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Under A Bloody Moon

The Unknown

The first thing that I noticed was that I was lying on the cold ground. The second thing I noticed was that I was alive.

Instantly, I shot up into a sitting position, looking around wildly with wide eyes. My mind went into a second level of panic as I realized that I didn't recognized where I was. I was in the middle of a forest made up of large trees that towered above me. There wasn't a forest like this near the town that I'd been in, in the Makai nor anywhere in Japan as far as I knew.

Stumbling slightly, I got to my feet. Where was I? More importantly, how had I gotten here? The last thing that I remembered was being hit by Bashere's last attack...Kami, how had I survived that at point blank range? And what about Bashere for that matter; what had happened to him?

My mind still in a haze, I began to stumble through the forest, looking for anything familiar. I found nothing however and, even more worryingly, I also found no sign of either ningen or youkai life. Finally, however, I came across a small pool with a creek running through it.

I knelt down next to the pool and let out a sigh. Well, at least there was water here. I cupped my hands, leaned down, and then dipped them in the water to take a drink. As I began to lift my hands to my mouth to drink however I suddenly froze, having caught sight of my reflection in the water.

My hair was silver like it always was in my youkai form, but my wolf ears and tail were gone. Also, the silver flecks that were usually were in my sapphire eyes had disappeared, leading me to believe that I was in my human form. But...if that were true, then why was my hair still silver?

It was not these changes that captured my attention--and my shock--though. Rather, my eyes were drawn to the black tattoo that was now branded across the right side of my face, from the top of my forehead to the middle of my cheek: It was the Japanese character for "warlord."

"Kami," I breathed out. Bashere had said that this was the mark of the Battle Lord of the Makai. He'd also said that I'd never get it. I couldn't help but grin wryly at that thought; I'd shown Bashere. But my grin quickly disappeared.

The mark was surprising. The announcer had said that I'd won the fight, but Bashere's final attack had still caught me off guard, and I wasn't entirely sure what had happened after that. Did this mean that I was the new Battle Lord of the Makai?

I pushed my thoughts away as I leaned down to finally take a drink of water. I had more important things to worry about now than Bashere right now, such as where I was for starters. Would I ever manage to find my way back home?

I let out a sigh and turned my face up to face the patch of sky that I could see between the treetops above me, only to blink in surprise. There was a full moon in the sky, but not just any full moon.

It was blood red.

A pair of pitch black eyes slowly blinked themselves open. Their owner stared uncomprehendingly upwards for several long moments, still slightly out of it. Finally the figure, a tall man, woke up completely. He attempted to sit up, but almost instantly dropped back down, grunting in pain.

Realizing that he was vulnerable, the man quickly began to take stock of his situation while expanding his senses outward in search of danger. Before he could get very far however his vision was suddenly filled with the face of a man he'd never seen before. He had long black hair, paper white skin, and dangerous yellow eyes that glinted in the darkness of their surroundings.

The dark eyed man immediately tensed at the sight of the unknown person. Noticing this, the yellow eyed man chuckled.

"Looks like you're finally awake," he hissed out in a soft, smooth voice. The first man noticed that he smelled strongly of snakes. "Mind explaining just who you are and what you're doing here?"

The dark eyed man's eyes narrowed dangerously. He quickly drew on the power under his control and lashed out. The other man's eyes widened in shock and he immediately began to claw at his throat, as if something was obstructing his air passage.

"Perhaps, after you tell me who you are, human."

A small, dark clothed figure lay curled up on the ground. His eyes were clenched tightly and he mumbled slightly under his breath, as if caught up in a nightmare.

Slowly, a second figure approached the first. They walked slowly but steadily, with a gait of someone who was sure of their abilities. Finally the person stopped next to the first, studying him. They seemed to be in a debate for a moment before finally letting out a sigh and stooping down. In one swift moment they scooped the smaller figure into their arms and picked him up.

Feeling the sudden motion, the first man began to wake up. His eyes opened to slits, revealing crimson colored eyes. He stared upward at the person carrying him, his mind hazy.

The second person chuckled lowly, but didn't say anything and simply began walking. For several moments the smaller man struggled to hold onto his consciousness, but then, as he slipped back into the darkness, he realized that he must still be dreaming.

After all, no one had blue skin, right?