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Outside of Tower of Records Dean, Sam, and Paige sat in the impala forming a plan.

"So how are you guys going to get her to take an interest in you?" Paige asked from her position in the back.

"Well, that the thing. We're not." Dean stated plainly sitting in front of the wheel.

"Huh?" Paige said utterly confused.

'What were they just gonna bomb it and pray to God that did the trick?'

"See, I went over the list of victims." Sam said. "And it seems that Sierra goes after teenage girls who come in alone."

"You don't mean..." The boys just looked at her. "What? Hell no!'

"Paige, this is the easiest way."

Paige was freaking out. How could they expect her to do something like that. The belfa was brutal. And, if she went in and found it then it would be linked to her. Oh God. Suddenly scary scenarios of Paige's death at the hands of the belfa ran through her mind, but through it all she saw her brother's lifeless face and mother's dead body. She felt anger for a small moment and then determination. It swiped through her blood and consumed her.

"Alright. I'll do it." She said.

"Okay, just go in and and look though some music." Dean said.

"And just wait. She'll find you." Sam said reassuringly. Paige thought that was odd, because what he said wasn't reassuring, in fact it was the damn opposite. Who walks into hell praying to piss off Satan. Lunatic, fucking lunatics, that's who. Ugh, life was just so different now.

"But what am I gonna do? I mean I can't lie to her. If I even say my name is Paige then the whole thing will be blown to shit."

"Well your just gonna have to be real with her, I guess. But keep it quiet. Don't worry I doubt she's gonna ask for a whole background check on you." Dean said handing her a cell phone; which Paige gladly accepted.

"Okay. Here I go."

Sam smiled at her for encouragement.

Paige attempted at a smile as she got out, but she knew she failed.

Breathing in deeply she walked in to the store. Paige looked around her and it was amazing to her how everyone looked so at peace with no idea what was creeping around this place.

One more glance at her surroundings and Paige walked into a section with some more hardcore music. She began to flip through some music pretending to be interested, but really who could be interested when you were practically 'begging' death to stop by.

And hour later Paige was still flipping through the music around her. Technically she had already looked through the entire section twice but she didn't want to move around in case the belfa never noticed her.

Suddenly Dean's phone rang.

"Hello?" Paige said.

"Hey Paige. Any luck?" Sam asked her

"No. Nothing. All this has done is made me look like a loner with no life and no money."

"Damn. We thought for sure she'd be here."

"Yeah, well, maybe she moved on. I mean--"

"Excuse me." Someone said cutting Paige.

Paige twirled around to see a tall girl with straight, platinum blonde hair looking at her. She looked to be around sixteen.

"Uh.. hi." Paige stuttered out as she pressed the end button on dean's phone.

"Sorry to bother you." The girl said. "But I saw you standing her and I was wondering if you needed any help."

"Um.... well... uh... I was do you..." Paige couldn't control her words until she finally just blurted out, "have any AC/DC music here?"

The blonde laughed in a friendly tone and pointed. "Yeah, It's right in front of you to the left.

Paige turned around slightly to where she was pointing. "Oh. Cool. Thanks." Paige grabbed one of the cd's and turned back to the girl smiling gratefully.

"No problem. I'm Sierra."

Paige could feel her eyes bug out as she dropped the disc. "Oh crap." She said as she dropped to the floor to pick it up as a distraction.

'Oh, fuck.' Paige thought. She had no idea what to do now.

She slowly rose up to face Sierra. "Um... I'm Pa-- I'm...Jenna. " Paige corrected herself and forced herself to spit out the name. The name Jenna was like a ghost to her. She hadn't of said it in a long time and when she did it brought back painful memories of her old life. But it also reminded her of all the reasons she was here and the hate she had for these evil sons of a bitches that thought it was okay for them to tear apart people's world. It filled her more confidence to do what she had to do to tear down this creature's life just like it had done to now five families here.

"Cool. So, you like AC/DC? Me too."

"Yeah, their great. Legends even."

"So what other music do you like?" Sierra asked.

It was amazing to Paige how innocent she could look, for a few moments Paige kept forgetting that before her was a monster. A cold hearted bitch of a monster.

"Well, anything rock really. Most hard stuff, though."

"Yeah, same with me. It's just fun." Sierra smiled showing all her teeth.

For some reason it really disturbed Paige. Those teeth.

"So... do you like anything outside of rock?" Sierra asked her keeping the conversation going.

"Yeah, somethings. Ya know, a little hip hop and some pop here and there. Rarely ever country, though."

"Oh yeah, same here. It's just too mellow for me." Paige nodded in agreement. "So what's some of your favorite bands?"

"I really like Linkin Park, right now."

"Oh, I love them. Hey listen, me and some friends are going to their concert tomorrow night. Want to come?"

Paige didn't know what to say. Was this a good idea? What would Dean and Sam want her to say; yes or no? But then Paige thought, 'Fuck that. I want this mother fucker's head on a stick. I'll do what ever I have to, to make that happen.'

"Yeah sure. Sounds like fun." Paige replied with as much enthusiasm as she could muster, which turned out to be quite a lot.

"Great. Um give me your number and I'll text you the details."

"Okay, yeah, my number is--" Paige stopped short. This wasn't really her number what if that pissed he off. Paige knew she was probably over reacting but she still did want to avoid death. "Actually, I don't have a phone anymore. But you can reach me at this number." Paige gave Sierra Sam's number because she figured Dean would want his back since most hunters called him on that phone.

"Cool. I'll text you." Sierra smiled warmly. It made Paige want to gag.

"Awesome. I'll see ya later." Paige said finally as she waived good bye and walked out of the store.

She saw the boys parked a few feet away and tried to keep her pace normal as she walked to the car but all she really wanted to do what run as fast as she good back to them. God, her nerves were all jacked up.

"Hey. I saw her." Paige said once she was inside. Dean started up the car.

"And..." Dean said.

"We talked. And... made plans."

"Plans?" Sam asked.

"Yeah, tomorrow night. Concert, I'm going with her."

"I don't know if you should." Sam said almost to himself.

"Hey its a way to get closer to her and make sure she's it."

"Paige is right." Dean said.

Sam sighed and looked at them both. They were so determined. "Alright."

Paige sat back and let go if a small smile. Success.


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