Harry Potter and the Burning Magic

Authors Notes: This was inspired by a character of mine that I deeply connect with. I paired him off with Harry and thought, now these two are so similar...well, the idea just had to go and run off with a plot bunny. So here I am late at night, a slave to this runaway idea.

This is going to be a HP/HG fiction. Don't like, don't read, simple. I adore the HP/HG stories, because R/HG just does not get on, because they argue and bicker and because Ron is thick. Thick as the proverbial post. Repressed sexual tension? They'd just strangle each other after the wedding! Seriously J.K, the last two books were awful. I could put up with HBP, but DH was awful. And HP/GW does not work, and would worry me, because a certain girl is indulging in her 'white knight' complex. Not healthy. You want to flame me now?

So, this story is post POA and will be AU. Major events will still happen, but with my twist. There will be Ron, Ginny and Dumbledore bashing, and several major characters, will be killed. Also Charlie will be heavily involved, but no there is NO slash. Sorry folks.

Harry is...slightly different in this fic. I hope it's a good different.

Disclaimer: All characters, names and other related items to Harry Potter belong to one J.K Rowling. I thank her for bringing us this wonderful sandbox to play in, even though the last two books were a disappointment for me...

Summary: Harry is at an all time low following his godfathers escape. Denied a place with a loving family, his plea for help wakens a sleeping dragoness of fate. With the Triwizard tournament occurring, the dragoness awakens Harry's latent destiny and with the deadly approach of darkness, Harry's going to need all the help he can get. Watch out wizarding world, the dragons are stirring, and their master needs their help...

Deep in the bowels of the earth...

If you were underground, you'd expect it to be dark and cold no? This cave system was different, warm and slightly humid. Perfect for reptilian life, and it thrived in this underground haven for all manner of reptiles, magical and non-magical alike, living in harmony. It was the last haven for serpents, for they were mistrusted creatures, and were shunned for it. Once, a wizard loved them and they lived in peace above ground, but then the wizard died and his heir's were evil and used the snakes for wicked rituals and dark, dark magic, until eventually all serpents were associated with black magic. However fate has a funny way of dealing with things. A young serpent named Zariss, discovered a young female dragon, and nursed her back to health. In return for his friendship and bravery, the dragoness led him to the network of caves she was hatched in. Zariss informed all the serpents, magical and non-magical alike and they flocked to him, and the dragoness, disappearing from the surface, only to be seen occasionally, by wizard and muggle alike.

The smooth walls of the tunnel rushed past as the young occamy, Zariss, rushed head first down the tunnel systems, his cry of "JAZIZ!" bouncing off the narrow walls, as he hurriedly slithered further down into the catacombs, turning around a corner at breakneck speed, ramming snout first into his friend's backside. "Owww" Zariss whined, his tail tip rubbing his snout, "Did you have to park your backside in the middle of the corridor Jaz?" he asked, rhetorically, as she did not appear to be answering. His friend Jaziz, was an orphan, or more accurately, abandoned at birth by her mother. She was one of the many dragon in the community, but was still in the minority, as she was a spell dragon. Spell dragons are mostly unknown in magical lore, and are a rare and mistreated minority in the dragon world. Spell dragons can talk perfect English/parseltounge and dragontounge, and are regarded as 'freaks' by normal dragons as they are pitch black in colour, far smaller than their cousins, but their most unique talent, is the ability to channel magic. Most dragons are highly spell resistant, but spell dragons, absorb the magic used against them, until eventually, they can use the magic they 'store' in their bodies and scales. In draconian recorded legend, there have even been instances of spell dragons absorbing so much magic, they became their own 'wand' a living source of magic and could essentially cast spells like a wizard.

It was for this reason Jaziz spent her time down in the lower tunnels of the warren. Although she could mingle, she didn't like it, as she felt like the other dragons were whispering behind her back, as the ruler of the complex had firmly stated that any bigotry would result in instant expulsion from the tunnels and nobody wanted that. So she wandered the tunnels, memorizing long lost passages and discovering ancient relics, that had any archaeologist seen, they would have spluttered and promptly fainted in sheer joy...

Needless to say, having an iron hard occamy head ram into her backside was enough to stir her from her stupor. Rolling one eye back to her friend, she hissed at him "Yes Zariss?" she asked, her tone slightly exasperated.

Zariss grinned "What are you looking at little dragon?" he hissed, laughing slightly, at the old joke between friends. Jaziz didn't answer him verbally, merely stepping aside, leaving him an unrestricted view of the frozen dragoness, laying in front of him, her golden eyes locking with his. He drew in a hissing breath "Who isss sshe?" he hissed glancing at his friend.

Jaziz swallowed "I don't know Zariss" she said, fear making her voice quaver, as she locked eyes with the frozen dragoness. The eyes glowed.



The words burned themselves into Jaziz's heart and soul, as she gazed at those ancient eyes, and as the world fell into darkness, she saw an image of a lightning bolt, an owl and dog...

The wizarding world wasn't prepared for this, as the flames of retribution and destiny began to spread across the globe...

He shouldn't be here. He shouldn't be here. He should be free, away from this barred cell, running in the wild places with his godfather. But he wasn't. Instead, he was stuck in the smallest bedroom with a black eye and a fat lip. Things weren't going well for Harry Potter. Stuck, unloved, underfed and mistreated. A bad combination...

Privet Drive had become even worse for Harry. The Dursleys seemed intent on running him into the ground. Even hissing at them in parseltounge didn't do a thing. In fact, they seemed to hate him more than ever, even with the threat of a maniacal mass-murder for a godfather coming to pay a visit (Not that he was now) Damn them all. Damn them! He could be free of the Dursleys if those ministry idiots had given Sirius verisatium! But they hadn't. Nope, they'd locked him away, thrown the key out the window and rubbed their hands clean of the matter.

So Harry was stuck in Privet Drive, midnight fast approaching and his mind going numb with boredom. Dead silence, the witching hour was upon them. Harry idly pulled a lighter from under his pillow. His glasses reflected the chrome metal in the slanted moonlight as the beams bounced of the metal plated lighter. A dragon was curled on the edge of the lighter. He had stolen it from Dudley, when the fat pig wasn't looking. It was too easy, to be honest, and now Harry was bored again, but now he had something infinitesimally more dangerous to play with.


Harry loved fire. He always had, as it gave him warmth and light in the darkness. It loved him. But the Dursleys, never let Harry near anything flammable, not since he was six years old and he set Dudley alight. Yes, Harry loved fire. He knew it well, and it's destructive properties so he treated with the appropriate respect and awe. Fire was a killer, but it loved him anyway. Flicking the lighter's lid up, Harry ignited the lighter, the yellow flame blossoming into life, as it reflected off of the young wizards glasses. The yellow flame curled in the cool air and Harry smiled. He knew fire. He wasn't a pyro, far from it in fact, he just felt a connection with fire. It's the reason he liked Fawkes, so much and Fawkes him, for the phoenix sensed the young wizards affinity towards the most majestic and unforgiving of the elements.

The flame curled from the dragon lighter, it's maw seeming to grin a terrible all knowing grin. Harry sighed, as the flame danced in front of him. He wanted, no needed to be with Sirius, because otherwise...he would die. Vernon would kill him. He knew it. Knew it in his bones, a deep knowing feeling, of just...knowing. It was like having the grinning skull of death leering over your shoulder all the time and Harry knew that feeling all too well, and now he knew...his time was near, if he did not leave the house before the holidays were halfway through. He had a week to go, maybe a little less to this deadline, as the feeling was getting more ominous by the day and faster too. Harry was scared for his life. So, so scared. He snapped the lighter shut, a single tear falling from his eye, landing on the lighter with a soft plop. Placing the lighter under his threadbare pillow, the saviour of the wizarding world, Harry James Potter, curled up into a ball and cried himself to sleep. But as slumber claimed him, he made a plea for help. A desperate plea, one he made every night, but tonight was different for he unknowingly whispered it in parseltounge, his magic trying to reach out to anyone, anyone at all, to help this scared teenager.

"Help me! Please!"

And under his pillow, the lighter's eyes lit up, and a thousand miles away, a young dragoness shot awake from her slumber...


"Jaz? Wake up..."

"You're scaring me Jaz...come on little dragon..."

A voice,scratching at her head, inflaming the burning pain that boiled her skull. It felt like she was on a magic high...She groaned, her tail flopping limply on the dusty ground, her eyes cracking open, to find Zariss, looking down at her, concern on his serpentine features. She blinked, licked her dry lips and said hoarsely "What happened?"

Zariss blinked 'You mean you don't remember?"

"Remember what?"

Now Zariss looked incredulous "You don't actually remember?"

"No" Jaziz said, shaking her head, bumping it against the floor.

Zariss chose not to answer his friend, instead stepping aside to give her the unrestricted view of the frozen dragoness. Jaziz sucked in a breath as images began to flash past in her mind, the words, a snake, the black haired wizard, a white pale wand and a huge Hungarian horn-tail. Her mother. Jaziz's mouth went dry and she stood up, slowly her joints creaking in protest. "I remember" She said shortly, not looking at Zariss. She felt bad. There was so much magic in the air, and she could feel her scales drinking it up, and now her head was buzzing from a magic overload. She closed her slitted eyes and then an image hit her full force. The young black haired boy, being hit by an obese man, the boy quivering, as he was hit, again and again. He was being hurt badly. Something needed to be done. He would die, the boy would die at the hands of this evil, vile man and they would all be doomed. She knew it, knew it on an instinctive level, like we know black is black and white is white. It needed to be done quickly...He wouldn't last another hour.

She bowed her head and then looked at Zariss intently. "Do you trust me Zariss?"

"Of course I do! I'm you're best friend Jaz! Of course I trust you!" The serpent hissed indignantly, his feathers rustling as he huffed.

"Calm down you silly snake! I just need a big favour!" Jaziz said, her breath hitching in her throat. She loved Zariss, he was her only friend, and what she was asking for was a big thing.

"Anything Jaz! Anything! Just name it!"

Jaziz swallowed "I need to see the heiress"

Zariss, nodded. It made sense, he was the direct descendant of the original Zariss, and his word carried a lot of sway. He had only just reached his majority in public, and seeing the heiress would be...unusual and risky. If she refused, it could damage Zariss's reputation. Jaziz lent her head against his snout and looked him dead in the eye "you know what you risk my friend?" Zariss nodded, his face set. '"Thank you my friend" Jaziz said, "Now go, fly, there isn't much time, you heard the word too yes? Now go, fly fast my friend, I'll be right behind you!" The last words were enough, the plea desperate in her voice and Zariss took off, flying like a bat out of hell. He'd do anything for Jaziz. Anything.

Jaziz watched her friend flee down the tunnel and she rolled her limbs, looking at the frozen dragoness behind her. "Am I doing the right thing?" she hissed out loud, "What If it's all for nothing?"

"Do not fear little one, for all is at it seems. I am the one you know only as the dragoness."

Jaziz's eyes widened as she regarded the dragoness suspended in the ice. There, just inches from her, lay the one, who along with Zariss's ancestor, had helped set up this community and, indirectly, saved her life. For, since she was a spell dragon, had she not found this community, she would have died. Either from another dragon, or from starvation. In Jaziz's eyes, she owed an unpaid debt. One that could never really be paid in full. The ice obscured the dragoness, the only clear thing was those golden eyes, shining through the smoky ice.

"It is true little one. If that wizard dies, then we all die. Go, go to the heiress, and tell her, golden eyes sent you. You will know what to do when you get there" There was a pause and Jaziz winced when an image of the boy being cracked across his snout whipped across her mental plane. There was a rumble from the ice and the voice roared "GO! QUICKLY! I WILL HOLD THE FAT MAN OFF, NOW GO! RETURN WHEN YOU ARE DONE!"

The voice, stuck Jaziz in the legs and she turned, running hell for leather, skittering down the corridors, as she travelled down a path, she knew but had never touched. For she was, although unsaid, an outcast amongst the dragons and the heiress would never, ever want to see her and that, would bring disaster on them all. But what if she was ridiculed? She'd heard the other dragons say too much magic can addle people's brains. That, was of course implying she was crazy. Running down the corridor, Jaziz uttered a vile draconian oath. She couldn't help that she was a spell dragon, she didn't ask to be born like this! She heard voices up ahead, dragontounge oaths being bellowed. Jaziz swallowed, and stepped through the open double doors. She'd never actually been into or near the heiress's chambers and she was quite pleasantly surprised to see them quite bare and plain looking. Her daydreams abruptly ended when she felt several sets of eyes upon her.

The biggest dragon, she recognised, Darbfarl, the tunnel bully. She hated him, and he hated her and he had been promoted by the looks of it, which would explain the reason, for Zariss hovering there head hung down low. Darbfarl was a big Welsh green and very, very vindictive. Jaziz swallowed as Zariss said "I'm sorry Jaz. This one won't even let me through!"

Jaziz sighed and was about to answer when Darbfarl cut through "What is it spelly? The magic finally fried your brain like a egg? Or are you just stupid, cus you aint welcome here freak -"

Jaziz's brain froze. He hadn't just called her that had he? The magic she had sucked up roared in her. "I AM NO FREAK! GET OUT OF MY WAY YOU BIGOTED, VILE SCALE SHEDDING BASALISK!" Zariss drew in a breath as the other guards nearby whistled in awe. That was a serious insult that had just been thrown at Darbfarl, and he was livid, steam billowing from the corners of his jaw.

"Now you listen here spelly I -"

WHAM! Some unseen hammer blow, cracked the green's jaw upwards, his head bobbing crazily from the recoil as he stared at the ferocious little dragoness standing before him. Jaziz reared upwards, bellowing "DON'T CALL ME SPELLY!" as her claws touched the ground a surge of pure force, hammered into Darbfarl, sending the green careening through the air, to smash into the doorway of the heiress's room at a high lick. He didn't get back up, but the steady rise and fall of his chest, meant he was just out cold.

Jaziz snorted, he always did have a thick skull. She paused and then the reality of what she had just done sunk in. Turning, she was about to flee when a feminine voice said "Bravo, young one. I've wanted to fire that one for a while, but I couldn't till now. Thank you. I believed you wanted to see me? Tell me, who are you. I know all of the dragons in these tunnels, but you I do not know..."

Jaziz swallowed and turned before looking at the horntail, towering above her. "My name, heiress is Jaziz and golden eyes send me with a dire warning...a prophecy that must be heeded, or all dragon kind and sperpentkind alike will fall"

The horntail nodded "If golden eyes sent you then, we have much to discuss, come, talk with me"

"NO!" Jaziz blurted out, cringing "Time is short, the one who would be our saviour is dying! Beaten to death by his own relatives! He called for me, in the draconic tongue! A wizard, one who would bring us back to the surface...he needs to come somewhere safe. But the only safe place I know of...is here"

The dragoness smiled, as she towered above Jaziz "Then you are wise for your years. But how will you summon him here young one, and if he does get here then I will make sure he is treated well"

Jaziz looked around wildly, she had no idea what she had to do. How could she...she shuddered and nearly collapsed as a brutal assault of images and feeling washed across her.

"NO! UNCLE! I'M SORRY! I DIDN'T MEAN TO TALK LIKE A FREAK!" The boy was cringing in the corner his hands shielding his head as he tried and failed to avoid the blows raining down on him.

"No apologies are going to save you now you snivelling cur! I've tolerated you for 14 years you little maggot! Tonight it ends, as you turn fourteen you die freak!" The fat man screamed, spittle flying from his face as he raised the hammer again.

Jaziz felt for the boy, she knew what it was like to be called a freak, and degraded. She crooned, concern filtering through her tone "Come little wizard, I am here. I have heard, and I have come to help, like you asked."

The boy looked up at her, confused, as time slowed and shock, awe and fear all warred for dominance on his face as he looked at the small, black dragoness that had appeared in front of him. "Are you real?" He asked, voice quivering, pointing his wand at her.

Jaziz smiled "Yes, yes I am. We heard your plea for help, and we are here to take you somewhere safe"

"How?" Came the desperate plea.

Jaziz bent her snout and touched the young wizard's scar-mark on his forehead. "Concentrate on me" she crooned, "I'm in a safe place, reach out for me, I'm sending you an image. Take it, and focus on it, and...and...push your magic into it! You want to get away from here! DO IT!" She reached out with the magic stored in her body, and acting on some inner voice, touched the boy's own magic. He looked, wide-eyed at her, his green-eyes, becoming harder and burning with desire.

"I'm ready" he said, looking into her reptilian eyes. "Show me and get me away from these animals!"

Her magic touched his and he focused on what she was sending, their joint magic pulsing around them. The boy looked up. "Thank you." And with one last push of magic, he vanished. The backlash rolled over Jaziz, and as she collapsed the last thing she saw was a mop of red hair looking down at her with shock all over the man's face...

"Show me and get me away from these animals!" There was a pause and then a pulse of magic, and then the feeling of being pushed and a roaring tide of warm magic and...

CRASH! Harry landed with a thud to earth. He was out, free, and bleeding freely. Harry groaned in pain and rolled over, wincing as blood poured down his nose. He was at least, going to die free from that house. A distant sound caught his attention, footsteps. He could hear footsteps! The feet were getting nearer and he rolled over, looking straight up into the sky wincing as he felt broken, or fractured bones move in his body. The footsteps had stopped. Harry blinked and looked straight up into the face of Charlie Weasely.

"My god, what happened to you...HARRY?" The older man asked, his blue eyes wide in shock. Harry didn't respond, reaching a hand out and coughing up blood. "Ok, hold on Harry, this might hurt a little" The older and bigger man scooped Harry up. It was like carrying a feather, the boy couldn't have weighed more than five stone! He turned and began to quickly walk back into the encampment, calling out. "Sam! Over here!" A female figure ran over seeing him carry someone and she gasped, looking at Charlie with wide eyes.

Charlie nodded once "Get the medi-kit and the local medi-wizard. We need them. QUICKLY!" The woman, Sam ran off to one of the huts and Charlie looked down, to find Harry passed out but breathing faintly.

"What the hell happened to you Harry?" He mused aloud, whilst placing him on the bed "And why the hell do you smell like dragons fire?"