a sec. If I stay with you guys I could save people from? This whole thing...that I've just been through? So they wouldn't have to go through this whole..." Jen was searching for a way to describe it "...life destroying thing?"

"Ya, exactly." Sam said then glanced at Dean.

They both starred at Jen intently. Jenifer though deeply and seriously for a moment. And then she finally made up her mind. Jenna said determined and confidently "Fine. I'm in!"

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