Devil May Cry - Gears of Madness

Dante was at church. He was listening to the speech when a man in a black coat breaks through the glass and shoots the room. The man was tall and said to him, "My castle is under attack!!!!!" and Dante said "I'll stop the ghosts with my guns and sowrd!" So Dante drove in his motrosycle.

At the snow castle there is a lizard man. It breathes out of loud and creepy. But Dante sees him and decarpinates his head off. But then he begins to shake. "Oh my gosh he's transfroming into a MORE POWERFUL MOSTNER!!!!!!!"

"MA HA HA HA HA HA HA! I am now a dragon!" lauhged the lizard.

"Heh" said Dante, " I guess this is getting inresting." and he fiers him guns.

Lizard grabs a piller and swing it like a weapon. And he strcuk Dante. Dante begin to fade out of awake.

Later he woke up in a abumblance. "What happened!?" he shouts.

"You were turn into CHAOS MODE!" says the doctor. "So pworeful that you kill him in a fatal attack!"

"Will I be okay?" aks Dante

"There is good news and there is bad news" said teh doctor.

"Waht's the bad news?!" said Dante.

The doctor took oiut two machine guns.

"I'm the bad news..."